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10 Creative Charity Fundraising Event Ideas to Use in Asia


Charity fundraising event themes will help you organise the fastest way to earn money for charity. A successful fundraising event can bring you the funds you need for a particular charity project.

What is a fundraising event?

To organise charity fundraising event means the collection of voluntary donations, in cash or in another form, for purposes not related to making profit, such as research, charity projects, etc. A fundraising event is the perfect time to collect donations together with sponsors, donators, or colleagues to turn a specific occasion into an event that people will take notice of.

Reasons to organise an event for charity

Charity fundraising ideas provide a method to bring together prospects, donors, board members, staff, and volunteers; and charity events provide a very unique and special opportunity for current high-value donors to personally invite their partners. These events drive awareness for your cause and can help you find new donors through different channels.

What is expected of such events?

You can plan a charity fundraising event for donations in favor of different funds, such as to help children, animals, the environment, human rights, people with special needs, etc. To write inspiring text or choose a successful theme, share the link with friends and support those who need help via social networks as the first step of charity event planning.

How to plan an event for charity in Asia

Trying to come up with charity event ideas may turn into a disaster if you lack a real plan. Follow the plan step by step:


  • Decide on your best idea to raise money for charity.


  • Decide on your event format and theme.
  • Establish your event budget.
  • Choose the most powerful fundraising channels.
  • Determine the sponsors for your charity event.
  • Invite media and engage volunteers.
  • Launch marketing activities.
  • Nail down all the event logistics.
  • Continue to promote the charity after the event.
  • Analyse the event and write a report.
  • Revise for future events.
  • Send many thanks to participants.

If you don’t have enough ideas that not only inspire you to create own unique events but also easily attract new donors, feel free to ask for help from event professionals.

If you want the media to be able to provide the information about your campaign to the public in advance, don’t forget to notify the local media a couple of weeks before, which will allow for gathering even more participants and collecting a nice donation.

How to get sponsors for a charity event

Visit or contact a favourite local organisation that you support, and ask if they donate anything or sponsor local events. Present your donation ideas for charities.

Try to communicate with or visit a business during their off hours so they can give you their full attention concerning your event planning. Make sure you reach out early and often.  Don’t get disappointed if things don’t happen as fast as you’d like. Huge businesses may delay with lots of appointments, their own fundraising ideas for charities, and their replies to you. 

How to manage your event

Put your team together to develop a vision for your event. Then define the goals and create an event budget before determining the registration process, marketing, and payment facilities. To increase your fundraising event traffic, you will need a professional event technology platform that will boost your events for charity

If your charitable events have more than one goal, figuring out the details for your event will be easier with professional event assistance. Success will depend on knowing what goals you are trying to achieve and having the appropriate tools to manage an event under multitasking conditions. 

Best practices

Professional charity fundraising event ideas require a lot of detailed preparation. The event plan is aimed at taking into account the company’s desires and suggestions as well as the size and specifics of the audience.

At a charity event, you can organise contests, distribute prizes (nominations, awards, etc.), conduct sales fairs or auctions, or exchange business literature and other materials in order to attract your audience and fundraise.

The world’s most famous fundraising practices always start with a unique idea. See how to use charity fundraising activities with a creative approach:

  • Recruit more effectively
    Many organizations have a bias toward attendance. However, it’s more progressive to get individuals who will bring donors to participate than it is to get the most participants. It’s a matter of value over numbers. 
  • Activate fundraising
    As simple as it sounds, it’s important to mobilise your fundraising event participants to actually raise funds. You may set minimums or e-mail prompts to make it easy and let participants know there’s an expectation to raise funds.
  • Empower registration fees

Enrollment charges will moderate investment development. In the event that you truly need to get 5,000 individuals there, the easiest way to do that is to make it free!

The top 10 best ideas for your charity fundraising events in Asia

The leaders in charity event management emphasise the following best practices to apply in your organisation and to succeed with fundraising:

Holiday fundraiser

Get over 21 holiday fundraising ideas to help raise more money. Supporters are especially generous during the holidays, making it the perfect time to raise money. 

Charity chores

You can create a unique program whereby students or other volunteers participate in chores to earn community service credit and donate to charity from a portion of their earnings from chores.

Silent auction

During a silent auction, the auctioned items are typically set out on tables. Bidding is done privately and often anonymously via clipboards to raise funds.

Singles charity night

Arrange a singles night to invite singles and cause a stir with the publicity to raise money for good causes.

Skydive for charity

Jump for charity. Many people who make a parachute jump do so whilst raising funds for a worthwhile cause. 

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is the best way to interact with viewers in real time. You can also raise funds for those who are in need.

One-day online fundraiser

The one-day fundraiser is far from a new idea. Ask for donations for each item of trash that you pick up on a given day.


For a long-distance road running competition over a distance of five kilometres (3.107 miles), everyone’s invited!

Personal fitness challenge

Offer to stick to your goals during a 30-day fitness challenge with a mission to help people lose weight and look and feel great while setting a record to raise funds.

Guest speaker

Sometimes a person invited to a gathering to give a speech can inspire lots of donations with just one sentence. 

Donation matchdrive

Let a match drive for gifts help your nonprofit double your donations. Get your donation drive started with a minimum sum available for matching, which will eventually grow to meet or surpass your goal.

Personal challenge

A personal challenge either in the area of fitness or any other area will be a good motivation for fundraising since each day is a great opportunity to try something new and push yourself into areas that test your capabilities as well as widen your horizons.

Tips on how to make your event successful

Set clear objectives. In order to understand whether you made the right decision, you need to have clear objectives: 

  • Pick the right team
  • Do your marketing  
  • Do your targeting
  • Promote before, during, and after the event
  • Understand your stakeholders 
  • Prioritise your stakeholders

Don’t forget to notify the local media a couple of weeks before the event. Perhaps they will be able to provide information about your campaign to the public in advance, which will allow you to draw even more participants.

If you have only a couple of ideas that not only inspire you to create your own unique events but also easily attract new donors, that is a good start.

Call to action

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