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15 Unusual Jobs in the Event Industry

Employees looking for work in the event industry are creative people; they live by the process, not by the prospect, of career growth. For these people, the most important thing is to be charged with emotions and to put on an event that impresses others. If status and prestige do not matter to you, and you pay a great deal of attention to the content of your duties and relationships with people, this list of 15 most unusual jobs in the event industry will be of particular use to you.

About the event industry

The event industry officially emerged in the first half of the twentieth century with the development of ticket sales. Many researchers believe the official birthdate of the event industry was in the 1950s with the opening of Disneyland.

Nowadays, event management is a worldwide industry engaged in planning, designing, and holding events and monitoring the results of various events when a certain number of people gather to conduct joint discussions, holidays, ceremonies, festivals, and so much more. Asia is currently one of the most progressive event markets and is divided into two areas: the business and entertainment event industry segments.

Asian labour market & statistics

Employment in the event industry in Asia continues to grow but is still often underestimated. Most worldwide event planners (89%) love their careers in the event industry. Fewer than 10% felt indifferent, and fewer than 2% said they didn’t love their career (EventMB, 2018).

As far as Asia is concerned, the growth of various types of jobs in the event industry has increased by 11% since 2016 and continues growing rapidly. With the development of new cutting-edge technologies, such as the introduction of AI,  usage of RFID, availability of cloud-based event management platforms, and more, the demand for highly qualified event planning personnel will grow as well.

What’s more important is that when planning corporate events, planners are most concerned about finding innovative ideas (81%), booking good venues (65%), and marketing their event effectively (48%), which proves the sustainability of the Asian event industry.

So, seeking jobs in the event management industry is quite reasonable and definitely worth trying.

The top 15 unusual jobs in the event industry in Asia

There are certain event roles that you probably are not aware of, but these are popping up all over the event scene. Some of these jobs in the event planning industry may fit your ambitions perfectly. Here they are:

Tournament director

The tournament director is responsible for the recruitment and retention of the participating teams, instructing the staff, coordinating internal communications, managing event finances, overseeing scheduling, and more.

Volunteer coordinator

The volunteer coordinator’s role involves assessing and meeting an organization’s needs through the recruitment, placement, and retention of volunteers.

Convention planner

The convention planner brings people together for a common purpose, whether that is a wedding, conference, or business convention.

Office event planner

Office event planners control an event from conception to clean up. They meet with clients to work out event details and make plans with the client and their team to ensure that the event’s purpose is achieved efficiently and seamlessly. 

Meeting planner

They inspect venues to ensure that they meet the client’s requirements, solicit bids from venues and service providers (for example, florists or photographers), and more.

Theme development

These people are responsible for both backend and frontend development, including creating WordPress themes and plugins.

Entertainment selector

They fill customer orders for entertainment demands and ensure they are correct before being approved for the event program.

Event analyst

The event analyst is responsible for responding to IT operational issues that arise from system and service monitoring.

Field events manager

They plan the scope of the event, including time, location, and cost. They also coordinate event services, such as rooms, transportation, and food service.

Non-profit program manager

These people manage operational and administrative functions to ensure specific projects are delivered efficiently.

Tourism project coordinator

They provide leadership, motivation, direction, and support to the team and also control tourism and recreation projects.

Fundraiser planner

They are responsible for all project budgets from start to finish, ensuring excellent customer service and quality delivery.

Talent acquisition manager

They check out employees’ skills and organisation, help with the hiring and formation of essential skills of professionals, and teach time management with flexibility and passion.

Digital concierge

They provide all of the traditional services through an app or the web.

Event videographer

They are responsible for videotaping the events and everyone and everything there, including venues, vendors, planners and attendees, and more.

Apart from these incredible jobs, you may also come across customer experience managers, event reporters, live feedback managers, creative event caterers or florists, virtual event planners, and so many more!

Tips on how to find the right job

Be open to being different. Be professional while at the same time showing that you are an extraordinary person. The better you are remembered by your potential employer, the more chances you will have to get a job in an event agency.

Do not forget to take a resume with you. The event market is busy, so the manager will not always have time to thoroughly examine your resume ahead of time. Print it and bring it to the meeting.

Put a great deal of emphasis on your work experience, pointing out the work or involvement in the work, even on small projects that are not listed in your portfolio. Write and talk more about what you like to do, and the employer will immediately see that you’re not passive but rather an active person who is ready to be devoted to work you are excited about.

Do not lie about or exaggerate your skills. If you do not have anything impressive on your resume, then stress your willingness to learn. When you exaggerate your past opportunities, you risk failing because this work is related to people, and the reputation of the company depends on the quality of communication within the team.

If you have a portfolio, showing samples of your projects is a huge plus.

As with any other job, it’s better to come to a meeting with a potential employer in business attire. In Asia, it is always appreciated.


The business event segment is a very interesting area to work in. It affects not only the promotion of the brand and sales increases, but also helps to study the current market conditions while networking and acquiring new business contacts. The modern event industry masters the activities of colleagues and competitors both at home and overseas, adopting the best aspects of the experience and showing the best practices of event management. is the leading event technology provider offering automated solutions for the MICE industry, Corporations, Government, and Education sectors. If you're up for event management automation, contact us and we'll amp up your event.

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