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25+ Creative Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas in Asia

Corporate events provide a lot of positive emotions and allow participants to relax and have a good time. The main goal of unusual corporate entertainment is to unite the employees to form and strengthen their collective spirit. Corporate party entertainment ideas will help to achieve these ultimate goals.

The best entertainment for corporate events

Every company has plenty of reasons for a corporate party. It is usually clear why such events are needed. Regardless of the reason for organising fun activities for corporate events, they contribute to the formation and development of corporate culture, cheer up the team, stimulate the desire to improve, etc.

That is why it’s so important to decide on interactive entertainment ideas for corporate events and to learn how to conduct corporate event to ensure the expected result. It is worth contacting specialists who will not only pick a creative idea but also help to realize it. GSI is at your disposal, providing experienced, talented, and reliable assistants who will offer you original ideas for corporate events as well as prepare and hold an exclusive celebration in any Asian region or elsewhere around the world.

About corporate event entertainment and its requirements

For those who want to learn how to organise a corporate event and impress the team with extraordinary ideas and to create the conditions for work and play as well as effective networking, entertainment, and the formation of corporate culture, the Internet offers many non-traditional and original ideas. However, the result will always be better if a professional event organiser is involved in the process. The choice of options should be guided by the following requirements:

  • Themes
  • Season
  • Number of participants
  • Ages of the event participants
  • Interests of the event participants
  • Number of men and women
  • Approximate number of employees participating in the event
  • Financial capabilities of the company

Of course, you will come up with company party entertainment ideas faster if you consider all of the requirements carefully beforehand.

TOP 25+ creative corporate event entertainment ideas to try right now

Asia is the best region for active rest, interesting meetings, vivid impressions, and, of course, corporate events. Many companies organise a kind of mini-vacation for their employees in this region to explore nature, go on excursions, etc. Every time, those who organise corporate parties face the same issue: What else is out there to offer to the company employees this time around? Among the variety of options, it’s up to organisers to choose the most suitable event format. Here are some awesome ideas to look up:

  1. 1VR/AR
  2. Escape room
  3. Live band
  4. Visual artists
  5. Mixology class
  6. Circus magic
  7. Interactive food and drink stations
  8. Photo booths
  9. Caricaturist
  10. Graffiti artist
  11. Numerologist
  12. Dueling pianos
  13. Hypnotist
  14. Magician
  15. Clown
  16. Comedian
  17. Nitrogen bar
  18. Carnival parade
  19. Game show
  20. Contests
  21. Holograms
  22. Air balloons
  23. Polynesian/hula dancers
  24. Sword swallowers
  25. Reality TV star
  26. Singer
  27. Snake charmer
  28. Cocktail shows

Such a wide selection of ideas for corporate events will help you decide on unique leisure opportunities for your company.

How to choose the right idea

Of course, in addition to these 25+ options, you can provide a lot of different alternatives: kayaking, paintball, laser tag, horseback riding, or company picnics. However, if you want the team-building activity to be remembered by your company and the employees for a long time, you should approach its organisation responsibly, use a professional online registration platform, and utilise the best tips for planning corporate event entertainment:

  • Think big and avoid trivial ideas.
  • Have a plan B just in case the weather lets you down.
  • Your budget is not a reason to cancel the plan.
  • Improvise: Bring tea thermoses, a guitar, or blankets; order barbecue from your favourite cafe; buy fresh greens; etc.
  • Use original ideas from previous team-building events.
  • Ask participants for their ideas.
  • Do not forget to record and follow up with participants.

Finally, have a wonderful and, more importantly, memorable corporate event with interesting leisure activities that will drive the successful achievement of your main event objectives.


No matter what corporate event entertainment ideas you need, GSI will professionally prepare for the event, whether it is a game, prom, race, or outdoor picnic. Our specialists, who carry out the design of corporate events, will ensure a complete match of the surroundings to the great entertainment ideas for corporate events that are chosen and will choose relevant props that create an engaging and enjoyable atmosphere.

We also pay attention to the photographic activity during the organisation of events of any kind. Footage from various events is posted on our website so everyone can look through the examples of the best events we’ve created, which will help you to choose the best corporate idea for your situation.

If you have your own perfect corporate event idea, GSI will assist you with its implementation. You are also welcome to leave your own suggestions in the comments below! is the leading event technology provider offering automated solutions for the MICE industry, Corporations, Government, and Education sectors. If you're up for event management automation, contact us and we'll amp up your event.

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