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According to research, 68% of B2B marketers use in-person events for lead generation initiatives and B2B marketing event ideas. How much does event marketing contribute to your company event’s success? Let’s take a closer look to see how it may affect your event business.

What is B2B event marketing?

What is B2B event marketing? B2B marketing relates to event products, services, and promotions that an event company or entrepreneur delivers to other businesspeople or firms for further use. The best event marketing ideas provide both meticulous planning and the creative promotion of any type of corporate event.

Who uses event marketing and how does it work?

When traditional advertising methods don’t work, and the markets seem full of nearly identical offers, more and more often event planners are resorting to their marketing strategies through events to promote brands. B2B marketing events are a set of events and promotions created to develop a brand or company, as well as to form the necessary attitudes about them.

B2B event managers use event marketing ideas, trends, and tools to deliver an efficient and professional event service for business events of any size or number of attendees, covering all aspects of event planning, including management, execution, logistics, and so much more.

Why is B2B marketing for an event important?

Event marketing has a long-lasting effect due to its preliminary advertising of the event and subsequent discussion by media journalists, big industry players, bloggers, and ordinary people. Potential business partners or sponsors invited to the event will network with pleasure, sharing their B2B marketing event ideas and business strategies. It makes the advertising campaign of a product or brand much easier: you can check out how the audience receives new brands and technologies, form a brand community, meet industry advocates, and more.

Top 10 B2B event marketing ideas

To develop a strong B2B event marketing strategy, follow the latest B2B event marketing trends.

  • Personalised marketing

The next trend is personalisation. This puts customer needs and expectations at the forefront of your efforts. It is especially interesting to combine customisation and automation.

  • Mobile marketing

Look at mobile technology today. People use mobile devices more often than computers! All your event messages, applications, and suggestions should be intelligent, because this is how they will best serve the needs of the client.

  • Deeper analysis of the target audience

Since your event marketing campaigns need to be customer-focused, you should collect as much information as possible about them. Knowledge becomes your business asset, but be sure to monitor the quality and accuracy of the data. The more you know about the audience, the better you can adapt your advertising, customise event products and services, increase sales, and improve customer support.

  • Flexible B2B marketing

Flexible marketing helps you work more productively and much faster. It involves full interaction between different departments of the company and its customers. The goal is to give you an opportunity to do the right things and make the right decisions at the right time.

  • Event automation

Studies have shown that the introduction of marketing campaign automation technologies is one of the fastest-growing trends. Today, more and more automation tools are used, which come in various types and formats. B2B entrepreneurs use them for a wide range of activities. GlobalSignin is one of their favorite choices.

Tips for planning B2B events

Among the best B2B event marketing examples, there are companies that use the following tips for planning B2B events:

  • Organise hackathons

Why not team up for a 24-hour hackathon to create brand new tools or event feature enhancements with your clients and employees?

Imagine a special venue for your guests: Caribbean islands, the Maldives, or Singapore gardens! Or perhaps your attendees would like to network while cruising around Manhattan on a luxury yacht.

  • Decorate the venue

Arrange the best B2B seating and design the venue to both impress and deliver your brand message.

  • Develop a catchy event swag bag

Make sure that your swag is done right. Giving presents is a good corporate tradition. Engage even more potential partners and sponsors by providing branded gifts and customised event branding.

  • Invite big name partners

It is recommended to invite industry tycoons and big-name speakers to your corporate events, as this will attract attention and create buzz while allowing you to benefit from their expert business opinion.

  • Organise pitch competitions

What’s the best motivation for sponsors and other entrepreneurs? Certified nonprofits and other entrepreneurs may receive cash prizes or funding for winning a competition. This type of incentive stimulates businesses to participate in your events.

  • Use immersive technologies

Augmented reality and virtual reality are becoming increasingly viable options for keeping attendees focused and excited at an event. 

  • Organise after parties/kick-off parties

Whether you choose a kick-off or an after party, your exhibitors, attendees, and speakers will appreciate the last chance at a networking opportunity and a great way to end your event on a high note.

  • Use event management software & event apps

There are good mobile and web apps as well as other event tools that come in handy in B2B planning. RFID technology, NFC, laser printers, and other badge-printing hardware are also provided by leading corporate event technology companies. Stay updated!


B2B event marketing is a powerful engine for your business kickstart, sponsorship, customer engagement, brand awareness, and so much more. Unsurprisingly, events are a very powerful content marketing tool for your business promotion. Interesting business events in original venues that are properly designed and branded will effectively lure attendees from the business world as well as ordinary people.  Professional B2B event marketing produces a long-lasting advertising impact on media, exhibitors, sponsors, and other visitors.

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