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Best Practices on How to Name an Event in Asia

Finding the perfect name that encompasses your entire event can be stressful and difficult to do. Using event name ideas in the development of a commercially effective brand name for the event is certainly worth your time, money, and effort. However, before paying out to the naming specialists, try to come up with an event name on your own. Often the results of an amateur approach can turn out to be a real success in Asia.

Event name requirements

Branding or naming is an important step in event preparation. It creates brand awareness, helps with customer recognition, increases loyalty, and makes marketing and event promotion faster and easier, especially on social media. That is why it is essential to know how to create an event name for both enterprise clients and corporate event organisers.

Some venues, caterers, media, or sponsoring companies may require you to incorporate specific items into your event name that may confuse the audience about what brand it is. When naming your event, stick to the following requirements:

Stand out from other events

  1.      Keep it simple.
  2.      Keep the name short.
  3.      Be precise.
  4.      Be original.
  5.      Tell something about the brand.

Naming the event should come before choosing the domain for the event registration on the global network. Keep in mind that a lot of event names may be taken or sound similar. Each event name registration may also have certain requirements, rules, and restrictions. Normally, requirements on how to come up with an event name are quite standard and easy to understand:

  •  Domain event names can only use letters, numbers, and hyphens. No other characters are allowed in names.
  •  Hyphens cannot be used at the beginning or at the end of the names.
  •  A domain name that is already in use cannot be taken.
  •  Event names are not case sensitive (e.g. is the same as, etc.)
  •  You are strongly advised not to register an event name that might be in breach of another company’s trademark unless you can prove that you have the right to do so.

Minimum Length: Three characters plus the extension for all domain names

Maximum length: .uk, .com, .org, and .net names can be 64 characters long. All other domain extensions are limited to 63 characters (not including the extension).

How to name your event in Asia: Best practices

  1.      Event geography

Pay attention to where your business is located or where your product comes from. It may also be a global event name designed to take place in a variety of global regions annually. According to this principle, event brands are formed, such as Singapore World Blockchain Summit 2018, BESydney Global Conference, Berlinare, Cannes Film Festival, Umami Park Festival, etc.

  1.      Personal name

One of the easiest ways to name your event or product is to name it after a person. As a rule, the brand name becomes not just anyone’s name but the name of the company’s founder. Along with the name of the brand, the second name or any part of the name may also be used. Such brands as the Oscars, the Emmy Awards, the Pulitzer Prize, etc., have been formed according to this principle.

  1.      Acronym

An acronym is an abbreviation formed from the initial letters that uses parts of words or phrases and is usually pronounced as a single word, for example, BAFTA, Screen Actors Guild Award or SAG Awards, FICA, SBC Awards, etc.

  1.   Natural phenomena

There are some event names that are inspired by nature or natural phenomena. It should be noted that animals, plants, or natural phenomena are often associated with the properties of the event, such as the Sundance Film Festival, Golden Raspberry, Flow Festival, Yuki Matsuri, Snow Festival, etc.

  1.      History, religion, or philosophy

Often the name of the event brand comes from a significant historical, religious, or philosophical event or person. It is worth noting that the exploitation of history is frequently involved in the formation of event names, such as the Hari Raya Puasa Festival, Holi Festival, Día de los Muertos Festival, etc.

How to check if the name is available

After you come up with an event brand name, check if it’s available for registration with the help of free online services, with paid name checkers, or through the use of event management specialists. When you are ready with a couple of functional event names, you are ready to check for them.

Checking the domain for registration is simple. Enter the main and/or additional keyword in either English or the local language, based on whichever you would like to use to select a free website domain. The generator of domain names will pick up a good, memorable option. You can choose a domain on your own for free or use an expert’s help if you’re not sure about the name’s credibility.

If you experience difficulties with the event name ideas, you can also use an event name generator to make the process easier and faster.

How to protect the name

In addition to how to name an event, it would be a good idea to learn how to protect the copyright and the domain. To reliably and effectively use the event brand that you’ve successfully registered and in order to significantly facilitate its protection in court in the case of any law proceedings, it is strongly recommended to register the event name brand as a means of standing out (brand name and/or trademark) according to the current laws. In Asia, protection of a brand name and trademarks is an obligatory measure if you really value your reputation.


An event often succeeds depending on how you choose an event name. However, the brand name should not just sound pleasant to the owner or look good to the sponsors. It must be chosen to effectively attract the target audience and for correct product positioning, and it should rely on symbolic meanings and well-established concepts.

Effective branding and the right name can create customer recognition and loyalty, and it makes marketing much easier, especially on social media. Contact us, and we will provide you with some ideas on how to trademark an event name if you experience any difficulties with naming your events in Asia.

You are welcome to leave your suggestions on how to name an event in Asia in the comments below! is the leading event technology provider offering automated solutions for the MICE industry, Corporations, Government, and Education sectors. If you're up for event management automation, contact us and we'll amp up your event.

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