Best Universities for a Master’s Degree in Event Management in Asia

Gone are the days when event planners could just look into the M&E trends, capture a nice idea, and create a stellar event experience overnight. With ever-evolving technologies, one can barely keep track of the new event management roles, such as tech expert or sponsorship manager, let alone knowledge of progressive tactics and strategies. But if you are not afraid of event planning challenges, your career can be truly fascinating.

Asia-Pacific is home to the world’s best event destinations and companies, which makes the industry highly competitive. Naturally, the rapid growth of M&E has turned the region into a global hub for education and research in such fields as tourism, hospitality, and event management.

In this article, you’ll find the top three master’s degree programs in event management in Asia where you can hone your expertise within a short period of time.

Reasons to get a master’s degree in event management

The management of an event involves a range of processes – from building a concept to identifying the target audience as well as making use of the post-event data. Master’s degree programs in event management may have different focuses, but they are usually about combining efficient project management strategies with event concepts.

Apart from sharpening their existing expertise, graduate students can also gain new valuable skills that are related to the following processes:

  • A deeper knowledge of laws and regulations associated with the M&E industry
  • Strategic information management
  • Event revenue management and financial planning
  • Competitor research
  • The ability to understand and respond to seasonal trends
  • Service quality management
  • Selection and management of advanced technologies (onsite registration systems, RFID, mobile apps, etc.)
  • Understanding consumer behaviour and predicting key trends

Best programs for a master’s degree in event management in Asia

From Reed Exhibitions in Singapore to Corporate Connect in Hong Kong, Asia-Pacific is the region where the most progressive global event companies operate. It’s no wonder that the number of ambitious event managers is on the rise in Asia.

Check out these three event management master’s degree programs in Asia that offer top-notch career perspectives not only locally, but at the global level as well:

Master of Science (MSc) in International Tourism

and Convention Management

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Event management masters in Hong Kong

With its world-class hotel and tourism school, the Polytechnic University in Hong Kong is the top choice for young professionals from all over the world. Teaching best event management practices that can be applied in a global M&E market is the focal point of the master’s program.

Also, the institution places huge emphasis on the use of progressive tech in the hospitality sector. The students gain access to a dedicated Samsung Digital Lab that is located on the university premises, which has excellent facilities for learning how to work with event software, mobile technologies, and other tools for automated event management.

Price: $HK179,800 per program

Duration: From 1 to 6 years


MBA in International Hotel Management

SDH Institute in Singapore

The master’s program in hotel management in Singapore

Awarded EduTrust certification by the Committee for Private Education, SDH Institute is one of the key players in the market of event management education in Singapore. The students get a chance to work with industry professionals from across the region’s major hospitality institutions, such as Goodwood Park Hotel.

Although the Institute offers a wide range of programs and course levels – from casino management to etiquette workshops – the core direction is hospitality management.

The master’s program in hotel management is focused on the preparation of highly specialised managers and executives who want to work in an international hospitality sector. Apart from the development of managerial skills, the program also facilitates extensive learning in terms of cooperation with event tech companies and global partners.

Price: SG$20,093 per year

Duration: 12 months


Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management

James Cook University in Singapore

The world’s educational institution for sports and events management in Singapore

James Cook University was originally founded in Australia and ranks in the top 2% of the world’s best educational institutions for sports and events management.

Business management is an important part of the master’s program, which is aimed at the development of strong managerial expertise. The big perk is that the students of James Cook University can choose to study at both campuses – in Singapore and Australia – thus gaining valuable international experience. From sports and conference facilities management to event communications and marketing, the career opportunities for graduates are endless.

Price: SG$47,936 per program

Duration: 16 months



The best universities offering a master’s degree in event management in Asia are mostly located in the world’s most powerful M&E hubs like Hong Kong, Singapore, and China. Whether you choose to expand your professional knowledge through a master’s degree or go for a different expertise-building option, keeping track of progressive technology is your secret to a successful career in Asia-Pacific. is the leading event technology provider offering automated solutions for the MICE industry, Corporations, Government, and Education sectors. If you're up for event management automation, contact us and we'll amp up your event.

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