Business Events in Singapore in 2018

The secret to becoming a successful entrepreneur is in lifelong learning and brain training. In Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, the author of that best-selling book on finance, makes the great point about investing in our brain. A brilliant entrepreneur, Kiyosaki had a huge appreciation for business events. When he met a young reporter who asked him, “How can I become a best-selling author?” Kiyosaki answered, “Sign up for a sales and marketing training first, and start writing once you know how to sell books.”

Whether it is a seminar or an industry conference, business events are organised to broaden the horizons for individuals and businesses. However, just like in gold mining, your success depends on how well you’ve done your research — it’s much easier to get rich if you know where the gold is at! Therefore, before signing up for the next business event, focus on the value that it can bring you.

In this blog post, we’ve curated a list of must-attend business events in Singapore in 2018.

Why Singapore?

First of all, Singapore is one of the best places for growing a thriving business, be it a startup or a foreign enterprise going global. From business-friendly regulations to excellent airline connections, there are many reasons why Singapore is such a dynamic spot. Obviously, a place with perfect conditions for entrepreneurship also has the right ecosystem for driving innovative business event experiences. Here are the key benefits of Singapore as an events hub:

  • Government support. The local authorities play a huge role in the growth of Singapore’s event infrastructure. Thus, if you’re in the MICE sector in Singapore, you’ll find a huge number of grant programs like Business Events in Singapore (BEiS), which is funded by the Singapore Government and provides extensive support for regional business events.
  • Sustainability values. Singapore is a strong player when it comes to green initiatives. The wide array of green venue choices, the popularity of CSR activities across corporations, and sustainable transportation options create the best conditions for green event planning.
  • Technology is king. The most important piece of an event puzzle is definitely the use of innovative technology. Singapore is the place where you’ll find many big and bold ideas on how to skyrocket your business event through tech. Not only does the government provide huge support for tech-product businesses, but it also plans to spend over SG$150 million on AI in the next few years.

Top business events in Singapore in 2018

Whether you want to enrich your knowledge or connect to people within your industry, Singapore definitely has it all. Look no further than this list to find your dream business event in 2018!

  1. APATS 2018 (15th Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium)

event in Asia

When: 28-29 August 2018

What: The largest aviation training event in the Asia-Pacific region, APATS embraces a large-scale conference and exhibition with over 600 guests and 55 air operators from all over the world. The event is sponsored by CAE, the internationally known Canadian manufacturer of simulation and modeling aviation technologies. This makes APATS the go-to place for those interested in the best practices for ensuring safety and maintenance in aviation through the latest technologies.

For whom:

  • Companies that want to connect with aviation training experts
  • Those interested in embracing a pilot, cabin crew, and maintenance training
  • Experts in the field of aviation who want to study international practices

Price: $240 – $750

  1. Crypto Expo Asia

When: 26 October 2018

What: Crypto is the buzziest trend in any business infrastructure today. FINEXPO, which is one of the largest companies running fintech conferences worldwide, made great use of blockchain virality by setting up the Crypto Expo Asia event – a huge event platform for crypto geeks with over 50,000 attendees.

For whom:

  • Anyone who’s passionate about blockchain technologies
  • People who want to meet crypto experts from all over the world
  • Blockchain developers and companies that work with ICO

Price: Free (exhibitions and workshops); $90 (keynote and panel, CryptoExpo meetup, personal badge), $250 (VIP)

  1. Wearable Technologies Conference

event in Asia

When: 30-31 August 2018

What: IoT and wearables are bringing innovative change to the healthcare industry – that’s the message that the Wearable Technologies Conference in Singapore conveys. With a focus on connection-building activities, WTC is one of the best business networking events in Singapore for those interested in wearables.

For whom:

  • People interested in innovative technologies for the healthcare industry
  • Professionals from the region’s hospital, diagnostic, and medical sectors
  • IoT experts, companies that develop/use wearable tech, etc.

Price: $349

  1. Shipping 2030 Asia

When: 24-26 September 2018

What: By attending this conference, you’ll tap into the world of ship digitalisation. What’s the impact of innovative technology on the modern marine industry? How can you use social media and PR for shipping? What is a “smart ship” and how do you build one? These are only some of the questions that will be answered at Shipping 2030 Asia.

For whom:

  • International marine experts
  • Shippers, shipowners, container liners

Price: $1,199

  1. IP Week Singapore 2018

IP Week Singapore 2018

When: 4-5 September 2018

What: Known as the world’s premier conference on intellectual property, this is the event that aligns the IP marketplace and global forum, building powerful IP narratives for business leaders and intellectuals. From the intricacies of commercialisation to global expansion, the program includes innovative IP practices that can be applied in an international environment.

For whom:

  • IP experts and exhibitors
  • Business leaders and policy makers who work with IP practices

Price: $1,190


Investing in your personal growth is fundamental. This list of business conferences in Singapore in 2018 can help you acquire valuable knowledge within your target industry, make valuable connections, and tap into the vibe of Singapore’s rich business ecosystem. is the leading event technology provider offering automated solutions for the MICE industry, Corporations, Government, and Education sectors. If you're up for event management automation, contact us and we'll amp up your event.

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