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As the place where Eastern traditions marry Western innovation, Singapore has one of the most vibrant work cultures. Due to the huge number of foreign corporations headquartered in Singapore, intercultural expertise is an integral element of its economic power. Still, even under a strong Western influence, there is a very distinct concept of working the “Singaporean way” that impacts corporate cultures in Singapore.

Two of the most prominent distinctive features are the maintenance of hierarchical relationships in a workplace and group-centredness. While Western businesses are aware of the idea that superiority-subordinate communication should be an archaic structure, you’ll hardly spot the same tendency in Singapore. This is due to the fact that the Chinese account for over 75% of Singapore’s population, and China is traditionally a hierarchical country, which has a big impact on the way people interact. Also, despite the buzz around individual achievement, Singaporean companies are still very attached to collectivism and teamwork.

The new trends are changing work cultures lightning fast, but it’s important to stay focused on what currently defines corporate traditions in order to organise a successful company event. If you’re on the hunt for good corporate event ideas in Singapore, you should target the activities that foster teamwork and respectful company relationships.

To help you get your creative juices flowing, we’ve compiled a list of the top three ideas for your corporate fun in Singapore:

  1. Masterclass


Expertise sharing is a cornerstone of strong team collaboration. Masterclasses are great event formats that target the delivery of employee training, product launch and testing sessions, etc. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, here are three basic formats you can experiment with:

  • Internal masterclass by one of the employees: Choose one member of your team, and delegate the task of masterclass preparation to him or her. This can be a person with good knowledge on a specific subject matter, a new employee, or your colleague who has recently finished studying a new course and has something valuable to share.
  • External masterclass for company clients: Here’s another good way to boost teamwork. Encourage your team to set up a professional, client-oriented masterclass. Not only does it benefit the team but you are getting a good opportunity to increase sales and brand awareness by inviting your target audience to the meeting.
  • Masterclass by an international host: This is one more popular type of internal masterclasses, and this one focusses on employee education. If your target audience is a product management department, a masterclass given by someone like Hunter Walk or Paul Jackson in your company will be a perfect fit. You can find some working ideas on how to run a masterclass with an international instructor here.
  1. Speed networking

Speed networking can be both a fun icebreaker activity or a stand-alone event. The main reason why speed networking is pretty common for a Singaporean workplace is because teams are often multicultural. This brings a great deal of diversity into how people understand their and others’ responsibilities, roles, and professional growth. Speed networking is pretty much about clearing up any misperception.

Through networking activities, you can maintain the collective awareness about important company values and build the culture of mutual understanding inside the team.

Here’s a short step-by-step guide on how to set up business networking events:

  • Do the matching: The whole point is to build connections between people who don’t communicate much on a daily basis. If there are several departments involved, split the team into groups. You can then label small teams as “ones,” “twos,” and “threes” and state that participants should network with “other numbers” only.
  • Introduce the themes: Unless you think talk about the weather is also valuable, set a very clear direction for your speed networking event. Ideally, pick two to three themes, and ask people to stick to them.
  • Develop the rules: Decide how much time team members will have for their interaction with one partner, explain discussion constraints (if any) related to confidential company information, and ensure people understand the goals.
  1. Adventures


Adding some spice to your company events is always a good idea, especially if the mission behind the event is “fun for the sake of fun.” Whether it’s escape rooms or a culinary trip, try to comply with Singaporean corporate values by choosing an activity that makes people work together towards a common goal.

Here are several unique corporate event ideas for your adventurous journey in Singapore:

  • Archery tag: What about a heated sports competition? Out of all the popular activities for corporations, shooting is probably the most prominent one. Firearms, archery, laser battles…the list goes on and on. Developed by Cohesion, one of Singapore’s best event agencies, Archery Attack is a fun and engaging program that will transform your team members into Robin Hoods.
  • Go-karting: If you want to make your adventure a bit extreme, organise a competitive team racing run. KF1 Karting Circuit is the top local provider that will help you nail a fun kart and dine party in Singapore. The company offers four types of top-notch facilities that can be utilised based on your custom requirements.
  • Kayaking: There’s nothing that unites people faster than overcoming obstacles together. A well-planned kayaking expedition can help you take team spirit sky high. In Singapore, you’ll find a wide range of programs for kayaking outings that have been developed by companies like Adventures by Asian Detours, which helps set up the full journey, combining exciting activities like cycling, guided kayaking, and more.


As one of world’s leading business and finance hubs, Singapore is a small but very prominent dot on the map that integrates a vibrant mix of corporate culture traditions. If you’re looking for corporate team-building activities in Singapore, align your idea hunting with two fundamental values that most Singaporean businesses appreciate: respectful corporate relationships and collective growth. Whether it’s an adventurous trip or a professional masterclass by an international instructor, team spirit should be a focal point. is the leading event technology provider offering automated solutions for the MICE industry, Corporations, Government, and Education sectors. If you're up for event management automation, contact us and we'll amp up your event.

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