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For many local and international businesses, Singapore is the perfect meeting and events (M&E) hub. Indeed, according to the study conducted by CWT Meetings & Events, Singapore currently tops the list of the best event destinations across the Asia-Pacific region in 2018. Excellent air connections, secure business infrastructure, and a huge variety of venue choices are only some of the factors that account for its leadership.

The vibrant M&E sector establishes high-quality standards for conference and event management services in Singapore, so whether you’re organising a historic government meeting or a fancy tech conference, you’ll definitely be able to find a progressive conference management agency you can trust.

How to compare conference event management companies

conference event management

The abundance of professional conference organisers in Singapore can offer you great expertise in terms of planning, production, guests management, etc. But as we all know, the more options you have, the harder it often is to make a choice. Here are the key factors that you should pay attention to when comparing conference management agencies:

  • General information: From the event portfolio to the mission and core values of the company, there are many factors that can impact its image. Check out some of the projects that the event agency has worked at before. Do these events resonate with the concept of your conference? Also, it might be useful to tap into the history of an agency and to see how they work with each separate client, how many people are involved in planning, their operational processes, their administrative work, etc.
  • Services: Build a list of requirements in terms of services to help you narrow down your choices. Not only is it important to find a strong suite of services that resonates with your needs but you should also focus on the capabilities for customisation that an event management company has. In other words, efficient cooperation implies the use of personalised experiences.
  • Quality: There should be several focal points that you want to focus on in your conference planning. When assessing service quality, explore how well an event agency can respond to these priorities.
  • Price: This one is a no-brainer since making smart use of your conference planning budget is important. Compare pricing policies of the companies to see how well price compares to quality to make a good choice.
  • Technology: Singapore is a massive tech hub, which is probably one of the key reasons why it became a number one event destination. If tech excellence is on your list of priorities, focus on event companies that can embed robust technology throughout your conference through partnerships with tech vendors, strong integration capabilities, etc.
  • Testimonials: 88% of people trust online reviews and read them to determine the quality of a business. You can monitor customer experiences through the testimonials that most event companies have on their websites as well as search the web for independent reviews.

The top 10 conference event management companies in Singapore

conference event management in Singapore

If there are still too many choices left on your list, you can check out the suggestions below.

Our list of conference organisers in Singapore includes companies that had the honor to cooperate with as well as the agencies we’ve hand-picked based on the six key indicators mentioned before.

  1. Clarion Events

Founded in London, Clarion Events is a strong mix of intercultural M&E expertise and unique tech-oriented approach. Since 1947 the company has organised over 200 events all over the globe, including such large-scale conferences as SCWS Asia and Internet Retailing Conference.

Key industries: telecom, security and defense, technology, retail, and home.

Services: planning and organisation of exhibitions, conferences, and consumer events as well as event management consulting

  1. Macro Events

Macro Events, an event management company with over 100 years of experience, is a real mammoth of conference planning in the Asia-Pacific region. The agency works closely with the local authorities to power such iconic events as International Conference of Teaching and Learning with Technology, which is supported by the Ministry of Education.

Key industries: education, technology, and maritime

Services: design and concept development, event management planning, production, onsite management, and post-event analysis

  1. Pacific World

With over 100 destinations around the globe, this company has a great understanding of how to work with multicultural perspectives in the world of events. Pacific World’s Singapore team has a huge portfolio that covers some major regional and international conferences, incentives, and special events.

Key industries: fashion, law, and automotive

Services: global destination management, event design and production, strategic meetings management, and professional congress organiser

  1. The Events Artery

The Events Artery is a young and progressive events agency based in Singapore. With a focus on experiential marketing, the mission of the company is to help establish strong connections between brands and event audiences.

Key industries: technology, automotive, pharmaceutics

Services: experience design and content creation, production, destination management and hospitality, audience marketing, and registration

  1. Reed Exhibitions

Detailed customer research and extensive conference management expertise make Reed Exhibitions an M&E leader not only in Singapore but also internationally.

Key industries: over 40 target industries

Services: from concept design to post-event marketing

  1. Freeman XP

Freeman XP is a global brand experience agency with a track record of over 1,000 conferences, product launches, and media events.

Key industries: technology, automotive, and the arts

Services: concept design, digital marketing, tech infrastructure design, and onsite support

  1. Mercury

From fancy business conferences for Mercedes Benz to Tiffany & Co. events, Mercury is an event company with an impressive portfolio. On-brand experiences and design are its major strengths.

Key industries: fashion, technology, and automotive

Services: event PR, live support, and social, digital, and marketing campaigns

  1. The Live Group

The Live Group is Singapore’s leader in terms of building live interaction experiences at conferences. This is a great choice for organisers whose key aim is fostering strong connections between event attendees and brands.

Key industries: technology, media, and fashion

Services: Development of live platforms for events as well as event marketing

  1. SingEx

With such iconic conferences as the Singapore FinTech Festival and IoT Asia in its portfolio, SingEx has a reputation as a high-profile event management company specialising in exclusive event tech facilitation, venue management, and more.

Key industries: technology, finance, e-commerce, and healthcare

Services: concept development, production, venue management, and event marketing

  1. Eventhrall

This company has a focus on event production that offers a huge suite of services to the organisers of conferences, product launches, exhibitions, conventions, and more.

Key industries: the arts, technology, and entertainment

Services: concept development, venue sourcing, meet and greet services, onsite support, etc.

Making a smart choice

Of course, this list of the best conference management companies in Singapore can go on and on. Indeed, due to the rich and vibrant M&E landscape, Singapore has become the home to many strong players in the global market of event management. To make a smart decision, focus on three main aspects: industry expertise, capabilities for personalisation, and long-term cooperation outlook. is the leading event technology provider offering automated solutions for the MICE industry, Corporations, Government, and Education sectors. If you're up for event management automation, contact us and we'll amp up your event.

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