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Among the wide variety of business events, exhibitions and presentations occupy a special place as they ideally boast a festive atmosphere that is notably separate from business objectives. In this regard, organisers can often find it difficult to make the event both exciting and relaxed; they don’t want to completely lose the business atmosphere but also don’t want it to be completely boring. For this reason, they often look for event photo booth ideas to add variety to boring business events.

Reasons to place a photo booth at your event

It is not easy to organise a wide variety of event types, from conferences to festivals, especially since they can drastically differ in both their content and guests. Nevertheless, some general techniques are still highly sought after in Asia, one of which is a photo booth instalment.

If your goal is to make the event not only solid and interesting from a business point of view but also attractive for ordinary visitors, you should come up with creative event photo booth ideas and create a social media buzz around your event for free.

Photo booth options for events

In the era of high-tech digital technologies, a traditional buffet and free coffee corners are not nearly enough to entertain your visitors. Firstly, it’s just boring, and secondly, photography is experiencing a real moment of flourishing right now. In other words, photo booth ideas for a party or a visiting photo booth is really a great advertising solution. An eye-catching photo booth machine will easily attract the attention of new visitors to the event, and no one will miss the opportunity to take a bright and high-quality photo.

Where should it be placed?

A photo booth can be installed in the most visible part of the event venue: at the entrance, in the centre, in the most highly crowded spots, etc. Such a photo service is very popular due to the low rental costs and its compact construction. Professional versus DIY is your choice, depending on the event budget. Such a multifunctional entertainment tool, which easily fits into a relatively small area, will not only add extra style to the event but will also produce an impression of solidity and proper event preparation. Photo booths provide both décor and function. Open booths are good for outdoor events as well as large-scale event venues with huge capacities. Closed booths are often used for more non-standard or smaller event types.

What equipment is needed to run it?

Of course, the mere presence of the photo booth isn’t enough; it is necessary to draw attention to it, so the automatic photo machine must be properly coloured and branded. This applies not only to the photo booth itself but also to the screen, the photo booth backdrop and decorations, etc. You will also need powerful Internet access from a wireless Wi-Fi modem to provide network functionality for the photo stand, a printer for immediate photo printing, a flash, furniture, etc. Some organisers prefer to set a chroma key (light green backdrop), which allows attendees to change the background of the booth from static to dynamic or digital.

User- or photographer-operated?

It is also extremely desirable that your company logo be present on all photos. For this, you should hire a photographer or designer. It is not necessary to buy specific and expensive equipment for that; it’s enough to rent it for the period of time that it is needed. For more complex video shooting or photography, it is better to have an assistant. You can assign a teammate to help people out, explain how everything works, and encourage them to use the booth. For simple photo booths and amateur shooting, you can let it be user operated, which makes it more fun. In addition, each user can independently send the ready-made images to their e-mail or post them on their social media pages right away.

The top 15 event photo booth ideas for the Asian region

Here are some photo booth ideas for events that are innovative, conceptual, smart, surprising, and, most importantly, shareable. Enjoy our list!

foto booth

Here’s a live feed booth:

social wall

A super branded photo shooting corner is a good alternative to a brand wall:

super booth

Paint-splattered balloons photo booth:

baloon booth

A slow-motion GIF photo booth:

glam booth


A ghost photo booth backdrop idea:

ghost booth

Old-style Polaroid photos:

Old-style Polaroid photos:

An open, interactive digital kiosk to encourage engagement:

digital kiosk to encourage engagement:

A photo automat:

A photo automat:

Social walls:

Social walls:

Time stoppers:


time stopper

LED glass booths:

LED glass booths:

Leaf blower experience:

leaf blow

Photo bus:

photo bus

You’re in a position to choose great engagement photo booth ideas that capture the event’s theme and provide a maximum level of involvement. 

How to fully use the photo booth

As an additional service to achieve full marketing potential, you can order the branding of the booth backdrop, photo booth frame, or other elements featuring the logo and corporate colours of the company. This will pleasantly embellish your company stand and attract additional attention from potential partners and customers. The application of the company’s logo is also possible on the background, curtains, or interface of the programs being used, etc. Use any spare space to maximise the presence of the brand, but make sure you do it in good taste!

  • Use a social wall for a live photo album.
  • Use brand walls and high-tech event photo booth ideas in Asia.

Great tips for your success

To order a photo booth or a photo stand and install it effectively, contact us for advice or use the following tips:

  1. Take care of delivery and installation at least an hour before the event starts. Ensure that the service arrives in advance, install the photo booth and set up all the equipment, and check it twice!
  2. Don’t forget to work with the guests. Throughout the event, during breaks or other event periods, your consultant can invite guests to take a photo at the photo booth or help them with the equipment, etc.
  3. Print the photos immediately for each guest without any limits. Photos may be printed in just 20 seconds. You simply have to hand the photos to them or show the guests where they can remove them on their own.
  4. Remember that emotions and strong memories, as well as a good mood and a fun atmosphere, are why photo booths are installed at events!

Your guests should receive their photos immediately. These pictures will remind them of your incredible event and bring them back to those positive emotions over and over again.


Asia is a highly technological region that offers many innovative photo booth ideas. They guarantee unforgettable impressions and experiences that will leave your guests thrilled, amused, and inspired.

All you need to do is to choose an option and get as much out of it as you can. Order a photo booth or a photo stand for your event with our help, and the visitors to your event will not only have pleasant memories of themselves but also of your company. Get instantly printed photos, and leave the event in your guests’ memories for a long time to come.

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