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Event Planning Templates for Corporate Events

Have you ever been involved in planning an event such as a conference or wedding? Large or small, ordinary or elegant, personal or business events—the organisation of any event requires considerable effort. You need to reserve a venue, create a menu, send out invitations and receive confirmation of attendance, etc. In view of the effort spent on organising an event, you should do everything possible to make it work ASAP. Event planning templates for corporate events help make this happen and save a lot of time and effort for organisers.

Who should use an event planning template?

Start with a strategic view. This will help you become a well-known event planner who, having the necessary data, knows how to create events in addition to being organised and competent. This is how it’s done. Experienced organisers often resort to using corporate event planning templates because they know how many risks templates can actually reduce. That’s why there are so many reasons to use a corporate event planner template to make the event a success. You will make maximum use of a corporate event planning template when preparing for the following events:

Corporate events: When planning an event for a company or a department within a company, you need to consider a wide variety of opinions, requirements, and preferences. Before making decisions for team building, training, outdoor events, or a holiday party, send out a survey about planning corporate events to gather the data you need to make the right decision regarding the event format. Here, survey templates will be the best event planning template choice. Ask questions like “Do you have any dietary restrictions?” or “What issues do you think should be considered at the event?” Of course, you can customise your questions, giving them the necessary degree of specificity.

Confirmation of presence: Here is where you will need sign up and attendance templates. You will need to know the exact number of participants to ensure a sufficient number of seats. Send out a simple questionnaire to confirm the guests’ presence and to find out the names, addresses, and exact number of people coming as well as any other information required for accurate planning of the event. Also, use event venue and vendor templates to complete this work faster and twice as effectively.

Feedback after the event: Even the most experienced event organisers can learn something new about how to organise amazing parties. After the event, use one of our templates to collect feedback on the event. You can ask general questions like “How unique was the event?” or more specific questions, such as “What exactly did you like about the event?” Use a corporate event planning budget template as well as templates for entertainment, professional events, and many others.

Almost everything can become an event. If people get together, that is an event. Lunches, bowling evenings, sales conferences, and wedding celebrations are all activities that need to be planned. Start with a general survey template and a corporate event planning contract template and then adapt it to your needs. Find the answers to the questions about everything that interests you, from a preferred event date to the color scheme and the main dinner course. This can be fun and fast when using a template as opinions can be sent and received in minutes!

Free event planning templates for corporate events

There are more than 20+ event planning templates for corporate events that you can use in order to simplify and organise your event planning work. Before you choose, think of what you need will a template for:

  • Event planning templates
  • Event budget templates
  • Event program templates

A corporate event planning checklist template may look like this:

  • Event purpose
  • Scope
  • Stakeholders
  • Budget
  • Lead times
  • Legalities
  • Venue
  • Keynote speaker
  • Entertainment
  • Catering
  • Lighting/staging
  • Program
  • Promotion
  • Event day checklist

Also, discover tips on how to use templates effectively and how to pitch an event in Asia.

3 tips for creating a successful survey for planning an event

Do not delay when sending out a mailing to get feedback after the event. Over time, the details will be forgotten. However, you want to know exactly what the guests liked and what they did not like as well as what they would like to see next time. Therefore, collect the answers while the event is still fresh in their memory.

Be specific! If there were several entertainment elements during the event, it might be difficult to answer the question of “Did you like it?” Participants might like the event but may have also missed not having any fun elements. Ask questions about specific parts of the program (specific dishes or presenters), and you will get a more complete picture of how to prepare the next event better.

Make the survey anonymous. Make sure guests know about the 100% anonymity of their answers to questions about the event. If you want to get the most valuable information, respondents should feel free in terms of their ability to both praise and criticise.

Need more sample questionnaires and templates? You may want to consider the following:

  • Poll template for event planning

This may comprise a basic 10-question survey template to serve as a good starting point for a conference or other planned event. Find out what your audience wants to see, what questions should be addressed, how the registration process should be organised, and much more!

  • Template for nonprofit event planning

Planning a charity party, yard sale, barbecue, or festive event for your neighborhood? Use a quick template of six questions to assess the interests, accessibility, and preferences of your potential guests.

  • Template for collecting feedback

The decorations are coming down, the garbage is out, and everyone has arrived home in a great mood after the event. Be sure to complete their experience of the event with a template of 21 questions to collect feedback on the recent event in order to find out how successful it was and to get ideas for the next party.

  • Sports event feedback template

Marathons, bike rides, walking distance competitions, and other sporting events are a good reason to use a planning template for sporting events. Sixteen questions will allow you to find out what is possible, what should be finalised, and what the participants would like to see next time.

  • Template for an entertainment event

After an entertaining party, find out from the guests what they thought about it. This survey of 16 questions will provide you with reviews of entertainment, the chosen venue, and other essential information about the event.

  • General event planning template

This may be a universal template for events, and perhaps you cannot change it, but you can adapt it to get more in-depth reviews about your particular event. Learn about value, venue capacity, courtesy of the staff, and much more.


Templates are useful for optimising the event planning process. Send out a survey after a business event or convention, party, or wedding, or even before planning your event, send out a survey to find out how everything should be planned. This will provide you with much more success with the work and preparation you do. A variety of planning templates cover topics such as venue capacity, visitor numbers, names and preferences, suppliers, presenters, staff, location, etc. If you need a custom corporate event planning proposal template, feel free to contact us and get the information you require ASAP!


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