Fintech Events in Asia to Attend in 2018

In 2017 almost $15 billion was invested in companies across the Asia-Pacific region, according to PwC Singapore. Large investments and a vibrant startup infrastructure have created the ideal conditions for the growth of a powerful fintech ecosystem in Asia. When looking at the regional landscape, China and India are definitely the mammoths in this regard, and Singapore is taking the lead in Southeast Asia.

The progressive development of fintech trends is fueled by a range of innovations in the sectors of AI, advanced machine learning, cybersecurity, mobile payment technologies, and more. Accordingly, the Asia-Pacific region has a huge number of event platforms for insightful discussions related to fintech, both regional and international.

Reasons to attend fintech events

fintech events

As the combination of finance and technology, fintech is one of the spheres that can’t really be limited to a specific society group. In one way or another, we all deal with money and payment systems that are the cornerstones to fintech. Accordingly, staying in touch with key fintech innovations is critical for everyone. Here are several reasons why attending fintech events is a good idea for you:

  • Getting a grip on cryptocurrencies: The blockchain revolution brought many changes to how economic transactions are viewed today. Multiple studies and breakthroughs prove that cryptocurrencies may have the potential to redefine the concepts of trust and power within a global economy. Fintech events are the platforms where you can find out how.
  • Learning to make smarter financial decisions: Whether it relates to your business or your private expenses, a strong understanding of financial management is one of your most valuable assets. Dive into fintech events to understand how you can make better financial decisions in your daily life and how progressive financial technology can help you increase business profits, etc. From the adoption of mobile wallets to data storage solutions, there’s a lot to learn.
  • Implementing new solutions: Fintech events are often the places where bright and shiny new ideas are born. Bring your expertise, find valuable connections, and start building top-notch fintech products that can become game-changers in the future.

Asia’s top fintech events to visit in 2018

When picking an event to attend, you want to make the best use of your time and resources. This list of the biggest fintech events in Asia in 2018 will come to your rescue and help you make a smart choice:

  1. Blockchain for Finance Conference APAC 2018

This is the second time Singapore will be hosting the Blockchain for Finance Conference—the event for blockchain specialists who are interested in advancing their projects and sharing their experiences. In 2017 the BFC APAC brought together over 130 company representatives and speakers from companies like MetLife, TenX, and Digital Asset.

Dates: 20–21 June

Where: Singapore

Key themes:

  • The future of blockchain in financial services
  • Improving your digital strategy
  • Commercial opportunities of blockchain

Ticket price: From USD1,695

  1. Techsauce Global Summit Techsauce Global Summit

A global tech conference taking place in Bangkok, Techsauce is a platform where passionate startup founders and experienced businesspeople meet to discuss the future of smart technologies, the subject of fintech being one of the keynote sessions. The idea was born through a partnership between the largest tech media and a coworking space in Thailand last year and quickly grew into this critical source of tech news in the region.

Dates: 22–23 June

Where: Bangkok

Key themes:

  • Innovation in the property tech industry
  • Heading into the future with advanced technologies
  • Entrepreneurship in the modern world

Ticket price: 4,800 THB

  1. Running Remote Conference 2018

In a robust economy, many businesses are determined to develop actionable remote work strategies. Running Remote Conference 2018 is a must-attend event for those who plan on taking their business online or growing a strong network of professionals through online collaboration.

Dates: 23–24 June

Where: Bali

Key themes:

  • Payment systems for your remote team
  • The concept of e-residency
  • How to be a remote entrepreneur

Ticket price: From $499

  1. MoneyLIVE: Digital Banking ASEAN 2018

Over 150 banking innovators and enthusiasts in one place—that’s the network the MoneyLIVE conference is building. Learn how AI is becoming the foundation of digital banking, discover how to get the most out of open APIs, or simply come to share your innovative fintech ideas with this community of professionals.

Dates: 3–4 July

Where: Singapore

Key themes:

  • Digitalisation in banking: key trends
  • Open banking innovation
  • How mobile banking and digital payments transform our daily routines

Ticket price: 1,335 EUR

  1. AVCJ Private Equity & Venture Forum

This is the largest private equity and venture forum in Asia, gathering over 1,100 attendees from over 30 countries in Hong Kong for insightful debates and connection building.

Dates: 13–15 November

Where: Hong Kong

Key themes:

  • Due diligence trends
  • What you should know about Asia’s venture capital industry
  • The impact of smart technologies on value-creation strategies

Ticket price: USD3,595

  1. Singapore Fintech Festival Singapore Fintech Festival

Recognised as the Best Trade Conference Organiser 2018, the Singapore Fintech Festival is a huge showcase of the latest trends, from blockchain to insurtech. In 2017 the conference gathered over 30,000 attendees, and the organisers are planning to have an even bigger turnout this year!

Dates: 12–16 November

Where: Singapore

Key themes:

  • AI in finance
  • Capital markets
  • The future of banking
  • Blockchain and DLT

Ticket price: From SGD 179

  1. Global Payment Summit 2018

Global Payment Summit (GPS) is an annual event that focuses on the modern space of payments and transactions. In its sixth year, GPS 2018 will assimilate the best international practices with the goal of spreading innovative fintech trends across local markets.

Dates: 19–20 September

Where: Kuala Lumpur

Key themes:

  • The cross-border funds transfer environment
  • How to choose sustainable fintech solutions
  • Real-time payments

Ticket price: USD1,695


If you want some fintech buzz, the Asia-Pacific region is a great place to get it. Whether you’re based in Singapore, Bali, or Hong Kong, we hope that this list will help you pick a dream fintech event in Asia to make your 2018 exceptional! is the leading event technology provider offering automated solutions for the MICE industry, Corporations, Government, and Education sectors. If you're up for event management automation, contact us and we'll amp up your event.

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