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How B2B Event Management Works

B2B event management is more than a multi-functional and promising event management process provided by a team of like-minded people. It is a professional business area with a creative and talented group of people that are able to solve the most complex tasks in a short period of time by offering complex solutions at the best price while using top-notch event technology company services for both small business events and large-scale events.

B2B event management definition

The B2B events industry provides both the meticulous planning and the creative execution of any type of corporate event. A B2B event manager delivers an efficient and professional event service, covering all aspects of event planning, management, budgeting, execution, and logistics for business events of any size.

B2B event management engages with international companies and brands and cooperates with them in the field of event management, including booking, technical support, visual communication, branding, design and printing, logistics, catering services, and so much more. In the modern event industry, it is vitally important to be aware of what B2B event management is and how it functions.

Event management vs. event planning

What is event management, and how does it differ from event planning? Although very closely related, event management and event planning are two very different functions. To put it simply, event managers manage events, while planners plan the events. Event managers can also plan aspects of events, and event planners can manage certain components of the event planning process. Event managers and event planners work side by side, and their responsibilities may overlap depending on the B2B event management company, business scale, company specifics, etc.

Event management also includes project management. Event management involves the creation and development of large-scale events, which may include conferences, conventions, concerts, exhibitions, festivals, or large ceremonies.

B2B event management specialist responsibilities

In the event planning profession, job titles are as diverse and numerous as the services offered, and it is often difficult to describe them or distinguish them from each other. However, the specific responsibilities traditionally lie in the area of event management and may include the following activities:

  • The search for venues, caterers, and other services
  • Selection and reservation of seats
  • Coordination of external suppliers and other vendors
  • The search for speakers or entertainment
  • Organisation of transportation and parking as well as other logistics
  • Obtaining the necessary permits and appropriate insurance
  • Responsibility for complying with legal, health and safety standards, etc.
  • Development of contingency plans
  • PR management
  • Crisis and situation management at the event
  • Security plan development
  • Event monitoring and reporting

This list may be endless depending on business, the scope of the event, and other factors. The hired professionals and responsibilities for performing duties may vary as well.

It may be quite a daunting task when preparing an event planning portfolio, looking for a job, or working with a client who does not have a proper understanding of or is unable to distinguish between event planning and event management function and responsibilities.

The B2B event management process

Event management starts with identifying the target audience, formulating the concept of the event, planning the overall logistics of the event, and organising the management of the project for the event as a whole, including managing the groups of people responsible for each function, devising the budget, and overseeing the implementation of the event and future prospects.

B2B event managers also monitor how B2B event management companies work as well as the services of all external suppliers and other hired professionals, which include event planners, vendors, logicians, etc.

Since project management is a key element and involves managing not only functions but also groups of people, interpersonal skills are also important. Interaction with individuals at all levels of the organisation is a part of the event management process and the managers’ work, and the availability of skills and abilities in the field of communication, as well as convenience will be of great importance for the development of these relations and successful  networking.

How B2B event management companies work

Event management companies are often hired to plan and hold large-scale company meetings and special events. While weddings and concerts are common events for event management professionals, sporting events, corporate meetings, and big parties are also events that can benefit from event management.

Government organisations, non-profit organisations, associations, and corporations use event management companies to coordinate important events and meetings. The event management function can often be found in the corporate marketing or public relations department or as a part of staffing and outsourcing of their special events.


Event management begins with the process of creating a vision of an event and then viewing it before execution, which requires both creativity and flexibility. As with the majority of event planning functions, B2B event management requires excellent organisational skills for success. The ability to multitask and juggle the many moving parts of a project is important; and along with this first-class organisation, there is a need for effective time management. The ability to prioritise and stay on task is what leads to successful event management.

Now that you are aware of how B2B event management works, it will be easier to find the best enterprise planner and succeed at your corporate events.


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