How to Become an Event Planner with no Experience in Asia

How to become an event planner? This question is often asked by young people today who are looking for an interesting job without any prior work experience. After training, they look for tips on how to be an event planner in Singapore and find the job of their dreams.

How to find a good job without experience step by step

Learning how to become an event organiser is not a simple task. Moreover, some people don’t even know that there is such a profession or that it is possible to work with no experience or certification. This is what you should do to become an event planner with no experience in Asia:

  1. Stay current with the latest updates in the industry worldwide and in your region/country.
  2. Build a personal image on the Internet via Linkedin and other social media platforms.
  3. Describe what your dream job should look like and shortlist possible companies.
  4. Regularly surf and monitor event planner career postings on the Internet in your region.
  5. Read up on what does it take to be an event planner on our blog.
  6. Send your CV when you think you’re ready.

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Who is an event planner?

An event organiser is a professional who helps to get a great deal of work done and deliver priceless life experiences. There are no higher education institutions where you can get an education to be an event planner, although there are event planning training courses and schools that can properly prepare event planners and provide them with certificates, which are often necessary for successful employment.

To help those who want to connect their future with organising events and finding work in that field, many experienced Singapore event planning companies hire talented people with no experience, no certification to be an event planner, nor a portfolio. Thus, you may study at school, graduate from a university, learn the secrets of effective professional self-development in a variety of fields, and still become a successful event manager.

Event planner responsibilities & requirements

The basic requirements, responsibilities, and skills needed to be an event planner are as follows:

  • Ability to work with artists, venues, contractors and other event agencies
  • Leadership skills
  • Organisation of events
  • Design of concepts, ideas, scenarios
  • Budgeting and scheduling calendars
  • Selection of premises, props, and necessary personnel
  • Organisation of everything necessary for participants and guests
  • Reporting on and evaluating the effectiveness of events
  • Attraction of contractors and management of their work
  • Coordination of work with other departments (PR, advertising, sales)
  • Document management

The responsibilities of the event organiser sometimes include:

  • Coordination of all actions in preparation of the event with clients
  • Control of customer payments

Some companies also require:

  • Higher education
  • Work experience
  • Certification
  • Portfolio
  • Experience with VIP clients

Requirements for employees may vary depending on the company and region.

The pros and cons of being an event planner


  • Event managers are in demand in the labor market.
  • Event managers have the opportunity to develop serious business relationships.
  • This work allows you to maximise your creative abilities.
  • This is one of the most interesting jobs in the world!
  • Working as an event manager is positive: your job is to gives people joy and create happy emotions.
  • Event manager jobs are free from routine.
  • Every event is a unique life experience.
  • Еvent managers can choose various forms of employment.

Ways to work as an event planner:

  • Freelance
  • Mentoring
  • Consulting
  • Troubleshooting
  • Part-time/full-time
  • At a company
  • From home

Event business professionals can work independently or in a team. Work teaches individuals the ability to find a common language and effectively interact with different people.


The main disadvantage of event manager work is the irregular work day. Another disadvantage are the somewhat fuzzy prospects for career growth and wages. Therefore, don’t forget to research what is required to become an event planner in Asia and what it takes to achieve that goal.

How to get certified?

Currently, there is no special education to develop event manager skills. The only way to master the profession is through practice. However, it is helpful to acquire an in-depth understanding of how events should be planned, organized, and managed successfully, which will teach you how to become an effective event organiser.

Notable certifications include the Certification Special Event Professional (CSEP) and International Assembly Management Certification (CMM). Once you are familiar with this area, have developed your skills and abilities, and know what it takes to become one, you have to make a portfolio!

Along with gaining valuable work experience, you can enroll the business after you attend Singapore event management courses and improve your skills. Event planning certification is a measure of your industry knowledge and experience. Once you become certified, you can use your name and title to reflect your knowledge of the industry and thrive in your chosen niche.

Jobs for event planners

The best option is to get a job at an event agency or become an assistant to a cool event organiser to perform simple tasks and gradually gain experience. You may try out the following roles:

  • Event planner
  • Developer
  • Designer
  • Copywriter
  • Secretary
  • Logistician
  • Salesman
  • Marketer
  • Support service provider
  • HR or talent acquisition
  • PR
  • Photographer
  • Cameraman
  • Engineer

and so much more.

To become an event planner in Singapore, take a look at our career list and pick the best role for you!


Now that you’re aware of how to become a good event planner, if you feel that you can cope with the task, go ahead and join the industry! The role of an event organiser is practical and often involves working with a team. You should be able to work well under pressure, ensure the smooth and efficient operation of events, communicate well, and enjoy a life where you can choose any form of employment you like. Does that sound good?

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