How to Pitch an Event in Asia

Pitching an event requires a good presentation and is half of the event’s success. That is why event organizers should know how to pitch an event to sponsors in the best way possible.

Reasons to pitch an event

Preparation of business events in Asia requires management at a highly professional level. At all stages of a planned event, which includes both organisation and quality control of all types of services included in certain event management, how to pitch an event to the media may turn out to be the key component for success.

This is also necessary for the promotion of trademarks or products, the implementation of image goals, the positioning of the enterprise, etc. Event management allows information to be conveyed to the audience to achieve specific goals or to meet certain objectives with the help of a strong pitch. Since companies create events that are designed to meet their goals, best work practices to pitch an event in Asia would include writing a pitch that completely meets those companies’ goals.

A step-by-step guide on how to pitch an event to a client

How do you write a pitch letter for an event? Here are some ideas.


  • Think over the structure.


There are no perfect presentation schemes. When preparing your perfect pitch recipe, you’ll find that the classic problem-solution format often does not work. Business development experts believe that there are a lot of new, more successful formats, including those that are related to creating hope, increasing pain, something with a call to action, etc. The most important thing is to emotionally shake the audience and lead them to make the decision you need to make.


  • Start with a hook.


Just like with speech writing, you should use typical types of hooks when writing your pitch:

– Ask a question

– Ask a rhetorical question

– Use a quotation

– Relate the situation to current affairs

– Use a shocking opening

– Apply humour, etc.


  • Tell stories


Success stories are always interesting to the audience. A well-told story can be an excellent demonstration of your event organisation and management strengths. Try to make a good event pitch presentation, and the client will see it in your story. When you sell event management services, tell stories of successful problem solving without getting into too many details.


  • Prepare visual materials.


Studies show that using illustrated slides with your offer will be 43% more effective with clients, and 26% of them will accept your offer. A minimum of text in each slide and a maximum of bright pictures, often humorous, will be of great use during your pitch. This should be high-quality work, so prepare your visual material well.


  • Show examples.


Less talk, more action means showing how your product works and how people use it. Real stories of real clients, screenshots of programs, and actual photos of the product look more convincing than dry text and stock photos.


  • Include a CTA.


A bad speech ends like this: “That’s all. Any questions?” You are effectively leaving the listener alone with their thoughts. Good pitch content gives clear instructions on what to do next. This is not necessarily a call to action. In the end, you can once again go over the conclusions, emphasize the main point, or explain where to get additional information.


  • Listen to your potential sponsors.


Keep in mind that your pitch is not a monologue. The presentation should be interactive, and you should listen to your clients or potential sponsors throughout the presentation as well. Talk to the clients, ask questions, and make your presentation interactive. Create colorful pitches with the help of modern event organisation and management tools and features.


  • Use innovative technologies.


New technologies give us unprecedented tools for attracting and impressing clients.

Using these tools, it is possible to make a grand event that will be remembered by the audience for a long time as they tell others about it again and again.

Whatever new technologies you have chosen to use to create your events, whether GSI or anything else, you already have the most progressive and modern tools for event organisation and management, distributing tickets, and so on.

Example of a pitch letter for an event:

pitch letter for an event


Event organisation services for business may be full of countless offers, and your role as an organiser is to produce the most profitable and interesting offer. That is why you should value the meaning of an event pitch and also learn how to pitch a charity event just in case you are booked by a non-commercial organisation, etc.

A high-level help in organising events is a guarantee of a good celebration because thanks to the participation of these professionals, you can achieve the perfect result. Show this in your pitch. Experienced GSI consultants will always listen to the desires of the clients and offer the best options, which ultimately will guarantee a positive attitude and a minimum of troubles during the event.

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