How to Plan an In-House Corporate Event

A corporate event is one of the most effective tools for establishing a friendly atmosphere among a team while creating team spirit. It is also a way to reward employees for good work, as they will be able to relax, have fun, get to know each other better, and make friends at the event. That is why planning an internal corporate event is worth taking seriously.

Reasons to plan an event inside your company

A company’s internal events are aimed at corporate culture formation. They allow you to independently analyse the existing problems and difficulties among the employees and in the working processes. You can develop activities aimed at improving a particular work process via your corporate event planning:

·         Attracting customers

·         Training employees

·         Teambuilding

·         Creating surveys

·         And more

A systematic approach makes it possible for the entire company to achieve significant results. Being in-house  also means it is possible to create a plan that includes activities that are interconnected and complementary to each other. It does not require large financial investments and effectively accomplishes the task of cheering up the team. With proper organisation, there are practically no downsides.

What is expected of such events inside the company?

The main question for management is how and where to hold a corporate event so that the event will be a success. Corporate events include events that are held directly at the employees’ workplace and are often quite regular corporate events.

A corporate event may not only improve teamwork and team spirit, but it may also have a positive effect on the company’s reputation. A well-organized event will make an excellent brand advertisement and attract media attention. That is why the company event format is so important. Planning a company event in-house may sometimes be an original and unexpected decision because there is such a variety of affordable event venues in Singapore, where you can organize the event

Types of events

All corporate events may be divided into two categories according to their background, according to the task that they solve, and according to the type of organisation format.

Quite often, business executives organise corporate parties in their own carting clubs, on ships, in karaoke clubs, in banquet halls, at bowling alleys, at casinos, and at other interesting places that may belong to their partners. However, the best solution for corporate parties that have the main task of building the team is to entertain in-house.

In-house events may be organized not only within the corporate office spaces but also in some other available areas of the company’s property. This is the most common and suitable place to socialise and make friends in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, especially if the company is big and many people do not have frequent opportunities to meet during the usually intense work days.

The most common office events may include the following:

  • conducting gymnastics;
  • training sessions,
  • creating quality clubs;
  • traditional celebration of employees’ personal events (birthdays, farewell to retirement, weddings, etc.)

These activities affect the rules of conduct of employees in the organisation as well as corporate spirit, the overall climate in the team, and more.

Planning an event inside the company step by step

During company event planning, pay special attention to the in-house conditions and banquet program, diversifying these with entertainment and speeches and other corporate elements.

Planning checklist

Alongside the tips on strategy development, creating a unique culture, ways to attract the audience, and the importance of the corporate event’s design, be ready to come up with a clear event checklist:

●       Decide the budget

●       Define the event objectives

●       Decide on the format and theme

●       Develop a program

●       Create a guest list

●       Send out invitations

●       Find a space

●       Select your ticketing or registration platform

●    Approach sponsors, if any

●       Take care of marketing and advertising, if any

●       Identify and hire other vendors

●       Delegate responsibilities

●       Keep staff well informed

●       Make final preparations

●       Decide on what to do after an event

●       Choose suitable ROI metrics to analyse

●       Make reports

After the event, analyse all marketing campaigns conducted earlier in parallel with the event campaign; then create a detailed schedule to track the event’s improvement over time.

Best practices & event ideas to inspire your staff

In-house banquet event will sure inspire your staff and may be organized in-house.

This is the most common ype of the holiday organization inside the corporation. It may be chosen because of its “traditional” flavor, availability to everyone, for celebration of almost any corporate occasion and inspiring all employees without exceptions.

Event organisers may invite restaurants for banquets thanks to catering, but they need a spacious hall, open space, co working or a conference room with a good capacity. It is sometimes difficult to reorganize it in such a way that to remind that of a restaurant banquet, but the factor becomes a consolidating, not deterring when everyone eats, communicates and has fun within their favorite company buildings. You may invite partners, customers and sponsors to attend your classy home prom with the gala dinner.

When choosing this type of a holiday practice, special attention should be paid to the space rearrangement, banquet program, diversifying it with entertainment on corporate themes.

Tips on how to plan a company event & make it memorable

And finally, to succeed with the most incredible in-house event no matter the format you choose:

  • Use a spacious place

Is one of the event goals a networking between the members? Or it should be a calm dinner with candles, etc? Then it is important to have a large open space for communication or even small conference rooms for more organized introductory sessions and exchange of contacts. It is also important to take into account such moments as lighting, features of the stage (if any), and opportunities for conducting presentations, having lunch and accessibility of the environment for people with disabilities.

●        Make sure you have a list of requirements before you begin organising your event.

Make sure there is sponsorship in place. Providing sponsorship is always one of the most difficult tasks, but it is extremely important if you are preparing a large-scale event within your own company walls.

●        Choose the right event management software.

Spend time searching for the right software. The best platforms allow you to collect valuable data for events and provide many analytical conclusions based on this data.


How to plan an event inside a company can be quite laidback, and it is easiest to organise events on your home turf. You not only get a team but a clearly planned event checklist. Constant cooperation with other companies’ employees allows you to easily select a training room, equipment, or decorations. There are proven places to choose from as well as other opportunities that can reduce the time needed for organising, which allows you to hold the event easily and without any incidents.

For more details on how to plan a company event in-house, contact us any time.

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