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How to Sell More Tickets to Your Event Using Social Media in Asia


Social media event marketing plays a huge role in promoting any event via social media. With this tool in hand, you can use all types of advertising, including advertising posts, newsfeed ads, and so much more.

How to determine your audience and where to engage them

A social media event strategy demands that you identify your target audience by understanding how your audience currently engages with your event website, reacts to your engaging content, and attended previous events; you need to measure these metrics and optimise your approach for your current projects.

The best time to start selling tickets

Based on numerous behaviour patterns, the best time to buy a concert ticket for an attendee is approximately 55 days before a show (the earlier, the better) in terms of regular tickets without any discount or early bird option. Once that time has passed, your attendees are more likely to wait until the day of the show to buy your ticket with a discount as they will expect the prices to gradually fall over the last 30–35 days.

How to announce the sale of tickets on social media

To sell event tickets on social media, you should pick the right time to announce the commencement of ticket sales. Announcing two separate dates when the tickets will be going on sale is a common practice if you apply incentives. For example, there can be one date for early bird sales and another for regular tickets. It is wise to announce the start date for ticketing for the next event during the current event, especially if they’re large scale, via your social media pages.

When to close ticket sales

You should decide when your ticket sales start and end. Most ticket sales occur as soon as ticket sales open, when you’re about to have a bump in price, and right before they close.

Best practices to sell tickets through social media in Asia

Nowadays, marketers are using social media to guide overall planning and seeking the best ways to implement it for event promotion. Here are the best ways to sell event tickets online.

Use advertising opportunities

Take advantage of the array of ads available to you. Display network campaigns can help with this as they allow you to reach anyone anywhere. Apply product listing ads, try Gmail ads, and advertise with YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Combine AdWords campaigns, Bing ads, and Facebook’s marketing funnel for the best results.

Sell tickets on mobile

Selling tickets via mobile is a good way to boost ticket sales as an estimated 1.8 billion people make purchases online. If you need ticketing solutions for events via mobile devices, you can easily find them online.

Optimise your social media profile and page

Choosing a standout profile picture and boosting your profile is a good way to attract attention from the public and make an event go viral. First, make sure you have a good profile picture, make it easy to know what to do, include all your data, add useful links, etc.

Implement Social Listening

To be able to listen to your customers, leverage social media listening tools to learn what is being said about your brand. Demonstrate your services on your social media pages, and ask what the public thinks of them.

Create scarcity says that scarcity is one of the most important tactics you can use to fuel your ticket sales. In other words, think of ways to make it appear that the tickets will be selling quickly, and when the available ticket number drops, let your potential attendees know!

Start a referral program

Starting a referral program is another incentive for your business partners and sponsors, and it is especially actionable in the B2B enterprise segment. The early bird special and discount can also be used as an incentive to encourage customers to sign up for a membership program.

Provide “soft” reminders

Reminder emails are broadly sent out to customers. “Please consider this email as a reminder” is a great approach when you are trying to sell tickets online for an event.

Use email drip campaigns

Use email drip campaigns to share even more on social media. You may build a drip series that is sent at specific time intervals that you define to nurture contacts. Create emails and email marketing campaigns with our help.

Create a memorable event hashtag

Try new competitive promotion mechanics, such as using memorable and eye-catching hashtags. Get people excited to buy tickets!

Share on social media

Finally, don’t forget to share your data on social media in a timely manner. Follow the trends, and watch your competitors’ activities so you don’t lag behind.

Ideas to boost your tickets sales

It is essential to come up with useful ideas to sell more tickets to an event if you want to succeed.

  • Make additional announcements

Sometimes event tickets are bought not only by attendees but also by hosts’ families, acquaintances, and friends. Make a few announcements for them too. Don’t forget about targeting—you can use it very narrowly in these situations.

  • Use contests

Raffle ticket contests and lucky draws increase coverage. If you fail to come up with something creative, use the standard proven method with a simple repost campaign. The main thing is to properly arrange the post. (The standard poster for the event is not as appealing to share as something with a beautifully designed layout or photo.)

  • Optimise content

Put tags on the links, calculate the conversion from the best ads, optimise your budgets, etc.

  • Adjust budgeting

When the budget is distributed between social networks, think about which are most relevant to your audience. Each of them has its own character and manner of behavior, which is likely true at your events as well!

Creating a social media event strategy

We realise that customers may put off buying a ticket and instead plan to purchase it in the near future. Nevertheless, to boost ticket sales for your event, create a social media event strategy that will include early bird tickets and other incentives to motivate attendees to be active via social media, which will make your content even more viral.

The best ticket-selling tools to use

Where can I sell event tickets? The best ticket-selling tools to use in Asia remain GEVME and Judgify, which are the company’s flagship solutions. Apply them whenever you need a fast and actionable tool to organise registration and ticketing, social media contests, event support, and so much more.

Ways to increase conversions on your event ticket sale landing page

There are a few ways to increase conversion during ticket sales:

  • Make the registration process easy, but don’t force people to sign up for an account.
  • Give attendees all the info they need on your event website (event landing page).
  • Provide all the relevant info on your social media pages.
  • Use images and videos to bring the event to life.
  • Use social proof to let your fans do the promoting for you.
  • Make the registration mobile friendly.

Read our latest news to find even more ways to boost your event success.

How to promote your event in social media to boost ticket sales

Let’s also check out these eight things to remember when promoting your event:

  • Use your event hashtag whenever possible.
  • Apply SEO.
  • Make your tickets easy to buy.
  • Sell special tickets and provide incentives.
  • Embrace social media advertising.
  • Use social networks where your audience is active.
  • Crowdsource your marketing material.
  • Activate your attendees with engaging content.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Social media is the best business environment for creative experiments.

Call to action

More than enough has been said about CTAs and their meaning for users. In fact, the right CTA button may be the final reason your event searchers become your attendees. With that in mind, make sure you include an effective and actionable CTA each time you want your customers to do something on your social media pages. Include direct links to the event website from your social profiles, and input them into your call-to-action buttons.


Now you should have some clue how to use social media to sell tickets, create landing pages for your events, include links into social media pages, and promote your event on social media to boost ticket sales using CTAs and so on. Be sure to take advantage of all types of social media advertising, including advertising posts, newsfeed, blog posts, co-host profiles, and other engaging content.


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