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Internship at An Interview and Success Stories


At, we believe in nurturing young minds and focusing our attention on initiatives like the internship program. With each passing year, we have learned from our experiences to further enhance the outcome of such initiatives.

This year, we had three interns join us from two of the best universities in Singapore: the National University of Singapore and Singapore Management University. Our goal is to inculcate a sense of ownership in our interns as we offer them opportunities to help impact the business to derive better results. We value the fresh mindset and raw talent that such undergraduates bring to the table. The whole program is built in a way that allows the interns to immerse themselves in our core values.

This time around we have changed the kind of projects we have assigned to the interns. Instead of fictitious projects, we have empowered them to learn more by completing tasks that will turn out to be impactful,”  says Veemal, CEO of

About our Interns:

Internship at Robert

Robert Victoreen is a student at NUS School of Computing. He was an applications consultant engineer intern and supported the service delivery team. One of his biggest achievements during the internship was the completion of his project, ACE Admin Console Development. This was definitely a value add for the ACE team. During his experience, he got an opportunity to enhance his technical knowledge. In his words, “My biggest achievement has been the development of the Ace Admin Console. It was interesting to be able to start on a new project from the beginning and build a working prototype by the end of my internship.”

Internship at Pei Wei

Pei Wei is studying information systems and is majoring in business analytics at Singapore Management University. He was a revenue operations (RevOps) intern. He was an exceptionally fast learner and a dedicated worker. His willingness to learn and grow enabled him to tap into opportunities across different departments, ranging from sales to onsite experience. He helped the sales team with Twilio implementation and a docs merger tool. When asked about his experience, he said, “I feel that it is a relevant and meaningful experience as I understand how the company functions.”

Internship at Eugene

Eugene is a student at NUS School of Computing. He joined us as an engineering intern. His key project was creating a post-event visualisation tool to help clients understand the movements of the participants during the event. Questioning the status quo, he brought value to the table while working on this task under the guidance of the engineering team. He valued the fact that he got to experience the different roles of a software engineering team.  When asked about`s company culture, he responded, “I appreciated the friendliness of the colleagues and their willingness to share their knowledge with us.”

Intern`s feedback

In recognition of our corporate values of building a positive team and family spirit, we ended the internships for our valued young minds on a positive note. We hosted a farewell lunch with delicious Malaysian food. It was held at the Singapore office where Veemal, our CEO, got a chance to extend his appreciation to the interns on board, and the interns got the chance to share their overall experience. “Everyone is very friendly and feels like a family who is willing to help each other out,” said one of the interns at the farewell lunch. Proudly, we concluded this internship program by learning that provided a worthwhile educational experience for the young minds in our internship program. is the leading event technology provider offering automated solutions for the MICE industry, Corporations, Government, and Education sectors. If you're up for event management automation, contact us and we'll amp up your event.

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