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Organising Events for Top Management in Southeast Asia

Top managers are people who directly perform managerial activities, supervise the work of the company’s departments, and develop strategic goals and objectives. Business events for top managers require a responsible approach and professional organisation. Indeed, before organising such an event in Southeast Asia, it is necessary to identify the main event goals and objectives.

What is expected at such events?

Usually, business events for executives adhere to standard formats, such as presentations, conferences, exhibitions, symposia, round tables, etc. Another equally common format is a business training event. These consist of various workshops, courses and trainings. Such events are often held in the framework of staff development to obtain new knowledge and skills in the field of top management and time management. These events are aimed at improving communication skills with subordinates, resolving conflicts in a team, and other key managerial abilities

Reasons to organise events for company leaders

Organising events for top management: business and corporate events for top managers and executives are an integral part of the corporate life of a successfully developing company. A competent and professional organisation contributes to the achievement of goals and the completion of strategic tasks and, consequently, allows for the attainment of incredible success in terms of the growth and prosperity of the business.

Planning a successful charity event step by step

When developing a business event program for top managers, you should pay particular attention to the high level and quality of all the services you provide. You should demonstrate deep insight into the company leaders and the client’s business, and select the most appropriate concepts, those that are tailor-made and well-adjusted to the specifics of the company. Think outside the box to meet the leader’s expectations for the event during the planning stages. A charity fundraising will also be a good idea for top management event:

  • Decide on the budget.
  • Define the event objectives.
  • Choose the format and theme.
  • Create a guest list.
  • Find Singapore corporate event venues.
  • Approach sponsors.
  • Organise marketing and advertising.
  • Select your ticketing or registration platform.
  • Identify and hire other vendors.
  • Conduct the final preparations, etc.

Also, consider business event organisation trends for 2019 to attract top managers:

  • Shifting the focus from employee entertainment to professional and team development
  • The use of new technologies: from artificial intelligence to virtual reality
  • Selection of non-standard sites and creative concepts, online event registration, digitalisation
  • Shows and performances with as much top management involvement as possible during the event

How to invite your top management and organise an event for executives effectively:

  • Develop an invitation text.
  • Make a list of invitations.
  • Plan the guest list.
  • Decide how the managers should address each guest in the invitations.
  • Ensure that they have all the contact details.
  • Make a list of names for badge printing.
  • Make a list of email addresses for sending electronic invitations.
  • Determine which guests will receive an invitation via personal email.
  • Write the text of the cover letter, if any.
  • Send the invitations and follow up to make sure they’ve been received.

To quickly organise an event for top managers effectively, you should also follow a checklist for event planners:

  • Finalise the budget and any extra expenditures.
  • Finalise the event format schedule & scripts. Make sure everyone has the same schedule.
  • Update everyone with final registration numbers, e.g., the caterer, the venue, etc.
  • Confirm timings of all your vendors, e.g., caterer, A/V provider, etc.
  • Make sure all top managers are invited.
  • Confirm the attendees list.
  • Prepare media coverage, advertising and other marketing.
  • Decide on what to do after the event, e.g., follow-up schemes.

Professional event organisation for top management of a company requires significant attention to detail and minimising the level of risk. Be ready for unexpected situations and remember to use effective event organisation tips and tools.

Tips for your success

Proper organisation on the part of the event manager is an important component of success. Here are some key things to remember:

  1. For each event, have a separate task (check) list, especially if you are organising several events simultaneously.
  2. Use a professional online check-in system. This very simple tool allows you to avoid mistakes and ensures that you don’t miss something important. You should understand that one of the major difficulties in organising events is the impossibility of foreseeing everything, but you can prepare as much as possible for unexpected situations by using all possible channels and relevant apps.
  3. Make a list of alternative scenarios and think about how to get out of problematic situations.
  4. Be flexible with clients, especially top managers.
  5. Responsibilities of the event manager are not limited to meeting with clients and planning events on paper. You must also understand the desires of the customer, and then accurately convey them to suppliers, contractors and the team helping with the organisation.
  6. Master time management techniques.
  7. Love your work., but remember the work of an event manager is not only about parties and communication, as it also comes with stress, boring administrative duties and endless demands.


GSI specialists will develop a concept and plan to organise an event for CEOs of any company, taking into account all the critical nuances: specialists can handle the selection of vendors, sponsors, venues and technical support, as well as the development of the necessary printing and souvenir products, all while ensuring that the event is executed at the highest level!

It is important for GSI that the business event is carried out dynamically, efficiently and in an interesting way, but most importantly, the goals and objectives of the event must be achieved!

Tell us what you think…. we welcome your additional ideas and suggestions in the comments below! is the leading event technology provider offering automated solutions for the MICE industry, Corporations, Government, and Education sectors. If you're up for event management automation, contact us and we'll amp up your event.

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