Singapore is a diverse and vibrant city. The unique combination of cultures and people make Singapore a very attractive place for events, particularly with holidays and celebrations all year round. Festivals range from religious celebrations and social and cultural events to business and corporate events and many others. In terms of global business rankings, Singapore is also one of the best countries for doing business and conducting business meetings in. That is why every event organizer should find unique event spaces in Singapore.

10 best event spaces in Singapore

Technology companies need to look for the best spaces around the world for their events, so it is important to have them in a place where everyone will feel good. In Singapore, places to work, meet with clients, hold events, and even look after children are readily available, so it’s not surprising that Singapore is also becoming more popular among event organizers.

Here are some of the best small event spaces in Singapore to consider when planning business events in the region.

  • The Working Capitol

The Working Capitol is a co-working space in Singapore that offers a variety of workspace options, service support, as well as participation in professional and recreational activities aimed at developing your project and increasing your professional contacts.

Conceptually, this co-working space is elegantly designed and located on the top floor of the building. You can choose a place at the common table (from S $255/month), a separate office table with the ability to store your belongings (from S $729/month), or a totally furnished office (from S $900/month).

In addition to the office premises, Working Capitol has function rooms, cafés, payphones, showers, laptop rentals, etc. You can also get accounting and legal advice.

  • The Great Room

This is another working space featuring a chic design that is located in the city center, making it very convenient for work. In addition to the office premises, it is equipped with a kitchen, separate telephone booths, lockers, a shower, and a yoga studio.

There are also conference rooms, presentation rooms, and spaces for workshops, which stand out for their elegant interior design. Just imagine the space being tastefully equipped with leather sofas, plush velvet cushions, wooden tables, and individual wall art.

Place at the office table – S $70/day

Private room – S $750/month

Office space for events (up to 20 people) – S $2,500/month

  • Collective Works

Collective Works is a space in Singapore offering premium premises, including many of the latest office planning trends. You can rent a workplace at a common table (from S $240/month), a separate office table (from S $700/month), or an office for your entire team (S $1,600/month), or you can even use the meeting rooms as corporate event spaces in Singapore.

Collective Works provides flexible conditions for members of its community in addition to regularly organizing various professional and informal events.

  • Spacemob

This space is located in the city center. Spacemob offers vacancies (from S $365/month), office desk rental (from S $550/month), and a separate office for up to 20 people. You are given access to meeting rooms as well as free medical insurance if you’re planning to travel and the opportunity to receive corporate rates at certain hotels.

If you are a member of the Spacemob community, you can attend events held there as well as receive support from financial and IT specialists, etc.

  • The Hub

Located in the heart of the Singapore Museum of Art and Design, the Hub not only offers a place to stay but also mentoring, incubator services, and a network of innovative laboratories. It is well known for its community of nearly 500 entrepreneurs, creatives, and techies.

The Hub includes conference rooms, event rooms, and other amenities, such as a café, a sleeping room, and showers.

  • The Hive

This innovative space is located in a beautiful shopping center and is designed for comfort. The Hive community covers three countries and offers access to a wide network of potential suppliers of goods or services as well as potential customers.

You can rent a place at a common table (from S $30/day), an office table (from S $550), an office table in a separate room (from S $600), or an office (from S $1,600). Meeting facilities, telephone booths, complimentary coffee, and a rooftop café are also available. There are special rates for startups, writers, young entrepreneurs, etc.

  • Collision 8

Collision 8 is a venue located in the center of Singapore. It offers places to work with the ability to access mentors as well as a community of other entrepreneurs, investors, and experts who are passionate about innovation. You can rent a workplace at a common table (from S $150/month), a separate office table (from S $650/month), or an office (from S $1,500/month) as well as a meeting room for any event. You can also organize events here.

Rent a separate office – S $3,200/month

  • Casa Gessi

Casa Gessi is designed for lavish and wild souls. It is used as one of a few Victorian manors and a luxury event space. Space takes a striking stand with regards to appearance, changing rooms and restrooms which are craftsmanship establishments. A few rooms are cutting edge, while others are actually designed to look like the wilderness, with tropical foliage flourishing from the roofs. This is one of the top event spaces in Singapore.

  • Cozy Bananas

Cozy Bananas is a cozy, workshop-driven space with rooms equipped with great work areas and comfortable flooring. Their rooms incorporate meeting halls, rooms for training, a yoga studio, and an adaptable open space that is ideal for everything from event networking to corporate evenings or birthday parties. The space is also close to diners, bistros, a shopping center, and a general store.

  • Picotin Bistro

This is the best space among the outdoor event spaces in Singapore. Picotin Bistro is a laidback, semi-open-air setting with a great view of the golf course and an expansive seating limit (up to 250). This relaxed setting is incredible for facilitating birthday parties, corporate business events, networking, and other events.


Singapore event spaces are not just a standard office space; these spaces inspire a certain style of work for people coming together in the same room to meet, communicate, and attend events within a positive working atmosphere.

Today, even small companies and startups prefer to have their events organized in these open spaces because such social interaction can lead to employees, business partners, or ordinary visitors beginning to think more creatively and effectively.

If you want to find private event venues in Singapore or if you need advice on existing programs for business clients, registration, or event planning and organization, contact our experts today.

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