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If you’re looking to set up a breath-taking event, Singapore is one of the best places to do this. A robust business travel sector, political stability, and a thriving tech industry set the great conditions for the growth of M&E experiences across the region. Let’s take the Trump–Kim buzz. With the whole world watching, this historic meeting of the U.S. President and North Korea’s leader, which was held on Sentosa Island, demonstrated the value of Singapore as a progressive M&E destination.

For those that are considering diving deeper into the world of events management, the question is, does Singapore also teach how to run fabulous events that make headlines? The short answer is yes; you can definitely find some great institutions for events management education around Singapore.

Upon reviewing the trending courses for prospective event managers, we came up with a list of the top five. Our choice of the best events management courses in Singapore is based on reviews from graduates of these programs, the quality of programs, pricing, and the analysis of career prospects.

Reasons to study events management

In her interview with Independent, Ruth Stone said, “When I tell people I studied events management, and they ask, ‘What will you do now, organise parties?’ I’ll tell them I can do anything from developing my community, raising awareness, representing my country, or traveling the world!” If you’re passionate about the world of events, and if you can put your work into the right perspective, your events management journey should be nothing but fascinating.

Here are the key reasons why you can be confident while studying events management in Singapore:

  • Study in Singapore, and apply your knowledge anywhere. As a global events management destination, Singapore has assimilated the best international practices of the tourism business and M&E. By studying events management in Singapore, you gain expertise that you can take to any country.
  • Gain a variety of employment opportunities. Whether you choose to work from your couch, earn experience through teamwork, or go freelance, there are really no limits for you. Just choose the work style that inspires you.
  • Your creative genius will have a blast. When you’re in events management, no two days are the same. For those who love thinking outside the box, the career of an event manager is the perfect outlet for creative ideas.

The 5 best institutions in Singapore offering events management courses

  1. SDH Institute

Since 2007, SDH Institute has been the leading provider of world-class hospitality education in Singapore. From certificates to master’s degrees, young professionals are free to choose from among a large variety of programs. The core direction is hospitality management, but there are also wide capabilities for studying casino and events management at SDH.


Bachelor’s degree in international hotel management: SG$15,887 per year MBA in international hotel management: SG$20,093 per year

Why SDH Institute?

SDH Institute

The institution is awarded with EduTrust by the Committee for Private Education, and it’s also an accredited centre for Pearson BTEC. The knowledge you can gain at SDH is refined through the expertise of industry professionals—events management experts who have experience working at companies like Goodwood Park Hotel and Raffles Hotel.

To peek inside the real-life graduate experience, check out the vlog by SDH student Rachel In who’s interning at Shangri La’s Mactan after obtaining her Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism.

  1. James Cook University Singapore

At the Singapore campus of James Cook University, which ranks in the top 2% of the world’s best educational institutions, you can obtain a bachelor’s degree in sports and events management. The program length is two years, and students may choose either to spend their second year at the Australia campus or complete the whole course in Singapore.



Why James Cook University?

Graduates get access to a variety of career directions, such as sports and conference facilities management, corporate events management, sports marketing, and much more. With a focus on practical courses, this program will teach you vital communication, problem solving, and project management skills. If you’ve always dreamt about learning about sports events management, James Cook’s program is the best choice for you in Singapore.

  1. Kaplan Higher Education Academy

As part of the global Kaplan Inc. community that unites millions of students across the world, Higher Education Academy in Singapore offers four comprehensive events management programs with both single and double majors:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Events
  • Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Events and Business Law
  • Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Events and Human Resource Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Events and Management


From SG$27,000

Scholarships are available.

Why Kaplan Higher Education Academy?

Kaplan Higher Education Academy

Studying at Kaplan Higher Education Academy offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of course choices, schedule planning, and assessment. Each student has a personalised study program that is a mix of lectures, workshops, and tutorials. This way, prospective event managers are being taught to work flexibly at their own pace from day one.

  1. PSB Academy

Also known as Asia’s Future Academy, PSB is a progressive academic innovator that hosts over 12,000 students from all over the world. For event-lovers, PSB Academy offers the opportunity to obtain a Bachelor’s in Festival and Event Management.



Why PSB Academy?

PSB Academy

The mission behind this program is to teach people to be good “managers of people and resources.” Therefore, the students gain a strong background in events management that they can further apply in relevant disciplines and practical cases.

  1. Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS)

MDIS is the oldest not-for-profit academic institution with lifelong learning programs. In terms of events management studies, you can earn a higher diploma in tourism, hospitality, and events management at MDIS.




The program is a good choice for those that want targeted, short courses on events management in Singapore since this course can be finished in 16 months. The graduates gain access to a wide array of professional organisations, from travel agencies to hotels and resorts.


Due to the robust growth of business tourism and M&E in Singapore, events management is one of the most promising careers across the region. Check out these top five events management diploma courses in Singapore to get an idea of its top-notch academic standards. is the leading event technology provider offering automated solutions for the MICE industry, Corporations, Government, and Education sectors. If you're up for event management automation, contact us and we'll amp up your event.

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