Speed Event Networking in Asia

Any business meeting can be a business platform where a huge number of successful people gather together. They share their professional experiences, discuss their ongoing projects, and, of course, come up with a plan for productive cooperation. So how exactly does speed business networking work?

The speed networking event format basically involves participants gathering together to exchange valuable business information with one another. Participants get to know each other in a progression of brief meetings with a set timeframe. During this short time of communication, members share their expert experience, their principles, their business objectives, and more.

Networkers are generally looking for exposure to a new market and/or expanding their pool of vendors, small business owners, active job seekers, etc. Just like speed dating, this format has become extremely popular in Asia, and event organizers should definitely consider organizing a speed networking event.

How to organize a speed networking event

In order for a business meeting to be productive, it is necessary to secure an appropriate moderator, create the most comfortable conditions for dialogue, and, of course, give participants the option to take part. When organizing this type of program, you will want to make sure it is productive.

Speed networking rules

A business speed networking event is held using an official format, where each side seeks to give or receive information from the moderator. There are some rules for best practice that should be followed:

  • Listen carefully to instructions.
  • Smile.
  • Deliver your elevator speech.
  • Listen attentively to the other person’s elevator speech.
  • Ask questions.
  • Take notes.
  • Exchange business cards.
  • End on a positive note.

Information sharing is one of the main reasons for business networking meetings as well as to provide answers to questions posed by partners, to indicate that the interlocutor made the right or wrong decision regarding a particular situation, to establish contact between the participants, to discuss a joint perspective, and to sign a protocol, which will reflect the further actions that need to be taken by each of the participants.

Like any business meeting, a speed networking event has four phases:

  • Building of dialogue
  • Discussion of all the details
  • Decision making
  • Result

However, such events are not just dark costumes and a serious look. They are, above all, a place where constructive dialogue takes place and where all sorts of solutions to existing problems are put forward.

Speed networking event tips

Look through these tips for a high-quality business networking event, and learn how to run a speed networking event to enhance the speed networking experience.

In order for a business meeting to be truly effective, it is necessary to prepare well for it in advance. Here are some of the basic requirements:

  • The key point in business meetings is to raise questions about the current situation and then search for solutions to a particular problem.

In addition to networking, events of courtesy are also applied. These are the events where people meet and try to instill confidence in a particular person.

  • A business meeting should be scheduled in advance.

If both individuals are in the same region, then you can arrange a business meeting with a partner about three days before. This can be done using e-mail or simply by calling.

  • Choose a venue for the meeting.

A properly chosen venue for a business networking event will be accompanied by a productive dialogue. The atmosphere is a very important factor in any area of life, so do not neglect it. Venues can be completely different from one another. It can be a business meeting on your own turf or that of the interlocutor. This also includes neutral territory or a remote business meeting. Most businesspeople give preference to business networking in offices that are at their location.

  • Suppress any psychological tension.

The psychological aspects of communication are very important and must be approached responsibly. Every detail requires careful analysis; even the arrangement of furniture in the room can cause psychological tension and could discourage the other person from being willing to communicate. If networking takes place at your workplace, not paying attention to the furniture arrangement would be irresponsible. After all, your staff is at your disposal as well as the entire office space of the enterprise and all its capabilities.

  • Prepare the meeting area.

People who specialize in preparing the premises for business networking recommend creating the most comfortable conditions for both parties. The room should be clean and quiet since any extra noise could negatively affect such events. Also, lighting and room temperature should be comfortable as well.

  • Make sure you set the right time and place.

It is very important when organizing business meetings to take into account the time and place of the meeting. It is necessary to understand at what point your partner will be best prepared and to make contact at that time. Simply take into account the time of the highest business performance.

  • Follow up after the event.

After the business networking event, follow up with feedback or a detailed report, if needed.

Pros and cons of the format

The truth is that with speed networking, you should carefully deal with your expectations. Not all speed organizing occasions will be encouraging and positive. If you organize one and feel frustrated, don’t give up immediately. The blend of individuals will change constantly, so try again before you decide it’s not quite for you.

If the meeting will be organized in the form of a serious event, then all invitations to the business meeting should be sent several months in advance in electronic format.

The marketing component in this process also has its own place and requires careful analysis.


What is a speed networking event? Now that you know, it will be much easier to organize this type of event with success. If you’re not sure what to say, how to set it up, or how to follow up, bring along a rundown of potential things to ask the industry experts that GSI will consult with planning a speed networking event asap.

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