Sponsorship Packages for Event Organizers in Asia

Every single event has unique communication capabilities. Choosing one of the sponsorship packages for event organizers is the best way to implement the company’s marketing strategy: to demonstrate a leading position on the market, to expand contacts, and attract effective partners, etc.

In Asia, you can be offered either standard or individual sponsorship packages for events that are most suited to your current goals and development strategies.

Event sponsorship package definition

There is an opinion that there are no strict gradations or rules for making corporate sponsorship packages for events. However, a sponsorship package is always an intuitive and economically sound set of documents that should be submitted for study to a potential sponsor. Of course, after receiving a proposal about participation in a given project, a sponsorship package is provided. The following items should be included in an effective sponsorship package:

  1. Description of the project, event, or event series.

The tone of voice is literary and business-oriented, with article elements. As a rule, the text of the sponsored event is from 2 to 4 pages of text, depending on the amount of relevant information for the sponsor. The costs of developing such a text may vary. More details about the project description for the sponsor can be found at our official webpage.

  1. The program of the project, event, or event series.

In the program description, you must specify the venue of the event (or the object where the resources will be used, paid for by the sponsor). The document details the scenario of the event, with the exact time, etc. The text should also contain information about the organizers of the project and the participants. Here you need relevant data indicating their positions, names, status regalia, etc. As a rule, the program is developed by the organizers, based on the venue and an event plan. Our specialists, if necessary, can assist with an event sponsorship packages template and help to bring the text of the document to a required level of quality, editing & placement, etc.

  1. Information about the support of the sponsored event.

The text of the support contains a list of all persons and organizations that provide moral support to the project. This can be various state and public organizations, cultural and scientific institutions, as well as public organizations. Also, well-known and respected persons are indicated as persons supporting the project. This section requires reference and thank-you letters, decisions, feedback and suggestions on the sponsored event, etc. Any actual evidence of support for the event is included here. Evidence documents are collected by the organisers, and the text of the support can be written by our experts on the basis of the information provided. Note that in many cases, to get support or provide evidence is difficult. In such cases, the text of the sponsorship package can be removed or limited to a common text with a list of assistants, referring to the oral agreement.

  1. The budget of the sponsored event or project.

In small event sponsorship packages, this section is the most important. Open financial information on the costs of the event is the most important element of a successful interaction with the sponsor. You must specify the project budget with a detailed indication of all expenditure items. The degree of detail of the project costs remains up to the organiser, but in any case the minimum and maximum amounts that the project will cost should be determined. It is important to reflect which part of the expenses the organiser assumes and which part it expects to cover through the sponsorship.

  1. Advertising and PR for the sponsor.

For the sponsored event, an advertising campaign and a media plan for all preliminary events should be prepared and developed. As a general rule, the main work is carried out in the calculation of either a titled or a general sponsor. In this section of the sponsorship package, indicate all public and promotional moments where the sponsor will be presented or mentioned.

Event sponsorship package ideas and trends

Event packages in Asia are not limited to a list of all sponsorship data prepared for the implementation. This information may also be presented in a generalised form so that each sponsor can assess their financial capabilities and reciprocal benefits, depending on the preferences provided by the organisers.

That is why correct determination of the number of sponsors and sponsor grades is an important success factor. It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the event and correctly evaluate the chances of securing the main sponsorship package, in addition to studying the best examples of event sponsorship packages in Asia before creating your own event sponsorship package.

Here are some excellent sponsorship package proposal samples:

event sponsorship packages


These important elements of the event sponsorship package for both titled and general sponsors are critical, since it is important for the potential sponsors to see how realistic the event is within the framework of the announced program. Our specialists can assist  by providing with examples of event sponsorship packages, as well as the finalisation of the text on the basis of the information provided on expenditure items, and emphasise how this section is vital for the competence of the organisers.

How can event organisers use sponsorship packages? – Easily, especially with our professional support and expert help.  Feel free to contact us, and feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below. is the leading event technology provider offering automated solutions for the MICE industry, Corporations, Government, and Education sectors. If you're up for event management automation, contact us and we'll amp up your event.

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