The Top 5 Catering Companies for an Event in Singapore

For food lovers (so pretty much everyone), the Asia-Pacific region is the richest region in the whole world. Whether it’s tasting eggplant with minced pork in Hong Kong or eating as much xiaolongbao in Shanghai as you possibly can, there are millions of reasons why you should travel to Asia.

As an event planner setting up a meeting in Singapore, you can make great use of local culinary traditions. But unless you’ve been a MasterChef winner in your previous life, you may need to hire a professional caterer. So how do you choose a stellar catering service that knows the ropes if it’s your first time in the country and you know little about local event management?

No worries, We’ve got it all covered.

Take into account local culinary traditions  

What should a good catering service include?

Before we walk you through our list of event catering providers in Singapore, let’s deal with the expectations. Catering requirements for events vary depending on the format and location. For instance, if you attend a meeting in China, you’ll most likely get a sit-down catered meal with multiple shared dishes. In Singapore and Hong Kong, event catering traditions are usually more varied—from buffets and cocktail bars to mobile trucks.

So how do you figure out which one will suit your event? We’ve come up with some basic features that make a good caterer in Singapore:

  • Good choice for everyone: Since cities like Hong Kong and Singapore have long been the mammoths of global events when you say “an event in Singapore,” you most likely mean an international event. So the best strategy is to choose a service that can align the tastes of East and West in one awesome menu.
  • High food safety standards: Food poisoning is a real threat for travellers, and Westerners often aren’t used to spicy Asian food either. When choosing a caterer for your event in Asia, inquire how the company ensures food safety: How do they cater for allergies? Will there be healthy food choices on the menu? What about vegetarian meals? Do they avoid using perishable products?
  • Customer care: You definitely want to make the guests feel comfortable at the event, and so should your caterer. When interviewing the candidates, ask about their customer care standards. It’s also a good idea to check client reviews for past experiences with the timeliness of serving, communication issues, etc.

The best event catering services in Singapore

We know it’s hard to trust Google blindly, especially if there are thousands of options out there. So let us help you out here!

By focusing on the best event management practices in the region, we’ve curated a list of five superstar catering event services in Singapore:

  1. Stamford Catering Services

The proud bearer of Halal certification, Stamford Catering is one of the best client-oriented food services in the region. To match the tastes of your guests, you can choose from a variety of cuisines, including Chinese, Japanese, and Western BBQ. The company can also provide a large array of vegetarian meals.

And if your timing is good, with Stamford Catering, you can get a great discount on the menu as marketing is definitely one of its strong points. All you have to do is keep an eye out for special offers posted on the company’s Facebook page.

Post special offers on the Facebook page

Services: Wedding banquets, home parties, corporate functions, premium catering, staff meals

For bookings & reservations: Call 9278 8909

  1. Amici

If you want a creative catering solution, Amici is a great choice. Not only will this caterer select the dishes for you but it will take charge of building a unique catering concept based on your audience and format—from onsite layouts to the serving style.

Services: International buffets, wedding celebrations, special occasions (launch events, birthday parties, corporate parties)

For bookings & reservations: Call 6542 5679

  1. Sakura Forte Catering

If your guests are fans of Japanese cuisine, no other caterer in Singapore will make your event as delicious as Sakura. Visit the website of Sakura Forte Catering, and you’ll get an eyeful of what the company is most proud of: best in the city, beautiful sushi and sashimi platters. A more diverse menu can also be provided to offer an international buffet.

Provide diverse menu to offer an international buffet

Services: Corporate buffets, wedding celebrations, cocktail receptions, media launches, birthday celebrations  

For bookings & reservations: Call 9299 0880

  1. Four Seasons

From seminar packages to live stations, Four Seasons is the king of diversity when it comes to catering solutions.

Services: Wedding celebrations, corporate seminars, festive celebrations

For bookings & reservations: Call 6383 3003

  1. Mum’s Kitchen

A large selection of fusion cuisines, two different signature menus, and creative catering concepts—these are only some of the perks. We recommend Mum’s Kitchen to organisers who want to align food variety with a local touch.

Align food variety with a local touch

Services: Wedding/birthday celebrations, corporate seminars, launches, business meetings

For bookings & reservations: Call 6346 0969

Conclusion The dining experience is one of the first things you should plan when inviting people to an event in Asia. These five successful catering companies that were born in Singapore will help you nail the food challenge with ease. is the leading event technology provider offering automated solutions for the MICE industry, Corporations, Government, and Education sectors. If you're up for event management automation, contact us and we'll amp up your event.

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