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Tips for Planning a Corporate Retreat in Asia

You have likely already heard about meditation retreats, where people meditate for many hours a day and then return back to work with luminous faces. They then share their experiences, assuring you that you simply have to attend an event like this to discover the corporate retreat meaning in what may be the best experience of your life.

Corporate retreat meaning

Corporate retreat team-building activities are events for the team and its managers that take place in a private and peaceful area and away from noisy cities. The purpose of these is to provide an “outside” look, a paradigm shift, a search for meaning and new opportunities, and a transition to a new level of interaction and understanding within the team and business by taking decisions that are different from those that can be taken during the normal pace of life.

Purpose & importance of a company retreat

Depending on your company tasks and the current state of your team, a variety of corporate retreat ideas may be offered in different corporate retreat locations that are best suited for the retreat, which will definitely include the following:

  • A safe environment with quiet and fresh air
  • A room with equipment for classes
  • High-quality food
  • Recreational activities

The cultural and natural context will contribute to the corporate retreat themes, and one of these will be the best solutions for your company: desert,  mountains, forest, sea of Asia or any other picturesque regions. The setting provides an opportunity for the team to learn more about the place where they work, or will work, and play with their colleagues and top managers.

Benefits for the company

A retreat provides a break, with transformation of teams within five to ten days of beginning intensive, integrated work within the natural environment. Nature is the most ancient living system and can be a wise and patient teacher, especially in Asia.


Retreat events provide the following benefits:

  1. Strong and empowering tools for the team
  2. Relaxation
  3. Formation of new corporate culture/traditions
  4. Different setting from the boring corporate life
  5. Sooth emotional tension, stress, or misunderstandings among the team members
  6. Good team-building activity
  7. Help focus on a bigger picture while away from day-to-day tasks
  8. Stimulate creative thinking
  9. Decrease pain, fears, and anxiety
  10. Lessen depression
  11. Brainstorm new and creative business ideas
  12. Exploring new places
  13. Teach discipline
  14. Teach a new way of life as a way for doing business
  15. Mental/physical health retreat
  16. Learn business from experienced colleagues
  17. Share experience with the junior team members in a non-formal environment

That is why organising a company retreat is an important task for an event organiser.

Top 19 tips on how to plan a corporate retreat

Here are some useful tips for a company retreat that can be utilised when organising your own company’s successful event:

  1. Planning a corporate retreat, you should consider all possible venues that are not widely visited tourist sites.
  2. You should also consider a corporate retreat while organising events for top management in Southeast Asia.
  3. Make sure it is a professionally planned and organised event and not just thrown together.
  4. Use your knowledge of psychology and the best experiences to reveal any contradictions in your team.
  5. Write a detailed program.
  6. Set the budget.
  7. Use the elements of novelty and accessibility.
  8. Let the team get immersed in work.
  9. Establish new levels of relationships.
  10. Offer meditation retreats in Asia.
  11. Minimise difficult transitions when returning to life in the city.
  12. Choose eco-friendly materials for your setting.
  13. Pick food caterers accordingly.
  14. Create healthy food courts and use mobile food trucks.
  15. Stick to efficient and effective time management.
  16. Keep on schedule.
  17. Actively use event organization tools for mailing, scheduling, time management, etc.
  1. For corporate retreat planners, it will also be useful to research in-house corporate events as well as other unique ideas for organising events.
  2. Remember that Asia is first of all about closeness to nature, absolute spontaneity, the simple joys of life, and unpretentiousness.

After a short stay in an Asian country for a corporate retreat and seeing firsthand how beautiful and unhurried life can be, people often reinvent their lives and business views too.

Corporate retreat ideas

In Asia, there is a huge selection of retreat options. You can choose the most appropriate style of meditation, duration, and intensity for your team; and the mild climate, good living conditions, healthy food, and the possibility of learning from famous meditation instructors are extra advantages for event planners.

When organising a corporate retreat, planners may come up with numerous non-traditional and completely unconventional activities for the company’s members:

  • Silence and meditation make it possible to hear intuitive insights.
  • Special joint group work practices create synergistic effects among the team.
  • Retreat themes may differ, from martial arts-style to spa-style retreats.
  • Practice working with the shadow aspects of a team helps transform obstacles into resources.
  • It may be a contact with true feelings within the organisation.
  • Practice Yoga in Thailand
  • Climbe in Tibet and meditate.
  • Communicate with animals and birds.
  • Make seaside retreat
  • Arrange desert nights
  • Apply Vipassana meditation
  • Do the Indian aroma treatment
  • Visit a monastery
Vipassana meditation

An intensive retreat with unusual new practices creates an effect that will result in a change in the state of both the individual team members and their collective energy, providing extraordinary empowerment, breaking stereotypes, and creating a completely new logic for teamwork while increasing flexibility and mobility.


At the retreat, businesspeople finally have to spend time alone in private, and this meeting can take place in different ways; it all depends on the purpose of a company retreat.

In everyday life, it is difficult to hear the voice of wisdom, the voice of your soul. In the daily rhythm, it is difficult to give birth to fresh new business decisions. Silence is often needed to recharge and reboot the team for the reinvention of business relations and more.

That is why tips for planning a corporate retreat will come in handy for a professional event organiser. Feel free to contact us to get some food for thought.

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