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Writing a Winning Event Proposal for 2019-2020


Obviously, every business wants to issue a proposal that any potential client won’t be able to refuse.  How to create a proposal for an event? If you want to know what a successful offer is and how to correctly compile it—stay with us.

About event proposal

An event planning proposal is an official document that is typically composed with regard to arranging administration and offering event management to a business for a specific occasion, be it a meeting, awards ceremony with an awards nomination process, a sporting event, or any other event.

Reasons & occasions to write

Events are news. Throwing an event is often the perfect solution to attract investments. An event services proposal offers a perfect time peg, which is exactly what an audience needs, confirming that there is indeed a timely reason to visit your event. Second, it’s a unique selling proposition with a specific benefit, and the client can only get it from you. The purpose of planning your event involves customising the occasion. A proposal is the best reason for a customer to buy your product through organising events. 

Elements of a successful event proposal

How to write a proposal for an event, which will be mutually interesting for both companies and organisers? The details that should be conveyed in a proposal should include the following:

Event Overview

The most important thing is to give an overview of what the occasion is all about. It might be vital to depict the target group, if any, the principle objectives, or a few sentences on what the occasion will be about for giving a review, especially if it’s not a common style of event.

Event Outline

It’s good to know how many hours per day the venue is available. It is often worthwhile to add a map or a floor diagram for maximum convenience. All of this should be presented in an outline. Your proposal may recommend a program outline with the number of days, opening and closing hours, media, etc. 

Showcase Your Services

Keep in mind that you should incorporate data about public or free transportation to the venue, food courts that are available, and everything else from toilets to bus stops or car parking etc., in addition to your major services. The proposal should outline all facilities and services that are available at the venue, provided by your company.

Event Budget Presentation

Of course, event organisers should draft a financial plan of likely wages and consumption volumes. It’s essential that such a financial plan be given to sponsors before any sponsorship assertion is done.

How to write an event proposal step by step

It’s not recommended to write proposals that read like formal letters. It is much better to speak directly to the client’s needs that you observed during your meeting. 

  • Tell a complete story with a beginning, middle, and end.
  • Take a stand with clear positioning as the foremost expert in your business.
  • Nail the details by proving that you’re a logistics wizard.
  • Make it memorable with good design and visuals.
  • Use a proposal example for event planning.

Keep in mind that you’re writing the proposal specifically for your client, so it’s better to talk less about yourself and more about their desires for the event, expectations and so on.

Submitting your event proposal

You must submit your proposal for event planning and management that outlines how you or your event company will meet the client’s needs and why you’re best suited to the job in lieu of your competitors. It doesn’t matter how you do it: online through e-mailing or filling in a form or in a written form through a letter.

Key mistakes in event proposals

The biggest mistake is to outline all the requirements and provide them to a client with one total fee, rather than separating each event element and pricing them individually. To make a bid with an event management proposal, you must release your event proposal back to the client, which will outline the way your event company meets the client’s needs, requirements and expectations, and why you’re the most suitable candidate vs. your competitors.

Tips for writing

There are several things you can use to increase your chances. Here are some simple tips for effectively writing a proposal letter for event and making your proposal a winner:

Know your market

Everyone always says that knowing your market is everything. Once you know who you’re targeting, it is much easier to figure out which methods you can use to achieve success.

Add a Wow moment

Provide the client with a link to your best projects in their relevant area (cases, testimonials, etc.) and make personalised offers. In other words, don’t give the customer a reason to miss out on your bid. Surprise your clients with results that wow them.

Provide Low, Medium and High Budget points

Add up the cost estimates into a final budget plan. Your prices should be competitive. Divide your plan into low, high and medium budget points. Calculate all the proposal offers separately.

Add plenty of upsells

The key to upselling is to offer products that add value and improve your event performance. So, if you’re thinking about whether to add cross-sells or upsells to your proposal, just do it!

Research your client’s desires, needs and fears

They want answers to problems, solutions for needs, pathways to wants, and a secret door to their heart’s desires.  Be sure to provide these in your proposal and find ways to stand out.

Pre-empt potential client objections

Handle your customer’s objections by preempting them before they come up. The customer may ask for specific details, and you should be able to provide clear answers.

Use storytelling to add personality

Be honest about your achievements, show no pitfalls, and provide guarantees, which will help you a lot more than anything else. Tell a story!

Use people-centered imagery

In some cases, visual graphics are used during meetings with pictures or images to communicate important people, activities, places, and things in a person’s life. Use this principle while writing your proposal too.

Event proposal templates & examples

Seek out effective proposal templates, examples and writing solutions. Look for more help in our resources section. Also, use some writing hints and event proposal template you can find on Google. 

Call to action

Use the help of professional event planning support and tips on writing a proposal for event planning to easier organise an effective ceremony, get the maximum result, and achieve mutual success without much risk.


Companies receive a large number of proposals, so you need to make sure that all the details are correct. This will increase your chances to win the bid for a particular venture. Use example event proposal letters, follow our tips, stand out from the rest and succeed with your proposal writing.  

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