Нow to Create Event Merchandise That Your Attendees Actually Want

An outstanding and exciting event always needs merch. The dedicated event merchandising is a) a fun keepsake for all attendees to remind them about the right time they had and b) an efficient promotional tool. That’s why it’s essential to provide merch that wouldn’t go to the wastebasket right after your event took place. 

Merchandise is crucial, and your event organisers should think thoroughly about what will impress individual attendees the most. Showcase stands and main activities during the occasion are only one-time attention grabbers. Booklets, t-shirts, plaques, and other physical products, in turn, will serve as a prolonged advertisement for months or, if you put enough effort into it, even for years.   

Аbout Event Merchandise

Нow to Create Event Merchandise That Your Attendees Actually Want

To organise a successful, genuinely engaging event of any level, you should consider distributing the following types of products when it takes place:

Business cards

Physical business cards should be shared with ALL potential clients and partners so that they get your contacts. Networking and establishment of new professional relationships is the ultimate goal of most meetups, showcases, and conferences. And you will only boost your efforts in this aspect by offering the corresponding event merch.

The cards should be aesthetic and functional. They should look original and vivid while providing strictly necessary information with, perhaps, a few attention-grabbing lines of text. In terms of originality, you can order ornately-shaped cards, for instance, which will undoubtedly look impressive and stylish. Non-standard forms also do the trick. Even when it comes to the primary material – paper and plastic aren’t the only options out there, you can also try metal and wood. 

Keep in mind that the primary modern trend remains the same – it’s all about minimalism. Make sure to concisely highlight the name of your company, contact phone number and email as well as other contact info you might have.

Event program

Your event merchandise management should be closely related to the whole scenario of your event. Schedule, names of sections and seminars, internal logistics are crucial both for you as an organiser and for spectators. Program leaflets are utterly demanded during any activity, and they are shared and saved by many. So make sure that they are also not simple pieces of paper and include promotional info in them. 


Advertising flyers should also stay concise and straightforward. Make it one-two colours and the simplest font type there is. Make sure your product or business message is printed on the flyer and don’t forget about the logo if you have one. Use a call to action and avoid any excessive information. Gradients and glazing will require additional expenses, yet your flyers will be much more attractive.

Discount coupons

These can be given away to clients as lucrative personal offers. It is one of the most efficient, working merchandising ideas there are. You can make special offers, provide discounts for the second or third item – all that interests and engages potential clients and business partners without fail.  

Brand souvenirs

Business-related keepsakes can be presented for the pleasure of both potential clients and business partners as well. The most cost-efficient options are calendars, pens, eco-bags, flesh drives, t-shirts, cups, and whatnot. You shouldn’t offer useless gifts, however. Makes sure all such souvenirs have your company’s logo on them, and you’re gold. 

Reasons & Benefits of Event Merchandise

During a showcase, conference, presentation, visitors get lots of information poured down on them in a short period. It may be difficult to remember everything you were told during themed events. That’s where various merch plays a reinforcing role. 

All in all, deciding to go for merchandise, you get:

  • Cost-efficient ads. You get to spend less budget than on many other types of advertising while getting significant, felt the effect from your merchandising efforts. 
  • Fast produced ads material. Printed products can be provided in a couple of hours in massive amounts. The main thing is to have a prepared markup and concept. Design is the most time-consuming stage when coming up with the selling event merchandise.
  • Increase audience reach. Merch products can be saved for years or shared with other people, involving more and more potential clients with your brand. So the results of good, well-thought-out merchandise are pretty long-standing. 

Еvent Merchandise Examples

We’ve already mentioned business cards, which is the most necessary and commonplace type of merchandising there is. They may be small things, but if you put some freshness and originality into cards as well, people will surely appreciate your professional dedication. 

If we’re talking about a conference, it’s a good thing to make the merch related to the name or theme of the event. For instance, at the meeting for Java developers Joker, all the printed products were made in the playing cards style. 

Reasons & Benefits of Event Merchandise

The theme of ecology is a big trend in the last few years. Brand eco-bags can be another vivid example of up-to-date merchandise marketing. This way, you promote and show your right attitude towards nature at the same time. 

What Merchandise Should You Sell at Your Event?

Usefulness and functionality are crucial. No one needs a useless litter that user will throw away right after the event. You can offer:

  • Insightful calendars;
  • Clothes with logos (t-shirts, hats, hoodies);
  • Office supplies (everything from pens to albums & notebooks);
  • Specific products related to your company’s activity (sports store can offer footballs while the kitchen appliance company – pans & coffee makers with logos).

Things to Know Before Creating Merchandise

When preparing for an event, it’s essential to understand how to make merchandise genuinely efficient and profitable. Try to clarify the following questions:

  • Company’s field of operation & event profile. For instance, if it’s a showcase focused on the end consumer, leaflets or flyers, pocket calendars, small newspapers would be great. If many business-related clients and VIP people are invited to the event, you should order ad brochures, magazines, and catalogues. A more serious audience researches the market and looks for profitable offers, so it should be provided with as much info as possible. 
  • Task you want to solve with your merch. Products you distribute may be of either marketing or corporate nature. If you have strictly marketing purposes – make it vivid and eye-catching, if it’s all about your company – make it utterly informative. 
  • Budget. You shouldn’t save on merchandise, the impact good merch makes on people is usually worth the expenses. The budget is almost always limited, however, so make sure to think out your merch solution well. 

You should also understand that all event participants cannot be considered equally. At least four common groups of visitors can be emphasised: 

  • Non-target audience;
  • General-type target group;
  • Target group consisting of experts;
  • VIP attendees invited individually.

Consider that subdivision as well when you are preparing merch for an upcoming event. 

Сreating Your Merchandise Step by Step

The preparation of merch for every other event takes time. You should always make it thoughtfully and try not to save much on this aspect. 

Focus on design 

A book is most often judged by its cover, as you know. That’s why your merchandise design is so important. To make your merch visually attractive and overall efficient, here’s a bunch of tips:

  • Go for simplicity. There’s no use in exaggerating the graphics and colours. Clients aren’t looking to assess the designer skills when they take merch. Everything should be concise and business-oriented;
  • Adopt the target audience’s perspective. Clients are looking to solve specific issues with the help of your company. Сreate merchandise that will show that you know how to deal with particular TA’s issues; 
  • Convenient navigation. If we’re talking about brochures, booklets or albums, a potential client should be able to browse through them effortlessly and find what they need at once. Don’t make any printed infomercials longer than ten pages and include the table of contents at the beginning;
  • Keep the functionality in mind. Even if we’re considering printed products, it can be useful if it has some pieces of advice or business-related insightful info. Don’t make merch just for the sake of having it. 

Offer freedom of choice.

Offer freedom of choice in event merchandising

Offer a bunch of similar products with a somewhat differing style. Experiment with colours, shades, and forms. People always like to choose what they want best from a bunch. 

Make sure your merch booth is in the right place

A stand with your merchandise should be well visible and easily found among the crowd. It’s good to situate a merch booth nearby the doors and entrances. Vivid, flashing signs will also do the eye-catching trick. 

Create early access perks

Remember that people love special offers and discounts. You can offer privileges to the first to grab your merch. Either make a first bunch of the merch cheaper or add some other item to it. 

Ask for User-Generated Content

You can also employ content that was created by users – product and company feedback, comments, user photos and videos will help you diversify your marketing efforts while demonstrating the audience’s attitude towards your position in the market. 

Offer intuitive buying options

Clients shouldn’t struggle with questions as to where and how to get your merchandise. They should see all the available options and obtain any necessary descriptions at once. 

Choose your vendors wisely

We emphasise the crucial nature of merchandise once again. Don’t fall for the cheapest options out there just because it’s “only some merch”. Make sure to cooperate only with well-tried-and-tested suppliers who can guarantee quality and sufficient deadlines.

Promote your merchandise

It’s okay if people know in advance that they can get some good merch if they visit your event. That way, there won’t be cases where some attendees weren’t prepared financially or didn’t count on seeing any merch of yours at all. 

Time your merchandise sales

Everything should be timed well for utter efficiency – you should offer to buy merchandise at the periods when there is the most significant possibility of people approaching your booth. The best time is after your company’s presentation or showcase when people get to know who you are and what you have to offer.  

Мerchandise Design Dos and Don’ts

To design your merchandise and not regret the results, you should keep in mind –

What you should do:

  • Create a vivid, transparent, recognisable logo;
  • Employ visual metaphors;
  • Use brand colours & symbols;
  • Provide variations of one design;
  • Make everything fall in line with other ad campaign aspects.

And what you shouldn’t do:

  • Ignore small details;
  • Choose a logo that is similar to other existing visuals;
  • Overcomplicate the design.

How to Price Your Event Merch

The price of your merch is mostly affected by:

  • Selected materials;
  • Designer services;
  • Supplier costs;
  • Transportation expenses.

Such products shouldn’t be too budget-consuming, though. It should be profitable in the long run, but your primary purpose should be efficient promotion. That’s why if you think that the merch you’d like to implement is too expensive, you should think about compensating the costs with other company income sources.   

Нow to Sell Your Merchandise

When you create and sell merchandise, you shouldn’t make this a one-time affair. Everything that wasn’t sold at one conference will sell at the other, and you can still distribute the corporate goods in different ways. The more effort you put into promotion, the more profitable results you may expect.  


High-quality brand products serve as great advertising tools that help you extend the audience reach and grant continuous promotion. The merchandise you offer, in significant part, forms an image of your company or business, so it’s essential to take it without any neglect. Follow our tips and remember how crucial corporate merch is to make your brand more recognisable, more client attractive, and better overall. is the leading event technology provider offering automated solutions for the MICE industry, Corporations, Government, and Education sectors. If you're up for event management automation, contact us and we'll amp up your event.

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