10 Corporate Team Building Event Ideas in Singapore


Company team building event ideas for corporate events provide a lot of positive emotions, allow the participants to relax and have a good time together. That is why if you’re an event planner it’s better to take them into consideration while preparing your next event for a company in Singapore.

What is a team-building event?

Team building is the process of turning a group of individual contributing employees into a cohesive team. It’s one of the best team building activity ideas for a group of people organized to work together interdependently and cooperatively to meet their needs or the needs of their customers by accomplishing their purposes and goals together. top 10 ideas for Team building Team playing football

Reasons to organize & importance

Events created from indoor team building event ideas are often a part of corporate event culture or conferences with various tasks aimed at improving the efficiency of teamwork.

Improves Morale and Engagement

Employee morale and employee engagement go hand-in-hand. The state of an employee’s attitude directly relates to how they will perform on the job. If an employee feels underappreciated, overworked, and de-valued, what is their motivation and incentive to excel?

10 Corporate Team Building Event Ideas in Singapore Team – Dragon Boating Experience

Develops Communication and Collaboration

With the help of the best team building event ideas employees moving around in a building can meet new people, providing a means for collaboration between different teams regardless of where they are, opening more relaxed communication channels for future office teamwork.

Encourage Teamwork

Business games can help to maximize the interest of participants and turn ordinary training into fascinating entertainment with benefits for both the company and customers. 

Builds Trust

Great team building event ideas help to build trust if you would like a more in-depth motivation list for teams of all sizes. Personal bonds and commonalities are much stronger than simply sharing office walls.

Make Employees Feel Valued

Your team building event ideas will build bridges across departments and provide your team with a feeling of being valued and understood.

Create a Fun Culture 

Ideas for corporate events always create a fun culture. Everyone loves having fun at work and having a fun workplace. It is eaten least really satisfying.

TOP 10 corporate team building event ideas to try right now

There is a variety of activities for corporate events you should definitely try in organizing your corporate parties. Successful team building depends on the right methods, among which gamification occupies an important place. Here are some ideas for organizing interactive business games and simulations.

For large teams

Business rafting

Thematic team corporate game dedicated to the development of management skills, strategic planning and customer services. The game is especially dynamic due to the real rafting equipment, the appropriate interior design and visual accompaniment of the game.

Communication models

A simple and effective game aimed at improving interpersonal communication in a team. First, a host shows several communication models (circle, square, triangle, wavy line) and explains the characteristic features of each of them. Then the participants identify their geometric figure with the help of the facilitator and join in groups with similar models. The game is also suitable for improving the communication skills of support staff or managers who often have to communicate with customers and customers.

Give some recognition

 A brand new team-building format: integration with the maximum possible number of participants. Participants recognize to team up with a new team to overcome the obstacles on each assignment. The program is great for remotely teams, departments, branches, for employees from different cities; it helps to recognize get to know and make contact with colleagues.

Around the world

This is exciting team building event ideas for work, an adventure trip with elements of competition around the world. In each country, teams have to carry out thematic tasks that are related to the geography, culture, history and wildlife of the country. At the beginning of the game, teams will receive a passport, and during the whole trip, participants collect visas of the countries of the world that they’ve visited.

Bridge to the future

A format for unifying team building. The large-scale program “Bridge to the Future” will allow your company to decide at what stage you are now and will help build a solid bridge exactly to the future that you plan with the team! The program is suitable for large and remote teams. It is the most relevant at the beginning and end of the year when it is important to take stock and build goals for the future.

For small teams

3D team building

3D team building is an exciting game where teams use problem-solving skills to build a giant 3D sheet-metal pyramid. Each team is provided with the necessary tools and materials, as well as a detailed construction plan and a clear task: to work together to turn flat blanks into a giant volumetric pyramid. Time and resources are limited. Will everyone cope with this task timely?

Flotilla on the water

This is a difficult but exciting team water game with the elements of competition. The task will require courage, ingenuity, endurance, and, of course, the spirit of adventurism from the participants. Do you think it’s impossible to build a boat out of cardboard and cross the river on it?

Photo quest Safari 

It is a creative photo competition between the teams. The program combines elements of a photo contest, team building and quest. Teams compete among themselves, showing hidden talents. Only a successful combination of bold ideas and the high speed of movement will bring them the first place.

The program can be carried out anywhere, anytime, with almost any number of participants. On the streets, in the woods or in your Singapore office – you adapt tasks to any location!

Forest trail

This is the most powerful team-building training. It demands the maximum level of complexity, the maximum concentration of the team, the maximum degree of trust with the maximum result from the small teams.

Let’s dance!

This is a dance team building which is a real battle for the most creative and desperate people. Under the guidance of professional choreographers, even those who can’t dance will plunge into the world of music and rhythm in or order to win.


Employee team building events are a set of active activities aimed at team building and the formation of skills for solving common problems in a team.  They help the majority of people to understand that team building is the strengthening of ties between groups of employees with mutual goals.

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