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Corporate Swag Bag Ideas in Asia

Making a positive impression on conference participants does not mean that event organisers should fill up their bags with a bunch of branded paper fluff. The tradition of making corporate swag bags for a conference can be used as a strategic step to expand the dialogue with your target audience. If you manage to develop some fancy corporate swag bag ideas in Asia and make them customised, that will surprise your guests, and success will be yours!

Reasons to have a quality swag bag

How do corporate goodie bags ideas affect your brand? Event branding plays a strategic role. Whether you use it to advertise an event or showcase specific enterprises and their products, conference gift bags are great tools for guests to take home the company’s brand and stay connected.

Gifts have the power to put guests in a good mood. Useful and creative baubles can definitely make your conference participants smile, and a cool swag bag is a great start! More importantly, they should also deliver a message. Have you ever felt that the conference you attended never answered your questions? It’s the nightmare of every event planner. Gift packages can extend your chance to talk with each visitor personally and explain the main message of the event.

Over the past few years, there have been a number of concerns about the detrimental effects of gift bags on the environment. However, the most significant world conferences insist that there are many ways to create sustainable and useful gifts from eco-friendly materials that continue the corporate bag gift tradition. That’s why corporate swag bag ideas in Asia with some special goodies can even become viral!

How to pack swag bags & their requirements

Great corporate promotional products for a conference or any other corporate event often have a lot in common. Check out the basic qualities of a good gift bag:

  • First quality then quantity

The tradition of filling bags for guests with cheap junk is over. You don’t need dozens of gift bag items for conferences to impress your guests. Instead, choose one or two high-quality gifts that can be used for a long time.

  • No boring designs

The colour black can kill your gift bag, no matter what you put inside. Utilise bright and interesting fabrics to attract the attention of conference guests. Or you can make it quite the opposite: turn it transparent clear white at the most unexpected moment.

  • Apply reusable materials

Sustainability is a global trend that should not be ignored in your event strategy. Use green gift bag solutions at your conferences to expand your reach.

  • Prefer practical to luxurious

Company gift bags ideas that solve real-life problems will certainly get a lot more appreciation than purposeless luxury items or décor elements. Professional books, healthy snacks, or basic equipment and devices, etc., can be a perfect combination.

Top 10 corporate swag bag ideas in Asia

Bag gift ideas should be practical, useful, and branded. Still have doubts about what to put in a gift bag? Check out some of these creative corporate gifts ideas:

  1. Custom gift lists

Organisers offer customised swag bag items ideas and gift lists that include various types of distribution, from free yoga classes to branded hats. If you use an online ticket system for your conference, you can also attach a list to the registration form to encourage attendance. If your budget allows, choose a personalised gift bag.

  1. Conference bags

Let’s start with the packaging of your welcome gift. The bag is a practical accessory on which you can put the name of the conference. If you choose a successful style, the participants will also be able to use it in everyday life, which means that more people will know about the event.

  1. Reusable bottles

If you need a budget gift, this is it, but don’t be discouraged if your giveaway budget is limited. Reusable bottles are a good example of cheap gift bag ideas that not only carry a practical mission but also highlight green values. Make the bottle bright and memorable. To welcome guests, you can fill the bottles with colorful juices to encourage the use of the bottles right on the spot.

  1. Themed badges

The organisation of thematic conferences that demonstrate diversity is quite common these days. At the 2017 Web Summit, which is the largest technology conference in the world, supported the Women in Technology meeting. For its female audience, the company created branded metal badges and pins in the form of various coding signs. As a result, they combined professional aspirations, evidence of diversity, and practicality in gift bags for the women’s session.

  1. Branded chargers

How about giving all your guests branded chargers during registration at the conference venue? As you’ve promised short queues with RFID technology, this gift symbolises a long-term relationship with the participants, who can become loyal customers in the future.

  1. Games

Everyone likes games, especially intellectual ones. There are people who have not yet found their perfect game, so create catchy board games with conference logos for the guests at your event. The advantage of this gift is that your guests end up travelling and networking more often because people who play games rarely play them alone.

  1. Healthy snacks

Great swag bag gift ideas include food, and this is a proven way to please your conference guests. The only drawback is that by offering food, you’re not building a long-term dialogue with a wider audience. Make it smart by providing snacks in reusable branded jars or boxes that can be used in the future, which is also an environmentally friendly technique.

  1. Old-school good pens or pencils

Even the modern corporate world is full of paper, and old-school, high-quality pens and pencils are still widely used. Make your gift branded to deliver the message and reach your target audience.

  1. Branded raincoats or umbrellas

In order to make outdoor events comfortable in rainy weather, Asian visitors may be offered umbrellas, which are especially useful for guests from other regions who might not know how intense an Asian rainstorm can be! They may be placed throughout the venue, and organisers may prepare various types of printing: logos, corporate mottos or other inscriptions, etc. Corporate identity, advertising, and important messages can be reflected on such merch.

  1. Nice knick-knacks

Even the most persistent workaholics will be happy to occasionally receive cute little knick-knacks: magnets, bookmarks, or even a calendar. If your budget is fairly small, don’t hesitate to use these corporate swag bag ideas for useful or interesting knick-knacks.

What should not be given

Asia is a multicultural region, so there are certain taboos when it comes to business swag bag ideas. These are some of the things that should not be given out:

  • It’s not recommended to put items like watches or clocks in swag bags.
  • Mirrors and other glass items should not be given in many Asian countries.
  • Giving fruit is very useful and appreciated provided it’s not pears, especially for Chinese guests.
  • Handkerchiefs are often seen as funeral accessories.
  • Whiskey and other types of alcohol are not accepted either. Also, nothing with the number four can be used as a gift.

Remember this while coming up with the best swag bag ideas for guests, partners, or speakers in Asia.

Tips on how to give out your swag bags

There are six practical tips that will help you present your swag bags appropriately and make your brand stand apart from the rest through your event swag promotions:

  1. Create a digital swag bag.
  2.  Make your swag bag newsworthy.
  3. Avoid junk.
  4. Keep a person’s desk in mind.
  5. Make it personal.
  6. Present swag bags at the right time and in the right place.

A corporate swag bag should be a classic, perfectly packed, practical, and branded gift as well as a good budget solution.


Gifts to participants and partners are an important part of preparing for the event. Think ahead of time what you will give to visitors. If you don’t have enough time to prepare and personalise the gifts, then pay attention to practical gifts like portable chargers and pens. It is better to prepare in advance and to come up with an unusual gift set with the help of trained experts.

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