Event Planning Skills for Career Success


What needs to be done to use your most valuable resource – time – optimally? How to learn to plan efficiently and to follow what was expected accurately? What event planning skills needed to complete the daily routine? Let’s find that out.

What is a successful event planning?

Event planners may manage one event at a time or be in the planning stages of multiple events simultaneously. Successful event planning is what makes a successful event planner. Some events, such as annual conferences, take more than a year of planning, so event planners must stay organized over the long haul with through their skills and qualities of an event planner.

 Why do event planners fail?

Failure to manage event planners business pipeline of developing new events may occur when event planner skills required are not enough. Sometimes organizers get too tired, worn out or absorbed in producing events for their clients, and put off going after new ones until its too late, etc. There may be numerous other reasons why they make mistakes or fail that do not depend on their qualification and skills too.

What skills do you need? 

Here are the top 10 skills needed to be an event planner who is more likely to avoid severe mistakes and achieve better results:

Attention to the detail

Attention to the detail

Every event manager should remember that perfection is made up of little things. So let attention to the detail be your prerogative. The success of the event also much depends on the unique details in the design, script, budget, etc.

Organizational skills

Each organizer must be a leader, both for his/her team and for professionals who are temporarily involved. The ability to make decisions and effectively manage the actions of others is indispensable in the process of preparing events. 




Sociability is a necessary quality for every successful event manager. To network with numerous people in search of customers, sponsors, vendors, etc. you have to know how to approach people from different social strata. You should be someone who has many useful contacts or likes communicating with people in the sphere and out of it. 


 Flexible but not coreless, the event planner should be able to show resilience in the most unpredictable circumstances forms negotiation to a delegation of tasks. A born event manager should distribute responsibilities as efficiently as possible, coordinate and control the actions of the team so that the event goes well according to plan. 

Adaptability & flexibility

When preparing events, everything not always goes according to plan. The situation can change very quickly and unexpectedly. The organizer must have the flexibility to be able to respond rapidly and adapt to new events. 

Understanding of events

Understanding how humans perceive, represent, and act at events will be an excellent bonus to your professional skill baggage. 


What skills every event planner should have

To create something new and impressive all the time, the organizer must be creative and ready to use innovations. A successful event manager is always prepared to generate bright ideas, quickly and unconventionally solve any problems.

Dedication to client service

The ability to be attentive to details helps to understand the customer better, anticipate possible problems, better plan an event, etc.

Skill to listen

As an event planner, you are involved in all forms of communication. Being a good listener is critical for keeping track of what is going on; active listening skills allow you to interrupt in time, make a correct judgment, replan things, etc.    

Сommunication and conversation skills

The event manager is in constant interaction with other people: the team, partners, customers, etc. To conduct effective communication, he/she might love people, social life. Small talk, partnership meeting, business discussion, corporate team building… It does not matter what situation a successful event planner faces; he/she naturally leads to a smooth conversion.


Event profs are masters of negotiations

Event organizers have to solve many problems simultaneously. To keep up with everything and work productively, you need to have negotiating and time management skills. 

Multitasking & time management

During the preparation of events, the organizer has to plan and carry out quite a lot of different tasks. The event manager should be able to effectively manage his time, prepare the working day correctly, identify priority tasks, etc.


Event management is not for the weak or reluctant. To complete the planned and overcome unexpected difficulties, you must be an energetic, proactive and active person.


It is vital for an event manager always to be prepared for any changes and be able to act correctly in the new conditions. You’re a troubleshooter and a problem solver, remember that!


Finance management is one of those skills an event planner must have to bring the company profit and useful acquaintances. 

How to develop and improve your skills

To improve your managerial skills, get educated, be curious about event news, go to seminars and visit event planning events regularly. Communicate with colleagues and feel free to ask for feedback all the way.

To do this, you need to know the capabilities of each team member and be able to stimulate them to take action. It is equally important to take into account the psychology of the team in the process of work, to be demanding, critical and at the same time, preserve tactfulness.

Also, read the books or Internet resources to dwell on the skills needed to be a successful event planner.

Helpful resources & books 

You may learn much new about the skills that an event planner should have from our blog. Also, check out our latest case updates for practical knowledge. Be ready to discover top books for planners or use any other use for your resource form the Internet, either paid or free!


Tips for your career success

The event manager works more productively if he/she loves his/her job. 

  • Love your job

It helps not to concentrate on problems and obstacles, but to confidently overcome them and go to the intended goal during the preparation of the event. 

  • Get inspired

Inspired by the future result, the organizers work more efficiently and cope with their tasks more successfully.

  • Apply event technology

The scope of event management is continually changing. New technology shapes the event industry and stimulates fast industry development.

The modern organizer is obliged to understand useful programs for work, to use mobile devices, to follow new event technology trends. Use our event technology to improve the landscape of your events.


Success in any profession depends on a specific set of personal qualities. They help us to work more productively, interact effectively with employees or customers, and confidently achieve our goals. This will not only help to make the work more convenient and quick but also organize events as productively as possible. What personal characteristics and skills of a kind event planner are necessary for successful work in the field of event organization?

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