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How to Plan a Perfect Corporate Event Checklist

Corporate events are inspired by a company’s corporate culture. Luckily, there are no strict rules forcing staff to be present at all corporate events, but the majority of enterprises still strive to conduct corporate events so that every employee attends, gets involved, and contributes to the corporate culture of the company. For an event organiser, it is important to arrange such events in the best way and knowing how to plan a corporate event checklist becomes a key issue to handle.

How to plan a perfect corporate event?

There are countless reasons to plan a corporate event for a company. These can be public holidays, professional days, birthdays of employees or the CEO, contract celebrations, and many more. Of course, corporate holidays are fun and interesting, but in order for the staff to truly have a great time, the event needs someone to organise it in the best way. This task is far from easy and requires a responsible approach. For everything to go as planned, every event organiser should plan a successful corporate event by carefully considering all the details. The main task of the organiser will be to engage the whole team and create a common positive atmosphere. It is important that no one misses the event or feels left behind at the celebration.

How to plan a corporate event step by step

Companies that plan corporate events should come up with fresh ideas and think outside the box when creating detailed corporate event planning checklists:

  • Decide on the budget
  • Define the event objectives
  • Decide on the format and theme
  • Create a guest list
  • Find a venue
  • Select the perfect ticketing or registration platform
  • Approach sponsors
  • Arrange marketing and advertising
  • Identify and hire other vendors
  • Arrange the final preparations
  • Decide on what to do after the event

These companies should also be able to brainstorm and provide event ideas that inspire the attendees. Among the main goals that can be achieved at corporate events, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • Resolution of interpersonal staff conflicts
  • Acquaint employees with each other and with the management team in an informal setting
  • Formation of the corporate spirit of the company
  • Team building and the development of corporate values
  • Creating a favorable working mood in the company
  • Diagnosis of the psychological climate within the company

Motivation of the team is also worth mentioning. If a corporate event leaves employees with only positive emotions, it will be an incentive for further achievements and honest work.

What is expected of corporate events?

When designing and planning corporate events checklists, the organiser must focus on creative and inspirational moments that will surprise the company’s partners and staff. They should also use the following tips to make the event memorable:

  1. You need to start with general corporate events planning. Even if there is a person responsible for the corporate event, he/she cannot carry out all the preparatory stages alone. Be sure to assign adequate and capable helpers. Training can be entrusted to those colleagues who communicate well with clients and are more knowledgeable.
  2. The event will not succeed without a competitive element. There can be contests and other entertaining moments as well. One interesting idea is a quiz about the work of the company and its history. Pranks, jokes, and humor will make corporate parties more fun and unforgettable.
  3. Be sure to consider the menu. You should initially conduct a mini survey among employees to determine gastronomic preferences. The presence of a bar will allow you to organise communication opportunities between company workers and networking between partners. At the end of the event, there should definitely be a sweet treat. The simplest and most delicious solution would be to order a huge cake.
  4. Remove predictable themes from the company decor, social network pages, and other content. Instead, focus on mixing and combining bold and contrasting styles. This will make your corporate party impressive and truly unforgettable.
  5. Use non-traditional event spaces: choose fresh and unusual places to hold corporate parties. This includes places like wineries; farms; art studios; lofts; and thematically arranged restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs. Non-traditional spaces and approaches are a blank canvas for creativity. In addition, by using the element of surprise, you can attract the interest of your team and increase enthusiasm for certain events.
  6. Make use of non-standard orders and technology. The places and topics of the event can be kept secret. Perhaps you can disclose them to employees only on the eve of the event. Experimenting with technology at events, when guests’ smartphones are no longer a distracting “evil”, will also help with this. Organisers can now use their power to create an attractive environment for potential customers via mobile devices and apps as well as popular digital channels. For example, social networks will help to link employees and create more hype around an event.
  7. With a sufficient budget, you can hire a photographer to capture the most interesting and unexpected moments of the upcoming evening. The overall festive mood may be intensified with appropriate décor. Creative flowers and balloon installments are always a great decoration choice for this type of event.
  8. Use live video streaming, which encourages employees to share their impressions and serves as an excellent marketing tool for the company after the event. Virtual reality is another trend that is expected to increase in 2019. At events, virtual reality is increasingly being added to ordinary programs for education and training or simply to get new impressions.

In 2019, many more events will be held in non-traditional venues. Since traditional spaces no longer surprise anyone, many companies are increasingly choosing extraordinary places to create excitement around their events in order to attract newer and newer visitors.

There are plenty of corporate event types you may use when organising. The most popular of these are:

  • Thematic

As you can likely guess, the main criterion in the preparation of an event is the choice of theme. It may be a fairy tale, cartoon, winter, New Year, journeys, etc.

  • Fancy-dress

What is a different option other than a costumed corporate party? Fancy dress parties are an interesting and original idea that can be used. In addition to the unusual design of the hall, the guests themselves must thoroughly prepare for the holiday and come in unusual outfits specially selected based on the banquet theme. Fancy dress parties are also called cosplay parties in some cases. You can even post guards who will check the guests for their invitation tickets for the corporate event and ensure that they are following the dress code before entering the hall.

  • Classic party

A classic corporate party implies a traditional celebration with elegant décor, classy tuxedos, and dresses, which is often perfect for a charity evening. To hold such an event, you will need a cheerful script, a good menu, festive reception, gifts for awards competitions, juries, etc. To hold a classic corporate party also means inviting all company employees and partners to the event.

When planning a corporate event, it is also important to avoid the mistakes from previous experiences.

The main mistakes made during the preparation of corporate events are commonly:

  • late start of the preparation
  • the wrong person being in charge
  • demanding that all employees actively participate in the event
  • wrong place and style of the event
  • incorrect setting of the goals and objectives of the event
  • inappropriate behavior of the company leader (CEO), which can greatly harm a successful celebration.

At corporate events, the company leader or the host of the event should be dressed according to the format of the event. They should not be late, should not be a mere observer, and he/she should take an active part in the action assigned. This person should also give out the gifts and prizes personally, etc. Carefully consider all of this when planning a company event.


We can confidently say that a properly planned corporate event in any corner of the world will guarantee prosperity and excellent work at the company. Please note that a corporate event should not necessarily be all about the food! There are so many other useful formats and venues as well as themes and ideas that you can benefit from by using a corporate event checklist.

To become a good corporate event planner and create a perfect corporate party, entrust event planning, organisation and conduct to more experienced professionals.

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