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How to Promote an Event Venue: A Guide for Event Planners


Choosing a venue is one of the first choices to make when planning any event. The most important thing is to have options to choose from and to promote the venue in the right way. Let’s discover how to promote an event venue in Asia that will help you be successful.

Why should you promote your event venue?


Event venues have a huge advantage in social media content creation as they always have something new and different to promote or feature. Modern events are dynamic, transformative, and adaptive to the needs of attendees in order to provide rapid access and the best possible event experience. Ensuring that your venue has an engaging social presence to promote your event space should be a high priority in your venue marketing efforts. A great venue creates social assets that help you better tell your story through events and engage the audience.


How to promote your event venue

Once you’ve found a venue that meets your client’s requirements, theme, and budget, you will need to promote it so that it helps bring about a successful event. Beautiful event design and event space décor, along with well-planned event venue marketing, can lead to increased satisfaction from your participants.

There are plenty of great ideas to promote event venues.

Social media

Social media remains one of the cheapest and most effective ways to promote an event space, make it go viral, and boost ticket sales.

How to promote

You need to name your event, brainstorm keywords that relate to your brand, set the budget or desired revenue, choose social media platforms and market the location.

Pros & Cons

By getting back to storytelling, social media plays a primary role in many businesses. However, it’s not suitable for some governmental and other high-status or closed event venues for a range of offline businesses.


When advertising your venue on social media, you must consider your audience, their interests, and the factors that will motivate them to come. Make sure you set a dedicated hashtag for your event venue that can be used on all your social media platforms.


Get listed on directories & build an online community

Use paid content in lifestyle media, and seek collaboration with influencers, top bloggers, opinion leaders, and others who are relevant to the industry. When you share venue photos and videos with your fans, friends, and followers, you build a community around the event and make the event venue even more appealing.

How to promote

Add your space to brochures or other print materials so that partners and media representatives can find you easily. Contact them and directly invite them to see the space.

Pros & Cons

Online communities are a modern approach to promoting events for B2B. Some marketers ignore it and rely solely on other means of promoting their venues as they are usually faster.


Show off your venue with top-level event technologies, products, or services. Answer the questions and, more importantly, handle any objections or complaints. Network and exchange business cards with your venue advocates to showcase your latest achievements.



When promoting an event space, contact media, create media coverage, and invite media professionals, influencers, politicians, etc.

How to promote

Organise media partnerships, create and publish press releases, and demonstrate your venue capacity to the media, etc.

Pros & Cons

Some venues may ban video and photo shooting, have inconvenient interiors, or have a low capacity to handle media pros in addition to your attendees. However, you can always hold a press conference after the event in the venue you want to promote for the next one.


Network, host dinners, organise open doors, and exchange business cards to showcase your event venue’s advantages.



If you’re not investing in search engine optimization (SEO) for your event venue promotion, you’re losing a lot of potential sales. Showing up in Google searches is vital for event sites.

How to promote

Analyse your competitors, choose tactical keywords, localise your SEO efforts, choose a clear domain name, create great content, and forge strong relationships to attract links. Your personal website or the use of a blog to advertise your business venue are very inexpensive ways to boost attendance.

Pros & Cons

The great benefits of SEO are that traffic comes from organic sources and is completely free. Nevertheless, SEO may not be enough for enterprise venue promotion, so large-scale event venue events should also utilise paid promotions.


It’s important that you encourage the right people to sign up and attend your event venue. To that end, use keyword and event marketing tools to build an effective SEO promotion strategy for your event venue promotion.


Show your venue pictures/video & offer virtual tours

A 3D virtual tour is by far the best way to show off the event space you’ve chosen for your event.

How to promote

Use an event seating plan or a venue roadmap as well as other apps that show your space all decked out, looking its best during all types of events.

Pros & Cons

Virtual tours do really help business owners be successful in this fast-changing industry. If don’t have the time, means, or funds to travel there for a more traditional visit, a virtual tour is a good alternative.


When planning the layout of your space, think about where you will place the guests. If it’s a large, empty room, decide how to best divide the space. It’s important to choose a good balance between furnished and empty spaces.


When should you start promotion?

Before you begin to search for the venue, you need to clearly define the following points: the budget of the event, the number of guests, the format, and the type of event. Once the venue is chosen, launch the marketing plan for the event venue right away.

Creating a promotional strategy/marketing plan

If you don’t know how to market an event venue yet, you might want to use direct selling principles until you have a larger budget for advertising. The first step for any marketer is to develop a marketing communications strategy:

  • Do initial research.
  • Analyse the situation.
  • Analyse the event organisation.
  • Analyse the market.
  • Promote the venue.

Remember that good promotion strategies develop brand recognition while simultaneously creating a strong relationship with your event audience.



Develop the best event venue promotion conditions to market your event venue and apply basic promotional tools to create a beautiful event that will engage the attention of visitors from the moment they arrive. No matter what type of event you’re organising, feel free to get in touch with us for help! is the leading event technology provider offering automated solutions for the MICE industry, Corporations, Government, and Education sectors. If you're up for event management automation, contact us and we'll amp up your event.

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