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Venue Selection for Events in Asia


If you’re preparing a high-status event in Asia, be sure to think about the venue. For the complete success of a business meeting, selecting a venue for an event is important. If you really make a good impression on your partners, then your event is a success. We will show you how to choose a conference room quickly and without any unnecessary hassle.

Reasons to choose the right venue


Choosing a venue for an event is a strategic move as choosing the venue is a decision that will have the largest impact on your event. The date of the event, catering options, and attendees’ pleasant experiences all depend on your event hub! Also, event venue marketing is the easiest way to attract attention and gain recognition in the corporate event sector.

When to start looking for a venue


 It’s wise to book an event location at least four to six months in advance so you will have enough time to plan other critical things, such as catering, event brochures, and websites.


Things to consider when selecting a venue


What should you consider when searching for a venue? There are a few things you should definitely check out, and there are three factors that are cornerstones: 

  • The number of guests
  • The time of the event
  • The type of event



Safe parking, public transport, location area, and the venue as a whole are the first things your guests will deal with. Therefore, these issues should be thought out, so make sure you are aware of the nuances of the city. If the time of the event falls during rush hour, choose a location away from major roads and city life.


Date and season


Pay attention to summer terraces, rooftops or open areas, and boats or other exotic locales. There’s no sense in languishing in stuffy rooms in the summer. Check the weather forecast and turn your attention to finding a site that will impress the guests of any event without any unexpected consequences (e.g., rain, wind, etc.).




It should be spacious enough in terms of the capability to accommodate a planned number of guests and not too large or small to park the transport needed for the event it is serving. Closure of streets for transport, construction supervision, and other event-specific criteria should be considered. 




Matching the venue size and the number of guests is highly dependent on the format of the event. Is it necessary to arrange seating or tables for your guests? Comfortable capacity of the venue depends on the interior, the availability of seats, furniture, etc.


Services and Amenities


Another option is to order from a catering company or a food truck. Professionals will help to choose the menu depending on the type of event and the number of guests. Therefore, food, drinks, and other services and amenities are something you definitely need to take care of in advance.



Depending on this, you can specify whether the selected location is ready to host your event. The interior and infrastructure should complement the vision of the organiser. Features of a room can make the event as comfortable as possible or, in bad cases, add unnecessary trouble. 



The area must be available to the organisers from event venue preparation start until the date of the meeting. This is the main criterion and must be met by any means. So if you rent a venue, make sure you have access to everything you will need to set up and probably more.


Cost and flexibility


The following are subject to regulation: budget, price (including additional expenses), cancellation conditions, vendors and other contractors, terms and duration (from when the spot is at the organisers’ disposal), etc.


How to search for a venue


Looking for a venue is also one of the first negotiation points with customers. The entire preparation process, not to mention scenarios, will depend on their decision. The event market may offer a variety of good venues. Your task is to examine the pitfalls, consider the pros and cons, and choose the best one for your event based on the set criteria and budget.


Define your audience


A clear understanding of the audience, purpose, and expectations for the event is the most important when preparing and choosing the venue location. You should define the corporate organisations in your area that conduct a lot of events and seminars and offer your venue to them!


Define the services and amenities you need


Your event venue should be full of useful and pleasant facilities or services. Basically, it’s ridiculous to be set up as a hotel and yet not have the most basic amenities to offer event planners.


Define event dates


How do you know that you are delivering an excellent venue to your customers? Use real-life goals and a timeline to set the event dates.


Calculate your budget


You should carefully calculate your budget. Follow our budget planning tips to get your finances under control. Remember, your goals don’t have to be set in stone, but identifying your priorities before you start planning an event is critical.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

 Scope out different locations


Research a venue for events through online and printed directories so you can scope out more locations and have some options in reserve. Consider all applicable online directories related to corporate real estate and the events business, etc.


Find the right type of space


Join a local group or association for corporate event planners, and attend event industry trade shows to find the right type of event venue to rent.


Consider its reputation


Use a venue with a spotless reputation. Your corporate venue will continue to be the face of your business. After that, if you need to do any advertising for your event venue, there are a few promotion actions that truly impact and give a positive reaction, like advertising your venue event management or a qualified staff member. 


Schedule a visit


You may also ask to observe places to host an event. Check out the venue either in real life or via virtual tours. Take advantage of the things you find around you: places of interest, historical sites, transport, and other benefits. Show photos, maps, virtual maps, and any number of other attractions.




To find a venue for an event successfully, follow this checklist:

  • Event space
  • Location
  • Parking
  • Capacity and minimums
  • Services and amenities
  • Layout
  • Ambiance
  • Insurance 
  • Accessibility
  • Technical characteristics
  • The appearance and location of the conference room
  • Conference room rental budget
  • Technical capabilities
  • Additional conference facilities, etc.

Always remember that renting a conference room or any other venue for an event in the Asian region is not a problem with us.


Tips for choosing the right venue


Below, discover some tips for choosing a venue provided by the leading vendors and event planners in the region.

Choose unique platforms

Unique, memorable event venues and platforms are a reflection of the core values of the brand. 

Seek venues for personalised activities

High technologies are now used to identify participants’ preferences and patterns of their behavior. This allows organisers to carefully select what will ensure the maximum impact and involvement of each participant in the space they rent.

Prefer comfort

In a crazy business world, time to rest is just as important as periods of activity.  Cozy and relaxed corners allow the participants to relieve stress, think about what they have learned during the event, and so much more.

Choose practical spaces

Organisers should always remember WHY a particular event is being held. A clearly indicated purpose of the event is an essential prerogative, and the event venue should meet the demands. All other aspects of the event should reflect this very WHY, including location.

Seek out extra designs allowed

Beautiful event design and event space décor can lead to an increase in the level of satisfaction of participants in general, so you should master this art and discover the basic elements of event design that you need to know. 

There are various options in the modern event industry for how to choose a venue for an awards contest, cut the expenses, and attract even more visitors to the event.


Common mistakes when choosing a venue


While picking the right venue for your event, you may come up against several pitfalls. The greatest irony about venues may be that the most interesting venues are often those with the worst lighting and sound, most inadequate audio and poorest projection capabilities, etc. Here are some more of the most common things to avoid when selecting your next conference venue:


  • Not adhering to capacity limitations
  • Selecting an overly expensive venue 
  • Hiring it too late
  • Not double-checking with the venue administrator 
  • Having no backup plan
  • Choosing a venue with insufficient locations for branding placement 
  • Renting a venue with limited parking



As you build up your marketing plan for the event venue, you may also face some challenges. It’s important to showcase to gain your customers’ trust first. Over time, this can improve the way you do your business and measure its success.


Check out more possible venue mistakes to avoid next time.


Call to action


When looking for unique event venues in Asia for business cultural, educational, or entertainment programs, choose reliable corporate event venues in Singapore or other Asian countries with our help. 




Know how to prepare a venue for any event, including all the pros and cons of your choice. You should have some idea of an ideal event venue, so issues about the location, equipment, and treats will not be as overwhelming as before. Success after throwing your favorite event, regardless of the program, is basically guaranteed if the venue is chosen successfully. It is where, not how, that really matters when you place your events, especially if you choose professional organisation and event management assistance from event veterans in Asia, like

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