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GEVME Has Been Moved Towards a Subscription-Based Business Model: Unlimited Events & Attendees

It’s a huge day for us here at GEVME. We’re moving to a new subscription-based model and we’re changing the structure of our pricing. Therefore, we want to be sure that our clients know about our new subscription plans. From the 3rd of June, we’re going to make our new pricing plans balanced.

This significant change is our first in quite a while, since our last subscription plan rehash and evaluation of the changes being made. After amending everything, we made the choice to adhere to the membership model.

We need to develop a unified system that will incorporate every one of the needs of our clients and provide the opportunity to pick the correct one for every one of them. On our approach to progress, we’ve inquired about the market cautiously, learned about the needs and wants of our customers, and figured out their desires. To outpace other event organisers, make any joint efforts straightforward and advantageous, and open new doors for the development of our customers’ event organisations. Without further ado, we are proud to announce our new subscription plans.


Our new subscription model enables you to run huge-scale events with boundless enrollment opportunity. We’ve been searching for new plans of action and methods for improving benefits and consumer loyalty. We’ve been putting a great deal of effort into creating:

  • extra support features
  • awards management tools
  • advanced security features
  • modern technology to speed up the registration process
  • a wide range of add-ons to improve and simplify your event management process
  • advanced reports based on AI technology and Big Data.

We present enormous amounts of information to make better events. We create solutions for measuring events, self-learning and data management that will help you make educated choices and improve the event organisation & management process.

In Conclusion

With the new valuing system being dependent on a subscription model, clients get a range of advantages: fixed estimating, an unlimited number of events and participants, solid help, a wide scope of devices, and so much more. Develop your business with one of our new GEVME subscription plans immediately! is the leading event technology provider offering automated solutions for the MICE industry, Corporations, Government, and Education sectors. If you're up for event management automation, contact us and we'll amp up your event.

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