GSI launched Wylcome – an online solution to keep a workplace safe.


Business Continuity Planning (BCP)  is the implementation of processes and measures to deal with a situation like the Coronavirus Outbreak. The current COVID-19 situation has affected different industries; keeping the business going is essential for both corporate and government sectors.

The most critical challenge for organisations and institutions of any size is to keep their workplace safe and healthy. All organisations are advised to implement new processes aimed at ensuring the continuity of their operations and the safety of their workplace. The implementation of Business Continuity Planning (BCP) might be challenging for small companies. has launched a new solution –  Wylcome to help businesses of any size set up essential measures and crucial components of BCP inside their organisation.

Manage visitors, monitor temperature, secure your workplace with Wylcome  Our team developed features for Wylcome to assist businesses in adopting the BCP processes, recommended by government agencies. Let’s have a quick overview.


Temperature Check-in Tool

Wylcome offers a temperature check-in tool –  a free tool aimed to streamline the process of mandatory temperature check-ins for employees twice daily. The free temperature check-in solution has a range of benefits compared to both paper and google forms and makes end-users and managers lives easier.

Benefits for employees and visitors.

User-friendly Secure Digital forms. Allow your employees to submit their temperature recordings in a quick and easy manner through user-friendly digital forms—no need to fill in printed forms or google sheets.

Benefits for management.

Employee Log. Eliminate the paper waste with a centralised system to monitor the digital records submitted by employees for inconsistencies.

Automatic Geotagging. Capture geolocations of your employees while they submit the forms to ensure that they comply with stipulated work locations.

Automatic Notification. Stay informed and get notified automatically via robo-alerts as soon as an employee has an unusually high temperature.

Free. Benefit from our free plan, which provides you with a complete temperature check-in tool and basic process automation.    

Taking into the account that most organisations are advised to have their employees work remotely from home, setting up new remote work protocols, Wylcome temperature monitoring tool can help HR departments to overcome the challenges they face.


Streamlined Visitor Management Process

The Wylcome flow was designed to automate the process of getting visitors and employees to complete a health declaration form and asking employees to submit their temperature readings regularly. The process is convenient and secure for both end-users and business administrators

Manage visitors and secure your workplace. Overcome COVID-19

  • Convenient onsite temperature check-in: the system supports onsite check-in. You can set up onsite kiosks in the waiting area, central hall or reception desk for a convenient and secure visitor management process.
  • Automated notifications for unwell visitors: managers or business administrators will be notified of any issues, and they do not have to monitor records continually. 


SG-Verify Integration

The integration with SG-Verify ensures that visitors and employees information is accurate and validated. Visitors use the SingPass Mobile app to sign in and it allows businesses to verify information from form fields and capture it for record-keeping.

Wylcome reports allow speeding up contact tracing by collecting records of meetings, staff and visitors temperature logs securely with the help of the SingPass Mobile app integration.


Consolidated Data and Real-time Reports

Urgent (or immediate) contact tracing is necessary nowadays. With the help of the Welcome’s centralised admin console, it facilitates easy data monitoring and data retrieval. You will have access to real-time reports of visitors and employees across all your office locations and remote workplaces from the admin console anytime. Reports can also be exported for your convenience. 


Automatic Notifications

Acknowledging how vital the immediate response to any risk of letting an infected person be in contact the rest of the employees, we developed automatic notifications. The app sends a notification to you as soon as an unwell visitor checks in. You can notify as many users as you need, by setting up automatic notifications. All you need to do is to add the list of email addresses. 

Temperature monitoring to overcome COID-19

The Welcome app will send daily status reports via emails. This feature enables you to stay informed without having to review all records proactively.


Custom Branding

You can have a nicely-designed welcome screen in just a few clicks. You can choose a template from the rich template gallery and upload a logo of your organisation. If you want to have a custom branding and use a welcome screen as an additional corporate communication channel, you can customise the page further with your own design.

Nicely-designed welcome screen to check in you visitors during the COVID-19 outbreak

Plans & Pricing

Wylcome is a convenient and affordable solution to assist SMEs with business continuity planning amid COVID-19. It will help you keep your workplace safe and healthy while having a seamless experience at an affordable price. Pick up the right plan for your needs and which fits your budget.

Contact us, if you have any questions. Our team can organise a demo and lead you through our product features. is the leading event technology provider offering automated solutions for the MICE industry, Corporations, Government, and Education sectors. If you're up for event management automation, contact us and we'll amp up your event.

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