Veemal Gungadin at Open Innovation Platform Challenge


Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has recently launched its Open Innovation Platform (OIP), which acts as a government-driven, neutral intermediary that is designed to match business owners with challenges and problem to a pool of effective problem solvers. Veemal Gungadin at Open Innovation Platform Challenge

The mission of SACEOS is to set the direction for the growth and development of the MICE industry, promote best practices and standards, and enhance infrastructure and capabilities in the MICE industry. It completely allies with IMDA principles. That is why the SACEOS team couldn’t possibly miss this opportunity. Together with  Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), they have organised the Open Innovation Platform (OIP) challenge. To extend the borders of the MICE industry and craft new digital innovation solutions, our CEO, VP of Digital & Innovation at SACEOS, Veemal Gungadin, participated in the event.


The challenge was introduced in order to gather over 60 people from multiple disciplines in the MICE industry. Participants were encouraged to take a multidimensional approach at the Design Thinking workshop to develop a greater understanding and to be able to define their business challenges while finding innovative ways to overcome them. The Design Thinking workshop, where our CEO, VP of Digital & Innovation at SACEOS, VeemalGungadin, conducted the briefing session, was an incredibly inspiring and useful event that united event professionals and encouraged them to push boundaries while reaching new potential.

strategic session

Driving the event industry in APAC, Veemal Gungadin at the workshop Design Thinking, launched by OIP and SACEOS

Design thinking is a special methodology for solving engineering, business, and other tasks based on a creative rather than an analytical approach. This is a way to solve problems that are primarily focused on the interests of the user, which is the primary principle of’s business model.

We are thankful to IMDA & SACEOS for such a great initiative, and we are delighted to be representing SACEOS in driving innovation in the MICE industry.

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