Veemal Gungadin Speaks on MONEY FM 89.3


Big Money news! By transforming the traditional headache-inducing registration process to make it seamless, secure, and efficient, is known for providing a successful platform that allows for easy registration and management at events. The CEO and founder of and VP D&I at SACEOS, Veemal Gungadin, has joined MONEY FM 89.3 today for an interview with Howie Lim and Bernard Lim. 

Veemal Gungadin Speaks on MONEY FM 89.3

Initially, the company wanted to bring this smart programme used by nations to everyday people on the street through easy registrations via QR codes and e-payments. The idea turned out to be a real success, and now is the leading South Pacific Asia event organizer and is successfully expanding its influence overseas. What’s the reason for its success?

“You’re always new at the tech. Because that’s the background that I have. And what I wanted to do was to really connect people to do good,Veemal Gungadin, CEO, founder, and inspiration at 

We’ve become a more service oriented company, when we’ve been working on the biggest events in the region. Now we have enough knowledge about the events industry and we have the relevant tech. So, we know what people need.” – adds Vemall Gungadin.

Recently participated in the e-registration and e-coupons payments for the National Day event in Bishan. We used our technology to get people to utilise e-coupon payments and easy registrations. We provided typically those things which prioritise the logistics of events, simplifies the process pre, during and onsite, etc.

“We did the business and lifestyle events industry, as well. So it so happened that were at the right place at the right time to take the whole smart niche initiative and we’re just widening the way right now I should say.” – proceeds Veemal Gungadin on the company’s current challenges and future perspectives.

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