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Best Event Survey Questions to Ask Your Attendees in Asia

Nowadays, the event industry is becoming an increasingly competitive niche, meaning that modern companies must provide their customers with extremely useful and accurate information. How do they do that? One great way to do so is with the help of event feedback survey questions.

What is an event survey question?

Questions to ask your event attendees are event feedback survey questions; these are asked after an event has concluded in order to understand the attendees’ opinions about the event as well as suggestions and complaints, etc. In their opinion, perhaps the event could have been better in certain aspects, such as the facilities and materials provided to the attendees or giveaways and merchandise availability, etc.

The goals of event survey questions

Post-event survey questions are primarily used by event professionals to analyse an event’s success. Event surveys reveal what went wrong or what went well, what to replicate at future events, and what to change or leave as is. Surveys should not be too long, and they can be done with paper and pencil, provided through an online link, sent through email, or shared at the venue as part of an event app.

Types of event survey questions

Explore the different types of event survey questions you can ask before, after, and during an event to form priceless insights about your events. Discover more about this on our blog.

Key event survey questions to ask your attendees

Before the event (pre-event surveys)

Simply email your attendees in advance or use your social channels to make them aware of your survey before the event:

  • How did you hear about the event?
  • When are you arriving?
  • Which social platform do you prefer?
  • What do you think about the location of the event?
  • What are you hoping to get out of the event?

During the event (mid-event surveys)

You can also ask attendees to give live feedback during an event so you can make adjustments in real time, while the event is still going on. Use event apps, a social wall, social networks, or any other tool to provide your attendees with the opportunity to leave feedback:

  • Please rate the ongoing session from 1 to 10.
  • Are you satisfied with the check-in process?
  • Complete a quick quiz: Mark the booths you’ve visited at the venue on the map, etc.

After the event (post-event surveys)

Reinforce your call to action. Post-event satisfaction survey questions don’t have to be complicated:

  • To what extent did the event meet your initial expectations?
  • Was the staff polite/helpful?
  • Rate the seating arrangements/audio-visual effects/lighting from 1 to 10.
  • Were you satisfied with the speaker panel?
  • Would you recommend attending our event to your friends? Why or why not?

How to ask attendees correctly

Are you scratching your head over what questions to include to ask your attendees? There are definitely right and wrong ways to ask attendees survey questions as a form of feedback. Ask participant survey questions that deliver measurable data.

You can follow basic survey best practices to capture reliable info. For example, limit the number of response options to four to six per question at most. Too many answer choices can overwhelm your respondents, deter them from participation, and leave you with unreliable results.

Analysing results

When evaluating the event’s success, we recommend using event engagement technologies with an analytics module to score the results, report, and plan future success.

Mistakes to avoid and pitfalls

Event planners ask attendees many questions, but the questions posed are not always as they seem. Avoid mistakes when designing your surveys to make them easier to perceive and answer for attendees. With effective event survey questions and knowing the possible mistakes and how to correct them, you will have a better chance for success. Avoid the following:

  • Long and vague questions  What do you think was the most important issue that the previous session brought up in the context of globalisation and migration?
  • Leading questions  How would you label your participation in the event? Was it successful or productive?
  • The use of jargon

More details can be found here about top survey questions

How to create post-event survey questions

You may use absolutely free event survey software or software with extra paid functions that offers multiple options for professional event organisation and survey work, such as tools to calculate event capacity, succeed at networking events, brand or rebrand the event, gather feedback, and so much more that is available to users.

Tips for creating an event survey

Here’s what we recommend you do to create an effective event feedback survey for guaranteed success:

  • Questions need to be short and to the point.
  • Use emails to create email surveys.
  • Avoid using a sender name that has ‘no-reply’ in it.
  • Make sure the body of the email is short and sweet. 
  • Write personalised questions for VIP customers.
  • Include things that will make attendees feel valued and honoured after they’re surveyed.

Also, use some examples and templates of wording or email forms as well as sample event surveys to optimise your work. 

Call to action

To find out more about event survey forms, templates, and samples, request a demo from GEVME to experience the best post-event survey examples online.


Survey questions for events have been used in event sales for quite some time, but now, having the right types, sequences, and small comments for pre-, mid-, or post-event surveys, you can learn a lot more useful information from basic conversations with your attendees to increase your event sales in Asia. Our goal is to facilitate only the highest event conversions!

As always, you’re welcome to leave your own suggestions in the comments below. is the leading event technology provider offering automated solutions for the MICE industry, Corporations, Government, and Education sectors. If you're up for event management automation, contact us and we'll amp up your event.

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