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Event Badges Ideas for 2019


Badge printing at an event is a necessary part of brand promotion and company recognition. Badges are used for business seminars, conferences, and other events. The main goal of a badge is to quickly identify the speaker and make contact. That’s why some fresh event name badge ideas are always good to have on hand for busy event planners.


What is a name badge?


Badges are one of the most popular types of printed materials. This type of accessory can be used by the staff of various organisations, by the event guests, and by employees with some brief information about them, their positions, roles, etc.


Why do name badges matter?


A printed logo, contacts, and a corporate design made on badges will help increase awareness and help guests remember the client. Various event badges design companies manufacture badges of different types to order, guaranteeing a unique design and high quality. Loyalty, personalisation, and advertising are just some of the benefits of using badges, so why not create badges to promote your event business or project?


Name badge functions


Event badges play an important role in the organisation of large-scale events and help to establish mutual, comfortable communication between strangers in attendance. When there are a lot of people around, badges will help attendees to find the right person and easily start a dialogue with him or her.

A small badge with the person’s name and position will also allow business meetings to be conducted at a higher level. Anyone who looks at the badge will understand why this person is here and what responsibilities are assigned to him or her. Also, it will be possible to avoid controversial situations and unpleasant surprises, because when having addressed the representative of any company correctly, the guests will feel more confident.

If we consider the scope of business promotion, then badges help people stand out from others. This is especially true if badges are used when conducting a presentation of your company and its activities or products in a situation where there are many competitors, journalists, potential buyers, or potential partners around.


Badges trends in 2019


It is great if the badges are created according to a unique design and creative name tags for events contain the company logo or at least are made in the company’s colour scheme. In principle, the presence of any design element is allowed on the badges; the main thing is that the most important information is clearly visible: the name of the person, his or her position, and the name of the company.


Common name badge requirements


There are really no strict rules or regulations on the use of nametags for events. Their use relies heavily on the organisers’ preferences and which one they think will work out more effectively for the type of event they’re organising. Nevertheless, your extraordinary event name tag ideas should meet the following modern badge requirements:

An outstanding design for a name badge in the market is reusable name tags or badges. They will look cool and trendy and at the same time will be very practical.

Another outstanding idea is the use of DIY name tags.


Eco-friendly name stickers for events are also a requirement in certain areas, and these can be used at most environment-related events or if the host or the celebrator is an advocate of eco-friendly ideas. Eco-friendly name tags can be made from reusable or recycled newspapers, old clothes, curtains, etc.

They can be either made or purchased, depending on your budget and your purpose.

No matter what, they should stand out and showcase your brand identity and its distinctiveness.


Whatever the situation may be, bear in mind that name tags and badges may sometimes look small, but they create a lasting impression on both the attendees and hosts of an event. The more creative the name tag is, the more satisfied event hosts and attendees will be.


The 20 best event badge ideas for 2019


There are a variety of options to choose from when you are deciding on name badges for events or you can use a sample for creating some original idea of your own. These include a bouquet name badge, magnetic wooden name tag, stethoscope tag, retractable name badges, and other industry-specific badges (e.g., band-aid shape for nurses).


Plastic badge ideas


Event badges are the most powerful weapon available to connect attendees. Why not make them time proof and waterproof?


Conference badges ideas


Conference name badges ideas offer a variety of options: small ones with the usual or most common shapes like a square, rectangle, or circle, etc., or you may use irregularly-shaped name tags as big as 7×6.5 inches.


VIP badge ideas


The concert badge, on the one hand, will add greater emphasis to the VIP status, so you should find event passes for all your events, from conference badges to custom VIP badges.


Badges for trade shows


Make memorable event badges that can break the ice, increase efficiency, and complement your brand with the best trade show name badges ideas.


Here are the top 20 name badge ideas for you:

#1 Plastic badge ideas

Event badges are the most powerful weapon to connect attendees. Why not make them time proof and waterproof? 

#2 Laser engraved badge

Check out our laser-engraved badge selection for the very best in unique or custom badges with handmade pieces from our pins and pinback buttons shops.

#3 Wooden name badges

Amongst the most creative name badge ideas are wooden badges. This is an eco-friendly approach that ensures delight while wearing it. Why not think about creating wooden name badges for your delegates?  

#4 Mixed materials

From blank badges to keyrings and fridge magnets, your tags can be made from mixed materials. There are so many things you can make with recycled tissues.

#5 Write-on, wipe-off

Reusable write-on, wipe-off name tags, complete with printed logo and title options, edging options, and size and shape options to choose from may also be a good idea.

#6 Hard plastic case

Hard plastic badge holders are designed to protect the electronic components within proximity cards and smart cards. Rigid badges are very safe.

#7 Digital caricature

Such digital labels are the most powerful weapon to connect  and engage the attendees. Provide a digital logo or event information that can be added to the bottom or top of each caricature.

#8 Flashing event badges

You may apply blinking buttons for trade shows, handouts, or events with a custom shape or size. Flashing LED badges are also a great low-cost promotional gift.

#9 Conference voucher badge combo

This is a multitasking mastery. Incorporating vouchers within the event badge design is an incredible way to engage your attendees.

#10 Info program badge

A digital badge is an online representation of a skill you’ve earned. Make it easy for attendees by creating miniature multi-fold programs to be tucked into their badge sleeves to help them show up better.

#11 Personalized name tag flair

Custom name badges, custom tags, etc. No matter, it’s your flair–your personality–summed up on your shirt. 

#12 Clear acrylic

Clear acrylic pin badges are made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastics that have reached the end of their life cycle.

#13 Fluorescent coloured acrylic

Laser-engraved fluorescent and neon acrylic business cards and event badges will be something special for attendees. 

#14 Metal

Metal badges are the ultimate choice for premium, high-quality corporate and business events.

#15 Plantable paper

Incorporate seed paper in your badge printing to be eco-friendly and surprise your attendees all in one.

#16 Wristband & badge combo

This horizontal name badge holder features a handy thumb notch for quick replacement of inserts along with side loading with pin and clip fastening. 

#17 Incorporated QR codes

By incorporating QR marks into the code, high-speed reading became possible. Badges will be extra useful if you make them readable.

#18 Vibrant design

If you choose a vibrant design you make plain adhesive visitor badges stand out with your corporate logo, vibrant colors. 

#19 Wearable smart badges

Such badges capture valuable data that is used to personalize the event experience for every attendee.

#20 Custom Temporary Logo or Name Tattoos

Finally, add  names to your high-quality temporary tattoo designs. Browse our extensive collection of custom name tattoos and find ones that reflect your brand to print for your guests.


Lanyard ideas

It is possible to use any high-tech event lanyard ideas for your event badge printing. Electronic badges, badges made of wood, caricatures, art, dynamic, or animated—there are numerous options for badge ideas, both complex and simple, that may fit your event and be of particular use. Ditch the lanyard and choose event badge holders that adhere using a pin, clip, or something else.

How to design your own badge

To design your own badges, use the most outstanding examples of the best name badges or come up with your own extraordinary ideas. Do not forget the following:

Attract attention

Custom name badges and engraved name badges make it known that your people are professionals.

Keep it simple

Don’t mistake needing a clever design with unnecessary clutter. An event badge has limited space. Your design should be attractive but fairly simply.

Support the purpose

A special or distinctive mark, token, or device worn as a sign on the digital badges should support your event idea and help to deliver the event’s message.

Add value

User engagement is always a good thing, and users may pick up positive feelings if we keep them hooked to an event with great badges.

Make it personal

Badges are a versatile item that can make introductions and celebrations much more personal and customised. 

How to avoid pitfalls with badges


Everyone knows that any event needs participant badges. But how do you create conference badges so that many people do not think about what these cards are really for and avoid the common pitfalls of using them? Here are five main tips to follow:

  • The name of the person should occupy a significant part of the badge area.
  • Consideration should also be given to the presence of empty space around the name.
  • The best font to use for readability is Sans Serif. 
  • A Regular font is easier to read in italics.
  • You should match the color and thickness of the marker with the size and design of the badge.

And remember that you should also use branding of badges to make your badge recognisable with a fairly large and recognisable event logo or colour design that can be seen from a distance.

Call to action


Make creativity a part of your event planning strategy with GEVME Onsite creative name badges ideas of extraordinary quality.

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You are also welcome to have a look at the latest name badge trends and badges for events that are now in vogue and will be the most sought after in the industry in the near future. Request a demo, and contact your personal manager at to find out how to avoid pitfalls with badges, what lanyard to choose, if any, and so much more. is the leading event technology provider offering automated solutions for the MICE industry, Corporations, Government, and Education sectors. If you're up for event management automation, contact us and we'll amp up your event.

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