Event Management in Asia: What Do You Need to Know about Onsite Registration

If you look at Asia’s events market, growth and innovation can be seen everywhere. Whether you are a local party planner or a big fish in the world of global event organisation, the Asia-Pacific region has something worth paying attention to. From Singapore’s infrastructure (ranked best in the world) to China’s top-notch hospitality industry, you’re likely familiar with the perks of Asia’s event destinations.

When it comes to the practical side of organising an event in Asia Pacific, technology is definitely king. In this article, we focus on an onsite event registration journey that you can establish using the services of local event tech providers.

How is event management different for Asian markets?

Any introduction to event management in Asia, especially if we talk about China, starts with the word “mobile”. Due to the widespread use of WeChat, the Chinese are used to mobile experiences, which means Asians are much more likely than Western consumers to associate the processes of event registration and onsite check-in with mobile. Therefore, catering to mobile should be your key priority in event organisation.

Profile of an Asian attendee

The interesting thing about Asian attendee profiles is that they are usually multicultural. Since the landscape of events in the Asia-Pacific region is largely international, organisers should focus on experiences that work in a global environment. For instance, in the following diagram, you can see the diverse audience of one of the key annual tech events in Singapore, CommunicAsia:

How to organise event onsite management in Asia

If you’re focusing on one specific region, we recommend creating several target personas that resonate with the local traditions. For instance, if you dive into Indian events management, you’ll find that influencer marketing campaigns are highly popular, a trend that is most likely connected with the country’s prominent celebrity culture. This is an effective tool you can use to capitalise on registration of your guests from India.

Choosing an onsite registration system for events in Asia

Any event management process should start with detailed research into the event provider market. Check out local websites with vendor lists and reviews; for instance, Visit Singapore is a great platform for finding efficient providers of audio-visual systems, contacts for local event planners, and much more.

Check out three main factors you should consider when choosing a local event tech partner:

  1. Crowd management capabilities: Especially if you power large events with over 50,000 guests, like the Singapore FinTech Festival, you need a system that can handle any number of registrations. Set your key expectations in terms of what you need to ensure a queue-free experience. Will you require personnel manning? How many people should be there? What are your space capabilities? The answers to all these questions will help you pick the resonating tech provider.
  2. Support of advanced tech features: RFID and beacon technologies, face recognition, and AI robots long ago won the hearts of Asian consumers. When choosing an onsite registration system, check whether it can be integrated with the tools that help you track attendee behaviour, enhance engagement, and connect to people in real time.
  3. Fool-proof data protection: Since the Asia-Pacific region has become a leader in the world’s M&E market, it has hosted numerous events of global importance, including the recent DPRK–USA Summit, supported by Thanks to this dominance, many event tech providers have developed excellent capabilities for data security, which will ease your concerns about protecting clients’ private information.

Best practices and solutions for onsite registration

Register your attendees at the event using the GEVME solutions

Although the market is pretty rich, it’s not always easy to pick a solution that resonates. As one of the most progressive onsite registration products on the Asian market, GEVME can help you build a top-notch attendance journey with the following tools:

  • Custom configurations: You can create your own check-in infrastructure based on the number of registrants, the preferred registration modes, and space capabilities.
  • Integration with mobile apps: GEVME helps you easily synchronise guest lists with event apps to enable one-click check-in on the ground.
  • On-site name badge printing: The system supports on-demand name badge printing technology, which helps you edit badges on the ground to make any last-minute changes. You can also colour code badges to differentiate access levels or guests’ interests.
  • Self-check-in technology. Utilise self-check-in counters and kiosks to enable time-efficient registration with a mobile app or a printed ticket. This is excellent technology for large-scale event organisers who need to power multiple check-ins with minimal onsite manning.


As one of the most important attendee touchpoints, onsite registration should be failure free. Not only does it create the right atmosphere for the audience but the quality of onsite check-in can impact aspects such as data security, crowd management, and much more. With excellent capabilities for M&E industry growth, Asia Pacific is the right place for finding progressive onsite registration tech. is the leading event technology provider offering automated solutions for the MICE industry, Corporations, Government, and Education sectors. If you're up for event management automation, contact us and we'll amp up your event.

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