Post event survey questions for vendors

A deep dive into attendees’ experiences definitely leads to better events and higher revenue. However, there is one more important group of people whose experiences you must evaluate to perform better – vendors. From photographers to decorators, there is a huge number of vendors that the success of your event hinges on.

If you’ve ever experienced Internet connection problems at a conference, or your vegetarian friend was served meat at the gala dinner, you know how important vendor connections are. A single mistake of a caterer can actually break your whole event.

But don’t panic – there’s a solution. A post-event personalised survey can be a lifesaver for event marketers. It is the tool that helps establish a bridge between organiser and vendor.

What is a post-event survey for vendors and why should you use it?

It’s imperative to realise that even the most scrupulous measurement of attendance satisfaction isn’t going to save your event from failing check-in technology or poor lighting. A post-event survey for vendors helps clarify the issues that need improvement and help you establish long-term relationships.

Now, let’s break the benefits down. Here’s why embedding post-event surveys into your interactions with vendors is a good idea:

  • Measuring event ROI gets easier: The feedback from vendors gives you lots of comprehensive data on how your event actually performed. For instance, by getting insights into onsite check-in performance, you get a better understanding of revenue coming from attendee registrations.
  • Cutting costs. This seems like a no-brainer, but online surveys help you capitalise on sustainable solutions for event management. With electronic event surveys, you can capture feedback easily without wasting printing or processing costs.
  • Making use of numbers. Post-event surveys, plus reports that you generate based on these surveys, will give you valuable numbers. Use this data to secure funding or back up partnership proposals in the future.
  • Find your perfect match. The main function of any survey is to measure satisfaction. If it’s clear from a post-event survey that a vendor is dissatisfied with the experience, maybe the reason is ridiculously simple – you’re just not good for each other! Ensure that a post-event survey covers the questions related to your cooperation with a vendor to figure out whether you two could be a good match in the future.

Key post-event survey questions for vendors

post-event survey questions

So what should you ask? First of all, it’s crucial to understand that standard post-event survey questions that you use in attendee questionnaires won’t work here. If you cooperate with a large number of contractors, vendors, and suppliers, you have stakeholders with very different experiences – all of which must be analysed. This means that you should come up with a customised list of questions for each vendor group.

Check out some of these vendor post-event survey questions that you could benefit from:

For speakers:

  1. Do you think you managed to establish a rapport with the event audience?
  2. What was the most challenging part for you?
  3. What topics of other speakers did you like?
  4. Do you have any ideas for what topics could be covered at our next event?

For onsite tech providers:

  1. Please rate your queue management experience from 1 to 10.
  2. Did you face any ongoing issues with registration technology on the ground?
  3. Do you see how you can optimise check-in settings and layouts at our next event?
  4. Was participation in the event a valuable / challenging / interesting experience for you?

For sponsors:

  1. Did the structure and schedule of the event allow you to interact with your target audience?
  2. On a scale of 1 to 10, how did the audience suit your needs?
  3. Have you generated the expected number of leads at the event?
  4. What are your recommendations in terms of our sponsorship package? How can it be improved?
  5. Would you be interested in providing sponsorship for similar events in the future?

How to create a post-event survey for vendors

With GEVME Survey, the set-up and management of your questions for vendors should be a piece of cake. All you have to do is pick a desired question-and-answer format, customize branding (if needed), and import the questions that fit your needs.

Gevme survey

Thanks to the integration with email marketing, you can forward survey forms to specific smart lists of vendors in post-event emails. Here’s how it works:

  • Filter out the contacts of vendors who have participated in your event
  • Create survey campaigns with custom questionnaires.
  • Schedule your campaigns for a specific date and time, or send them immediately.

Additionally, GEVME Survey enables rich analytics capabilities. All the data that you collect can be easily pulled from feedback forms and stored on one centralised platform. Post-event feedback can also be converted into custom reports that can either be extracted or stored online.

Making the best of your post-event survey

Attentiveness to vendors’ ideas and interests is one of the best characteristics for an event planner. While there are many ways to reap benefits from such interactions –  from organised vendor events to real-time polling – surveys prove to be the most handy. No other tool can help you analyse tons of different feedback from one place.

Still, collecting feedback is not enough. You should also know how to make them work for your success. Here are a few practical tips:  

  • In case you use quantitative evaluation, collect all the elements that have a consistently low rating based on your survey results. These should be your first points for improvement at the next event.
  • Generate statistics using the numbers from your post-event vendor surveys. For instance, you can gain insight into the number and quality of leads that your exhibitors generated through the event.
  • Include post-event survey analysis into your event planning checklist. The problem with post-event feedback is that it may quickly become buried in the past. Ensure that you jog your memory each time when starting a new event to make the best use of vendor experiences.


As an event planner, you should know the best post-event survey questions, given particular circumstances. Hopefully, these tips and strategies will help you establish the most meaningful vendor connections each time you are managing a new event journey. is the leading event technology provider offering automated solutions for the MICE industry, Corporations, Government, and Education sectors. If you're up for event management automation, contact us and we'll amp up your event.

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