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TOP 5 benefits of leveraging an RFID tag for your events

RFID, Radio Frequency Identification, is a wireless digital data management system. To put it simply, these are chips that can be embedded in wristbands or name badges to enable attendee tracking and to simplify onsite interactions.

RFID attendee tracking systems use the benefits of RFID technology to gather business information at events like trade shows, conferences, corporate functions, and other large gatherings.

Here are five benefits of leveraging an RFID tag that you should consider for your events to make it a delightful experience for your attendees.

  1. Traffic flow tracking

With RFID attendee tracking, you have the ability to keep track of the attendee journey throughout the venue. Attendee paths give you insight into where the overall event experience could be improved. The traffic flow data allows you to make improvements and prevent congestion, and you can also prepare the venue better for the next event. Real-time analytics helps with making decisions that instantly enhance the experience during the event.

  1. Measurement of attendance at sessions

By measuring how many attendees stayed at a session and for how long, you can discover which speakers or topics engage a larger audience. With this engagement and attendance information, you can better plan your next event and attract more attendees.

  1. Event sessions tracking

Running multiple sessions, which is typical of conferences and workshops, within one single event can be difficult to track at times. RFID scanning for different event sessions ensures that all attendees coming through for any particular session are accounted for. If they did not register for a session, the event planner will receive a notification. This easily saves time spent filtering authorized entries and confirmed attendees for all separate sessions.

  1. Registration line reduction

RFID badges are synced with the attendee information, which eliminates the need to register for different sessions within the event. As attendees walk through the entrance of a room, an RFID mat and antenna placed at the entryway will read the RFID badge and note the attendance of that particular individual. No more re-registration or additional check-ins results in a better overall experience for attendees.

  1. Marketing analysis

A post-event report consists of data gathered from RFID attendee tracking that will give you valuable insights for the continued success of your current business strategies. Demographic data paired with the attendee journey offers a great deal of detail into the interests and preferences of the audience. Engagement metrics such as duration and number of visits at booths, product demonstrations, and sessions create a bigger picture of what attendees are looking for at your event. With this data, you can compare results with previous events and improve your efforts at your next event.

Final note

RFID provides the analytics needed for validated decision making before, during, and after events. Using RFID in the event management process offers the potential to transform the running of your event into something that is extremely smooth, streamlined, and sophisticated.  

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