How the Event Industry Goes Through the Coronavirus Outbreak


Until now, the major clinical signs and symptoms in the coronavirus outbreak include fever, difficulty in breathing, bilateral lung infiltrates as shown by chest radiographs. The spread of coronavirus has been proven by the means of human-to-human transmission not just in the epicenter of Wuhan but also in certain other places in China and other international locations. 

Travel restrictions

Travel guidelines were issued by leading health organizations of the world such as WHO, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention among others. Wuhan city is a major international and domestic transport hub and due to the health emergency, the airport has been closed. Not just Wuhan, most of the major airports in China have been shut down to avoid the spread of the virus. People have been advised against visiting such countries and cities due to health purposes. However, because of the large population movement, more confirmed cases are expected to appear in other countries and regions.

Scenarios for event planners

The airports across the world have been scanning people before the entry and exit from the country so that the potential or confirmed cases of coronavirus can be isolated. There is not much that can be done to resist the virus other than personal hygiene and some other common practices, listed below are a few things that can be done from the event organization point of view.

Minimize the risks following the standards written by the WHO

The World Health Organization has advised people to not travel to China as it has been the epicenter of the outbreak. In case the travellers are not feeling well, they have been directed towards dropping their travel plans, staying at home or seeking medical attention as soon as possible. The people who are traveling to different parts of the world to attend events should wash their hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer, stay away from the people who show signs of coronavirus, if they are indeed coughing or sneezing, they must wear a N95 mask. Other than these suggestions, WHO has also asked people to eat well-cooked meat and avoid semi-cooked, cold cuts or raw meat. The event industry during the coronavirus(COVID-19) outbreak

 Change the event destination

The most convenient option on the block is to change the event destination but at the same time, it can be an extremely pricy affair. Changing the event destination implies that you will have to select a new venue in a different place, rebook the hotels, arrange for transportation and at times, it can also demand you to change the dates of the event you are to organize. While all this may sound tempting, you must ask yourself at the same time if you are ready to invest so much time, energy and money to do so.

Digitalize the events and switch to virtual meetings

The best solution of all is to let your event be just as it was supposed to be but on a digital platform. That is right, switching to virtual meetings will not just save time, energy and money but will also save you from a lot of hassle. E meetings are suitable for people across the world thanks to the kind of comfort they provide and the fact that a person can be located anywhere in the world, be a part of any time zone yet attend the conference.

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