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Recent News

Veemal Gungadin about Wylcome on MoneyFM

Interview on MoneyFM 89.3 with Veemal Gungadin: BCP for SMEs

  A quarter of companies in the world have only just started developing business continuity plans (BCPs) in response to…

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Wylcome - a visitor management system to overcome COVID-19

GSI launched Wylcome – an online solution to keep a workplace safe.

  Business Continuity Planning (BCP)  is the implementation of processes and measures to deal with a situation like the Coronavirus…

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Some words on COVID-19

  We are already feeling the repercussions of COVID-19. As many other organisations operating in the industry, we have been…

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    In the Media

    In the media

    Money FM 89.3

    GlobalSignIn is planing to bring the smart nation program to everyday people on the street through easy registrations via QR codes and e-payments. Interview with Veemal Gungadin, CEO


    GlobalSign.In on Mastering the Art of Events and Making History

    Superb Crew

    Online Solutions Provider


    Q&A with Veemal Gungadin, CEO of GlobalSign

    The Silicon Review

    30 Best Tech Companies in Asia in 2019

    The Silicon Review

    Reinventing the Global Event Technology Landscape with Disruptive Solutions: Globalsignin PTE LTD


    Événementiel: deux jeunes Mauriciens décollent en Asie