GEVME Email marketing

Email Marketing Automation.


Craft targeted messages for your target audience

For event marketers who rely heavily on targeted event messaging, GEVME Email Marketing is the perfect choice. The application provides robust tools for email campaign creation, scheduling, blasting, and tracking. To develop strategic email blasting tactics, the following processes can be managed from one platform:

  • sending of newsletters
  • email invites or reminders blasting
  • CMS and GEVME Registration integrations
  • email campaign tracking
  • smart segmentation
  • additional features like A/B testing and auto-responders

Craft targeted messages for your target audience


Custom email creation

Build personalised emails through the use of drag and drop and branding customisation.

Leverage contacts

Event marketers get to work with invitee personal data which help in developing personalised email campaigns. Through the management of bounced emails, subscriptions and segmentation, invitee data aid you in your event success.

Custom email creation, Leverage contacts


Advanced segmentation possibilities

With the help of full-scale CRM integration, it’s possible to segment invitees’ lists to your requirements. Reach out to those who missed out or identify invitees who dropped out so you can remarket to them about further registration opportunities.

Email campaign statistics

Thanks to the capabilities of the GEVME Email Marketing tracking module, you can monitor how people open, view, and click on links in real-time. Extract reports to hone your strategy in the future.

Advanced segmentation possibilities, Email campaign statistics


Start building a meaningful connection with your target personas through emails

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