GEVME Website Builder

Launch responsive websites that take good care of your event content.


Event website builder

GEVME Website Builder is an online application that allows you to build custom web pages for events without coding or design skills. Not only does it help you to minimize operational costs, an advanced Website Builder is also a helpful solution for building ticketing integrations, SEO optimization, and more. GEVME Website Builder was created to capture the feel and mood of your event and elevate it to a highly converting web page.

Event website builder


Rich website template collection

Pick a ready-to-use template or create your own page with the help of drag and drop. GEVME Website Builder helps you present your event in its best light.

Custom speakers listing

Pick the desired design for your speakers’ listing and embed it in your event page. With a variety of layout options, you can highlight the speakers in the way that resonates with your event branding.

Agenda listing integration

Showcase the event program, timeline, and check-in information through the use of the agenda listing integration.

Rich website template collection, Custom speakers listing, Agenda listing integration


User-oriented CMS

You can benefit from our premade modules for lead capturing and handy media storage embedded in your event web page.

Integrated registration & ticketing

Embed registration forms and ticketing in the event page to capture leads directly on your website.

User-oriented CMS, Integrated registration & ticketing


Excellent browsing speed
with CDN

With GEVME Website Builder CDN, your registrants don’t have to wait too long. Top-notch browsing speed and ultra-fast content delivery is a must for higher conversions on your page.

SEO integration

To ensure that your event page reaches your target audience, the website development process powered by GEVME includes seamless SEO integration.

Excellent browsing speed with CDN, SEO integration


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