The recent confirmation over the weekend of our nomination as a finalist for Best Online Driver for Marketing Events Awards serves as a timely energy booster for the team. After hundreds of online projects (most of which are focused on events), we sometimes wonder whether we are on the right track, and how we stack up against the competitors in this part of the world.

Is our SEO-optimised Content Management System (CMS) generating above-average online traffic for our clients? Is the UX-design helping to reduce bounce rate and increase engagement via more page views, supported aptly by our clients content? Can the content be easily uploaded by users at the backend with our backend UX design? (Yes, UX is not just about your web visitor, it’s also about your internal users who use the CMS).

As the only B2B event that is nominated for this award, we are proud that our partnership with our client has brought positive results in terms of online traffic and engagement (reduced bounce rate, increased page views, longer time on site), and that the UX design helped to enhance significantly the engagement with the online audience. With Google revising their search engine algorithm and giving less visibility to organic search keywords (yes, you can no longer see which keywords helped bring in your organic traffic in Google Analytics, with effect from end of last month), SEO (and tracking of SEO effectiveness) and online traffic generation has become more challenging, but at the same time, making social a more important part of the online journey.

Google just celebrated their 15th year in existence, for us slightly less than half of that but the journey is equally challenging. As we embark on introducing best-in-class user experience and launching a well-designed event data management platform, we hope that clients like you will continue to partner us in this journey of trying to achieve online excellence. We look forward to sharing more good news come award night on 17 October as we continue this journey of enabling Great Events through our events technology!