Lead generation & capture

Help exhibitors expand their networks with an easy-to-use GEVME Leads app.

Lead generation & capture

Make lead collection for your exhibitors easy with a ready-to-use tool

GEVME Leads is a mobile app that makes it super easy for exhibitors to capture and retrieve leads via their own smartphones and mobile devices at events. Help exhibitors generate maximum ROI at conferences and tradeshows by building successful business relationships with attendees.

One-click Solution

Capture, qualify, and retrieve leads whenever and wherever an interaction happens

GEVME Leads is a mobile app with a built-in QR code scanner that works both on iOS and Android, helping exhibitors make useful connections anywhere, anytime.

Custom setup

Let exhibitors determine the most qualified leads, based on their custom criteria

In event leads management, the quality of leads is the driving force of success. With GEVME Leads, exhibitors can create the unique lead qualification criteria, score leads, and take notes, laying a strong foundation for follow-up business opportunities.

Instant leads retrieval

Export the collected contacts in a variety of formats or sync them directly to your CRM

With GEVME event leads tool, you don’t have to waste your precious time on a manual transfer of highly qualified leads to your contact base. All the contacts can be automatically exported in any format or synced to your CRM.

Help exhibitors and guests reap generous benefits from attending your events!

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