Email Marketing

Strengthen your messaging strategy with email marketing automation.

Email Marketing

Hit your registration goals with smart event marketing campaigns

The broader your event marketing outreach is, the more chances for capturing many registrations. GSI email marketing tools are integrated with online registration, ticketing, and event website solutions. These features help event marketers make the best use of contact bases to build targeted campaigns and personalized messages. Additionally, intelligent email marketing tools help you with follow-up engagements with your attendees, all while providing smart reports based on your segmentation.

Personalized email campaigns

Ensure that your event persona gets the email he/she is waiting for

With the customization-driven modules available on GEVME Email Marketing, event marketers can embrace an individual approach to every target persona. Make your email blasting smart by using group invitations, personalized reminders and newsletters, targeted cross-marketing campaigns, greeting capabilities, and more.

Branded emails

Add some brand flavor to your automated email campaigns

Catchy email subjects and creative visuals attract the attention of the recipients, but only the right branding gives each of them the feel of your event. Use the rich GSI branding capabilities to create beautiful, on-brand email marketing campaigns.

Registration/CRM integration

Automate email blasting through useful Registration/CRM integrations

To simplify the process of picking the target contacts from the contact base, event marketers can integrate email marketing tools with GEVME Registration, allowing you to dive into your data very quickly without having to hop between applications.

Email tracking & reporting

Monitor the success of your email campaigns in real time

Post-event, personalized survey solutions, smart reporting, and data tracking help event marketers see the whole picture of their email marketing performance. You can leverage GEVME Survey to capture feedback from event guests, track contest engagement with Judgify reporting, monitor payments or registrations with GEVME Registration real-time tracking modules, and more.

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