Post-event personalized survey

Gather insights about your event success through a post-event email survey.

Post-event personalised survey

Follow up with your attendees using a post-event personalised survey to collect actionable data

A deep dive into attendees’ experiences leads to better events and higher revenue. With GEVME survey solutions, you can target multiple attendee segments to collect honest feedback from your events.

Configurable feedback forms

Tailor survey questions according to your target audience through rich customisation features

Whether you want to build a survey from scratch or from a pre-built template, we help you ensure it’s perfectly aligned with your marketing strategy. Pick your unique question-and-answer format and import the questions that fit your needs.

Email marketing automation

Power your post-event surveys with GEVME’s robust email marketing system

You can send your custom feedback forms to specific smart lists of attendees in post-event personalised emails. Just filter out the contacts of attendees who’ve checked-in, create a survey campaign, and schedule it for a specific date and time.

Powerful survey reporting

Have a deeper understanding of what your event audience really wants

To facilitate simple survey analysis, we’ve created dashboard and report solutions that help visualize the thoughts of your attendees. Monitor post-event feedback on a centralized dashboard or extract your custom reports to gain clear insights.

Leverage actionable post-event surveys to build greater events in the future!

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